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Best Adobe XD Alternatives in 2024

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By Figma

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Figma is an all-in-one graphic design software for creating impressive UI/UX designs and prototyping. It brings togethe... Read More About Figma



By Uizard Technologies

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Uizard is an artificial intelligence-based tool that allows quick designing of websites, web apps, and user interface d... Read More About Uizard



By Sketch

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Sketch is a vector graphics editor for art illustration and designing work. The design software is also useful for UI... Read More About Sketch




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Uxpin is a complete Wireframe Tools designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This Wireframe Tools for has a... Read More About Uxpin

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Galileo AI

Galileo AI

By Galileo AI

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Galileo AI is a revolutionary design solution that instantly transforms ideas into stunning UI designs. Powered by adva... Read More About Galileo AI

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Last Updated on : 26 May, 2024

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Buyer's Guide for Adobe XD Best Alternatives

Searching for Adobe XD alternatives? We’ve compiled the list of top UI/UX Design Tools with features & functionalities similar to Adobe XD. There are a lot of alternatives to Adobe XD that could be a perfect fit for your business needs. Compare Adobe XD competitors in one click and make the right choice!

Overview of Adobe XD for Wireframing and Designing

Adobe XD is a popular wireframing and UI designing software to create realistic designs for websites, mobile applications, etc. With this wireframing software, you can add 3D aspects to designs, collaborate on projects in real time, create voice prototypes, etc. However, users are still looking for Adobe XD alternatives because it does not allow CSS file export, offers limited real-time previewing, has a steep learning curve, and so on.

Why Are Businesses Looking for Alternative to Adobe XD?

Adobe XD is one of the most popular vector-graphic designing tools for designing, prototyping, masking, and exporting your designs. Despite its multiple advantages, designers are shifting to Adobe XD alternatives due to the following reasons-

  • No Advanced Customization: It does not allow you to customize different types of shapes and supports only basic shapes.
  • No Support for CSS and PSD File Export: With Adobe XD, you cannot export the prototypes into CSS and PSD file format.
  • Real-Time Prototype View is Limited: The capability of real-time prototype review is only supported on Mac devices.
  • Complex Interface: Designers might take time to get familiar with Adobe XD due to its complicated interface.

Must-Have Features in Any Software Similar to Adobe XD

Here are some features that must be there in any software similar to Adobe XD.

  • 3D Transforms: Easily add 3D perspective to your designs in multiple ways through intuitive space controls. It lets you craft designs for an amazing experience with virtual or augmented reality, infotainment systems, etc.
  • Collaboration: Ensure that the Adobe XD alternatives support real-time collaboration to edit, share, or create designs with the team together.
  • Responsive Resize: This feature will help you to use software across tablets, smartphones, PCs, etc., for prototyping, wireframing, or designing.
  • Auto Animate: Any software similar to Adobe XD must provide various tools to infuse motion and micro injections to your static designs. This would help animate all the objects present in your graphic designs.
  • Voice Prototyping: The availability of voice prototyping in alternative for Adobe XD would help in creating a complete voice-only user flow with voice commands, speech and audio playback. It will also be used for creating complete audio-based applications.
  • Real-Time Preview: By connecting your smartphone through USB with Desktop running Adobe XD, you edit designs on desktop and preview them in real time on your smartphones.
  • Wireframing: Any Adobe XD alternatives should offer wireframing tools to create websites mockups and wireframe layouts, develop UI elements, user flowcharts, and more.

What to Consider When Looking for a Software Like Adobe XD

Take into consideration the following factors to buy alternative of Adobe XD

  • Free Trial or Demo: Check whether software like Adobe XD provides a free trial or demo to help you decide whether it's worth your money or not.
  • Multiple File Format Export: Any alternative of Adobe XD must allow you to export your designs in several formats including PSD, JPG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, SVG, etc.
  • Pricing: Check whether its pricing is based on subscription, pay as you go, or one-time payment to help you choose the right one that compliments your business requirements.
  • Masking Effect Support: The availability of masking effects in alternative for Adobe XD would help in highlighting a particular section of the design by overlapping or hiding portions.
  • Plugins: Make sure the Adobe XD alternatives offer plugins to use stock imagery, icons set, designing templates, etc.

What Type of Businesses are Looking for Alternatives of Adobe XD?

Following type of businesses are looking for Adobe XD alternatives-

  • IT Companies: With Adobe XD, users cannot export their prototypes and designs to CSS and PSD format. Moreover, its collaboration function does not work properly as members cannot see each other's cursor in real time even while working on the same file. Also, its real-time prototype reviewing is supported on Mac devices.
  • Retail Businesses: They prefer using Adobe XD alternatives for designing and optimizing eCommerce sites because Adobe XD provides updates very frequently. This might slow down the procedure of designing your eCommerce website as after every time, you need to restart your system.
  • Designers: The pen tool of Adobe XD does not offer many features as compared to Illustrator and Photoshop for designers. Further, you cannot customize many shapes except for circles, squares, rectangles, etc.

Author: Kalpana Arya

Adobe XD Alternative FAQs

A. There are different types of Adobe XD alternatives that you can easily use on Mac. Some of the best options include Figma, Axure RP,, UXPin, and much more.
A. You can choose from different UI designing applications that are similar to Adobe XD and can run on the Windows operating system. Some of the best alternatives of Adobe XD for Windows include UXPin, Figma, InVision, and Autodesk Inventor to name a few.
A. If you are looking for Adobe XD Linux alternative, then there are ample options available. You can choose from multiple designing software options like Wondershare Mockitt, Figma, Gravit Designer Pro, Akira, Inkscape, Vectr, etc.
A. There are plenty of options if you are searching for UI design software like Adobe XD. Some of the best options that you can consider are, Figma, Skuid, HotGloo, Moqups, Sketch, FluidUI, and more.
A. Most UI designers use Adobe XD alternatives for designing because it does not offer customization for shapes, does not export files in PSD format, etc. Some of its alternatives are OmniGraffle, Figma, UXPin, Optimal Workshop, Axure RP, InVision, etc.
A. There are multiple alternatives to Adobe XD that can work on different platforms, including Mac, Windows, Linux, iPhone, etc. One of the best alternatives is Figma because in its free plan, you can create three designs or prototypes, collaborate on projects with multiple collaborators, create unlimited files, etc.
A. No, Adobe XD is not completely free. However, you can use all its features for free for 7 days. However, once the free trial is over, you can purchase its paid plan for premium features.
A. There are plenty of options available for choosing an open-source alternative to Adobe XD. Some of the best include Pencil, Akira, Penpot, and much more.
A. Yes, you can choose from various free alternatives to Adobe XD for prototyping and UI designing. You can consider Zeplin, Abstract, Draftium, Moqups, InVision Studio, Figma,, and so on.
A. Yes, there are multiple Adobe XD alternatives that you can use on the android operating system for UX/UI designing. Some great options you can consider include Figma, Userlytics, UXPin, Justinmind, InVision, and PlaybookUX.

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