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9,900 Onwards/month

  • The above price is for up-to 100 employees and its indicative final cost can be ascertained post assessment of exact requirement(s) and scope

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HRMS by FlexiEle is a hire to retire software helping companies manage their human workforce efficiently. The software is technically robust yet flexible and can be integrated with ERPs like SAP, Oracle, etc. The software aims at empowering the HR team of the company with various tools which can help make their work life easy like payroll processing, attendance tracking & monitoring, self-service portals, etc.

Product Features 
HRMS by FlexiEle is a user friendly software helping both HR team and the employees undertake various HR related activities efficiently using the tool. The software is mobile friendly as well allowing users to access information, apply for leaves and undertake the required task anywhere. There are various modules in the software which make it one of the best tool for HR management. Below are some of the features:

ESS (Employee self service)
  • Attendance and time tracking is another system and process accessed through ESS
  • Employee can scan and upload document
  • Employees can access any tasks related to hiring of an employee’s – like interview feedback etc through ESS for hiring process
  • FlexiEle Learning Management Module allows auto assignment of induction or orientation program as per the career level, role, department or domain with pre-defined set of online, class room or blended learning courses with time lines
  • Employees can set their goals and objective for coming performance appraisal. Post appraisal, employees can create Individual growth plan
  • Employee can Download Payslips/tax slips, Book Reimbursements, Declare Investment, Declare Previous Employer Income, Go through their Full and Final settlement, apply or check status for loan / advance
MSS (Manager self service)
  • Leaves to approve/reject, track attendance of team
  • Manage hiring requirements
  • Manage induction and training for the team
  • Manage performance appraisal and performance of the team
Recruitment management
  • Requisition Management
  • Requisition Posting
  • Candidate management
  • Employment Agencies
  • Candidate Selection Workflow
  • Filtering & Screening
  • Interview Management
  • Offer Management
  • Employee Referral
  • Career Section
  • SMS and Mass Mail
  • Data import
Leave management
  • Raise leave request (PL, CL, SL, maternity, paternity, sabbatical, LWP, WFH, business travel, etc.)
  • Leave balance
  • Leave History
  • Holiday Calendar
  • Leave Encashment
  • Apply Leave for others
  • Leave Cancellation
Attendance management
  • Can get integrated with Bio-Metric devices or the swiping cards and further can be linked with Absence System and the payroll system.
  • Employee can manually mark their attendance as Present / absent which goes to the Supervisor for approval
  • Admin can download the excel template, fill, and upload the attendance data for a particular period
  • Attendance through mobile phone with geo fencing
  • Payroll Self Service
  • Salary Reimbursements
  • Payroll Monthly Assignments
  • Payroll Statutory Assignments
  • Payroll Annual Assignments
Learning management
  • Interactive learning interface for administrators, learners, Managers and trainers accessible through ESS and MSS
  • Integrated On boarding /Induction or Orientation program for new employees
  • Comprehensive searchable course repository for Online as well as Offline courses on various parameters
  • Planning, scheduling and coordination for all the learning programs
  • Online and offline – Asynchronous and Synchronous learning
  • Video learning – Course videos can be uploaded 
  • Work flow based planning, scheduling, execution and post training activities
  • Provision of learning plan and calendar – Can be generic or customized with all the validations
  • Provision of self, nomination, auto and forced enrolments
  • System based communication for e mails, meeting invites, notification etc. automates many steps which save administrators time and efforts
  • Tracking of learning plan and history for individual or team members
  • Teaching plan allows trainer to access and plan all the teaching/training activities
Talent management
  • Competency Mapping
  • Competency Gap
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Objective Setting
  • Appraisal Cycle
  • Growth plan and Individual Development Plan
Survey management
  • Question bank can be created using multiple types of question sets
  • Questionnaire paper can be customized with multiple formats
  • Rolling out engagement surveys for internal employees
  • Conduct customer satisfaction survey for external clients or agents etc.
  • Roll out level 2 and 3 assessments to measure effectiveness of training as well as trainers
Exit management
  • It can be integrated with any other HRMS/HRIS seamlessly
  • Employee / Supervisor / HR Admin can initiate the exit process
  • Notification goes to HR, Supervisor and the employee notifying that exit process has been initiated
  • HR initiates the NDC process, all department / stakeholders get notified
  • All actors goes through the pre-defined checklist and provides the sign-off / remarks
  • After getting all the signoffs, HR / System automatically initiates the FnF process
  • FnF team gets notified. Processing executed
Mobile solutions
  • Search the employee database
  • Raise Leave Request
  • Managers can approve / reject the leave request
  • Can check their Salary Slips
  • Can check their Reimbursement slips
  • Can read company policies
Business Intelligence
  • Trendy graphical fusion charts. We provide more than 30 types of charts. Broadly Attrition Analysis
  • Leave Data Analysis
  • Charts on Attendance
  • Per employee cost Y-O-Y
  • Average annual compensation by Geography / Cost Center / Dept. etc.
  • Bonus Trend
  • Compensation Trend
Help desk
  • Employee can raise help desk queries, can upload attachments
  • Queries gets routed to the configured department
  • Employee and the help desk team receive email
  • Help desk team can transfer the ticket to the other group
  • Help desk team resolves the tickets
Letter generation
  • Offer Letter
  • Experience letter
  • Salary Certificate
  • Address proof Letter
  • Promotion Letter
  • Training Certificate
  • Relieving Letter
Invoice management
  • Integrates easily with all account systems
  • Ability to set security levels for employee access
  • Instantly call up details on supplier accounts
  • View spend by cost centre or any other parameter
  • Training vendor payment tracking
  • Supporting activities like training supplies etc.
About The Company
FlexiEle is a software development company founded with more than 20 years of experience in HR ERP solutions. The company was formed with the vision to provide an all in one ERP application to cater the growing business needs around the globe with most customizable solutions to ever changing customer needs.

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