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Poly EagleEye Cube Camera

Sold by : Poly

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About Poly EagleEye Cube Camera

What is Poly EagleEye Cube Camera?

Poly EagleEye Cube Camera is a webcam designed especially for corporates to conduct web conferences in real time. The web camera has a field of view that is broad enough to cover the entire room. This allows participants to sit wherever they want and still make it to the frame. Plus, the webcam is easy to install with instant setting up of Poly EagleEye Cube Camera. With the help of this web conferencing camera, companies can convert any room into a meeting room. Poly EagleEye Cube Camera offers an automatic 5x zoom and superior audio capturing to improve the overall quality of a live video conference.

Moreover, Poly EagleEye Cube Camera simplifies the task of recording web conferences. It uses cloud video applications to provide a seamless experience. The standards-based H.323 and SIP compatibility function further helps this device in connecting with various video platforms, such as Zoom, Teams, GoToMeeting, 8x8, and many more. 

Specifications of Poly EagleEye Cube Camera

  1. Basic Features: 4K sensor, completely integrated privacy shutter, automated tilt adjustor, anti-flicker compensation.
  2. Video Resolution: 4K30 (USB connected)/1080p60 (HDCI connected), Multi-color LED
  3. Camera Features: 1/25” CMOS, Automated exposure and white balance correctness 
  4. Focal Length: f/2.0 aperture (HDCI-port), f/2.8 (USB-port)
  5. Field of View (FOV): Horizontally FOV – 1100/1200  (HDCI port) and 1110/1210 (USB port),  Vertical FOV – 660 (HDCI port) 750 (USB port)
  6. Focus: Automatically fixed 
  7. Zoom: 5x electronic zoom (2.0x lossless zooming) 
  8. Audio: 2in-built mics 
  9. Input/Output: HDCI cable 60 pin (including: audio, HDMI, Comm, Power, IR); USB 3.0
  10. Camera Firmware Updates: Poly EagleEye Cube has an HDCI webcam that updates the firmware through software updates. The USB 3.0 can update through Visual+, Windows Software Update Utility or Companion App.
  11. Other Features: Counting participants, Skin enhancements, Lens distortion correction (for HDCI)
  12. Humidity: Operating: 15% - 80%; Non-operating: 5% - 95% 

Features of Poly EagleEye Cube Camera

  1. HD video conferences with 4k sensor and 5x zooming
  2. Automated speaker tracking and group framing with up to 120-degree FOV to capture every member in the room. 
  3. Dual microphone built in the hardware for an effective sound capture.
  4. Instant setup with no-driver installation.
  5. A single-cable connection to Polycom video software.

Benefits of Poly EagleEye Cube Camera 

  1. Captures the view of every single person in the meeting room. 
  2. A wide 120-degree field of view to frame groups and track the speaker in real-time. 
  3. Exceptional voice clarity with the dual microphone built in the webcam.
  4. Instant installation and centralized firmware management for setting up and controlling.

What is the price of Poly EagleEye Cube Camera?

For further inquiries regarding the price of Poly EagleEye Cube Camera, please request a call. Our sales expert will communicate with you shortly.

Poly EagleEye Cube Camera Delivery Time

4-5 days

Warranty of Poly EagleEye Cube Camera

Return & replace with new unit within 60 days. (Techjockey warrants your Poly devices against material or workmanship defects upon the original manufacturer’s approval.)

Sold By : Poly

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Poly EagleEye Cube Camera Features

The webcam offers 4K video resolution in live conferences with the capability of 5x zooming (and 2x lossless zooming).
This USB camera intelligently frames the entire group in the meeting room and identify the speaker automatically.
Poly EagleEye Cube Camera has an in-built dual microphone to capture the sound efficiently.
IT teams can get away with the hassles of installing drivers, as Poly EagleEye Cube Camera connects through a companion app.
It connects to Polycom video solutions through a single cable.
This web camera ensures a field of view up to 120-degree to capture every individual in the meeting room.
Poly EagleEye Cube Camera offers a high-quality camera that offers a focal length of f/2.8 aperture and 4K sensor.
Here are the major products that are compatible with Poly EagleEye Cube Camera – For USB: G7500 2.1 or above; Visual+; Companion App 1.2.0.  For HDCI: Trio 8500 with VisualPro 6.2.1 or above (HDCI); Trio 8800 with VisualPro 6.2.1 or above (HDCI), and RealPresence Group Series with 6.2.1 or above (HDCI)
The camera can update its firmware through the software attached to the hardware or through companion apps based on the type of cable being used.
Users can connect with this webcam through HDCI and USB 3.0 cables.
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Poly EagleEye Cube Camera Specifications


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Poly EagleEye Cube Camera FAQs

Poly EagleEye Cube Camera complies with two major safety guidelines, those are: 1. NRTL Safety 2. CB Safety
Firmware updates software is included with the purchase of Poly EagleEye Cube Camera.
Here are a few equipment approvals that Poly EagleEye Cube Camera comply with: 1. ETSI EN 55024 (HDCI & USB) 2. ETSI EN61000-3-2 (USB) 3. Korea KCC (HDCI & USB) 4. ETSI EN61000-3-3 (USB) 5. EN60950 / EN 62368 6. FCC pt. 15 (HDCI & USB) 7. Russia EAC (HDCI & USB)
Poly EagleEye Cube Camera can be installed on a wall or can be placed on the display, depending on your space availability.
It comes with two in-built mics to ensure richer discussions.

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