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About Qandle HRMS

What is Qandle software?

Qandle is a configurable HRMS software, which can be easily customized based on a company’s individual programs, processes and policies. Qandle HR software makes way for easy management of workflows, payrolls, travel, and business expenditure. This cloud-based solution automates processes related to documentation, administrative and other business functions. Qandle provides additional features that can be customized as per preferences and business requirements. Companies and organizations routinely use Qandle software for managing calendar, tracking leaves and attendance and tracking employee performance.   

Why do Businesses Prefer Qandle?

Companies and organizations rely upon Qandle for the various reasons enlisted below:

  1. Qandle software can be easily installed. 
  2. A company’s policies and previous data can be easily imported. 
  3. Free assistance from experts in the field of payroll and compliance.
  4. Complete management of expenditure for the stakeholders involved in people management. 
  5. Qandle software ensures full compliance with bank-grade security.
  6. End-to-end encryption of the data transmitted.

Core Features Comprising Qandle Software:

Qandle is a comprehensive HRMS solution that covers all aspects of business processes such as payroll, HR and talent management. The important core features comprising the Qandle software are:

  1. Complete management of expenses.
  2. Easily configured.
  3. Affordable cost.
  4. Simple and easy to use.
  5. Advanced analytics.
  6. Superior mobile focus. 

Qandle Platform Pricing

You can opt for different versions of HRMS Software, depending upon the nature of your business. Some of its popular plans are: 

  1. Foundation: Rs 2450/- per month for up to 50 employees. 
  2. Regular: Rs 3950/- per month with all core HR, reporting & analytics features
  3. Plus: Rs 4950/- per month provides additional strategic HR features. 
  4. Premium: Rs 6450/- per month with extensive features for complete HR management. 
  5. Enterprise: This plan is for more than 1000 employees, and the price is available on request. 

If you are looking for a customized quote as per your business requirement, please request a callback. 

Sold By : Qandle

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Qandle HRMS Features

This HRMS software enables employees to check and apply for leaves. 
The software integrates with devices like biometric to record attendance of employees and maintain it in the time sheet. 
Organizations can integrate Qandle HRMS with their biometric device for attendance management. 
This software enables HR teams to manage the payroll of the organization seamlessly. From the calculation of salaries to tracking of attendance, it helps at every stage.
This HRMS software creates an employee profile and tracks employee lifecycle.  
Qandle helps in managing fixed and moving assets of the organization for reduction in depreciation value overtime. 
Auto access to important information based on roles and requirements Save time and effort with the freedom to access and update information on the go Smart reminders for leaves, investments, and regularizations without human intervention
Build rules for allocating assets for different employee groups Assign damage liability to employees: auto syncs with payroll and full and final clearance Maintain history and track inventory of all assets from procurement to retirement Assign different asset responsibilities to relevant employees and track all centrally
HR teams can conduct feedback reviews of the employees and work accordingly for various tasks. 
This HRMS software helps in strategic HR tasks such as recruitment. It allows users to create customized career sites for hiring and plan the entire hiring process. 
Qandle HRMS offers a mobile application for both Android and iPhone mobile platforms. 
The software electronically saves important documents like employee verification details, company documents for auditing, etc. 
This HRMS software enables strategic performance analysis of the employees to check their performance. 
Organizations can start new projects and monitor it from the software. 
The software enables collaborative working among the workplace. 
 This HRMS software generates comprehensive reports that provides insights over the daily workflow. 
Organizations can set their loan policies and work it out from this HRMS software. 
Employees can file for their expenses from the software and get it reimbursed through the software. 
The software generates comprehensive MIS reports for workflow supervision. 
Employees can make reimbursement claims and get it settled on time. 
Organizations can integrate Qandle HRMS into their ongoing APIs and share data for daily work seamlessly. 
This HRMS software offers customer support through mobile phones. 
Qandle HRMS can compute taxes for the company and individual employees seamlessly. 
Companies can use this software to track their expenses efficiently. 
The software also offers helpdesk facilities that make it preferable for reception workflows. 
HR teams can use this software to educate newcomers about the office operations through the software. 
Employees who are expected to travel for office-related workflows can send requests for allowances before travelling. 
Qandle HRMS software enables non-employees to visit the workplace with monitoring. 

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Qandle HRMS Specifications

Get Qandle HRMS support34 Chatting right now

Buy Qandle HRMS973 People added this product in their cart

Call for Qandle HRMS demo2419 People requested to call back

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Qandle HRMS FAQs

You bet. Qandle HR have in house experts who can help you design the policies according to industry best practices.
Qandle enables users to customize their software as per their necessities. You can include or exclude any module.
No, there are no charges for biometric integration.
Yes, organizations are enabled to change or customize their plans in the middle of their subscription.
Qandle provides smart compliance with PF, TDS, ESI, and all other types of document formats.

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