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Zoho SalesIQ

by : Zoho by Target Integration

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Zoho SalesIQ

by : Zoho By Target Integration

Starting Price ₹1345/Month Inclusive of all taxes
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Brand: Zoho By Target Integration

Type: Software

Operating System: Windows

Free Trial Available: No

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Zoho SalesIQ Software Overview

What is Zoho SalesIQ? 

Zoho SalesIQ is a live chat software for acquiring and managing your sales leads. It helps in boosting your business’s growth. The AI-powered live chat software provides a stronger control over how you are managing your potential customers. 

Zoho SalesIQ facilitates online live chat, tracks visitor movement, and provides analytics of your sales. The live chat software also ensures integration with CRM tools to achieve higher engagement. It works seamlessly and ensures 24*7 engagement with customers with the help of customized chatbots. The AI-powered chat software even gives real-time insights into your leads. 

Who are the Targeted Users of Zoho SalesIQ?

Zoho SalesIQ is made for any organization that has an active sales team to market their service or product. It can be used for customer service, e-commerce, start-ups, financial service firms, travel agencies, real estate companies, educational organizations, restaurants, and eateries. 

Features of Zoho SalesIQ 

Zoho SalesIQ offers a wide range of features; here are a few listed for a quick understanding of the software. 

  1. Geolocation of your visitors
  2.  Trace the sections of your website visitors visited
  3.  Personalized chat with automatic translations for wider networking and customer outreach.
  4. Visitor activity viewing
  5.   Website traffic monitoring in real-time
  6. Live chatting
  7. FAQ set up in chat box for auto-answering. You can make it as wide-ranged as you want
  8. Effective lead scoring
  9.  Integration: Zoho SalesIQ can easily integrate with most of your regular APIs and tools

Price of Zoho SalesIQ 

Zoho SalesIQ is available in three different subscription plans; they are: 

  1. Zoho SalesIQ Basic – Rs. 1,140/- per month
  2. Zoho SalesIQ Basic – Rs. 12,240/- per year
  3. Zoho SalesIQ Professional – Rs. 3,540/- per month 
  4.  Zoho SalesIQ Professional – Rs. 38,160/- per year
  5. Zoho SalesIQ Enterprise – Rs. 7,740/- per month
  6. Zoho SalesIQ Enterprise – Rs. 4,32,720/- per year

For further inquiries, please request a call. And our sales team will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Zoho SalesIQ Features

  • Track and engage visitors. Understand how visitors are interacting with your website in real time. Use that insight to trigger rule-based proactive chat
  • Live Chat Software. Letting customers chat with a live representative helps you to close deals faster and deliver exceptional customer service. Real
  • Visitor insights and lead scoring. Drive sharper engagement by gaining access to a highly insightful list of 'All' your website visitors. Prioritize them as hot,
  • Zoho CRM driven engagement Connect Zoho SalesIQ with Zoho CRM and improve conversions via follow ups. Get better context via visitor information history.
  • Sell smarter. Close deals faster. Focus all your energy on selling and engaging your prospects while SalesIQ automates your website visitor engagement with
  • Setup and customize quickly. Integrate with Google Analytics, show a promotion during a visitor's waiting time, and more. Set up in 2 minutes Flexible to
  • Measure, coach and monitor. Scale up your operations with access to timely reports. Get a better understanding of how your operations work and how you can
  • CMS and e-commerce integrations. You can't improve what you don't measure. Get daily and monthly reports delivered right into your inbox. Understand how to
  • Role Management Segregate your website queries to ensure better and improvised chatbot interaction with your customers.
  • Visitor Tracking Check for visitor’s movement on the website and find out what they are searching for. 
  • Offline Messages Set up FAQ-styled self-answering questions when you are offline. 
  • Customisation Customize your software and give it a more professional look. You can add your logo and name the chatbot. 
  • Integration Integration of a wide range of software and other services that you use in your office every day. Such as Blogger, WordPress,
  • Dashboard Users are given access to the dashboard to measure their performance. It helps make data-driven decisions to improve sales
  • Reporting All the chat supervisors can report their work to their managers from the system. Managers can also use it for their ease. 
  • Mobile SDK Get access to mobile software development kit to create your chat app and work from anywhere and anytime. 
  • Mobile Support You can find Zoho SalesIQ for both Android and iPhone in their respective app stores.
  • Live Chat Access live chat features to interact with visitors in real-time. 
  • Audio Send and receive voice notes to your inquirers and convey the messages in a better way. You can also make audio calls with

Zoho SalesIQ Plans & Pricing

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What is Zoho SalesIQ?
Track and engage visitors.
Live Chat Software.
Visitor insights and lead scoring.
Zoho CRM driven engagement
Sell smarter. Close deals faster.

Zoho SalesIQ Specifications

  • Supported Platforms :
  • Device:
  • Deployment :
  • Suitable For :
  • Business Specific:
  • Language:
  • Windows
  • Desktop
  • Web-Based
  • All Industries
  • All Businesses
  • English

Zoho SalesIQ Reviews


Have recommended this product

Overall Score
Based on 4 Reviews
Features 4.5/5
Value for Money 4.5/5
Ease of Use 4.1/5
Customer Support 4.7/5
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  • “Excellent software, I have an excellent experience. It is very simple to use and the detailed analytics of the visits are excellent even in the free plan.” Lalit Yadav - Mar 12, 2018
  • Cons

  • “There should be an automatic way to generate candidates who constantly visit the website and meet a metric.” Lalit Yadav - Mar 12, 2018
  • AP

    Adarsh Pahwa


    Value for Money
    Ease of use
    Customer Support

    “You have to trust these people guys”

    Pros :

    Cons :

    Posted - Sep 27, 2016


    Dinesh mudaliar


    Value for Money
    Ease of use
    Customer Support

    “Help to proper software”

    Pros :

    Cons :

    Posted - Sep 20, 2016


    Lalit Yadav


    Value for Money
    Ease of use
    Customer Support

    “Quality business chat software”

    Pros :

    Cons :

    Posted - Mar 12, 2018

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    Zoho SalesIQ

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    Zoho SalesIQ FAQ

    Q. What is the parameter to recognize a visitor? arrow

    A. There are several scales on which Zoho SalesIQ identifies a visitor. They are: 1. Past chats 2. Website surfing time 3. JS API 4. Campaign link, and 5. Web forms

    Q. I have an ecommerce platform, how can Zoho SalesIQ help with my operations? arrow

    A. Zoho SalesIQ gives you excellent features for your business’s sales teams, product management team, marketing department, support, and customer success teams.

    Q. Can I use single license of Zoho SalesIQ in multiple domains? arrow

    A. Yes, a single license of Zoho SalesIQ can be utilized for multiple domains. You can generate separate chat codes for each website.

    Q. Can I hide chat pop up on certain pages? arrow

    A. Absolutely! Zoho SalesIQ allows you to hide chat pop-up whenever necessary. It also allows you to embed Zoho SalesIQ codes manually.

    Q. Does Zoho SalesIQ offer bots? arrow

    A. Zoho SalesIQ has a bot named “Zobot” embedded in the system. You can customize Zobot and create numerous other bots as per your need.

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