10 Business Podcasts for Managers, Entrepreneurs & Marketers

| February 27, 2019
Business Poadcasts for Marketers


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Did you know that Yahoo is an acronym for ‘Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle’?

This absolutely random trivia is one of many facts I’ve picked up listening to business podcasts. Podcasts are great for both information gathering & sheer entertainment. You can listen to them when you’re commuting to & from work, while you’re working, driving, cooking, etc. Business podcasts help listeners gain new insights about common business practices & titbits on different business functions. Plus, most podcasters have prominent guests from different industries who share their experience in entrepreneurship, marketing, sales, technology and more.

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But, in the wide-open sea of business podcasts, which ones are actually worth tuning in to? We’ve shortlisted 10 business podcasts that will help you learn new things, implement them at work & be entertained at the same time.

  • The Tim Ferris Show

The #1 business podcast on iTunes, The Tim Ferris Show features guests from different industries (business, technology, sports, arts, films & television) who impart tips & tricks to succeed in business & life. His podcasts can be quite long, with some being upwards of two hours in length, but they are filled with insightful titbits.

Some of the notable guests the show has had include Arnold Schwarzenegger, Edward Norton, Maria Sharapova, Jon Favreau, Mike Shinoda, and more. Tim has also covered company profiles on the podcast for businesses like Rolling Stone, BuzzFeed and Reddit among others.

Why Should You Listen- Tim Ferris is the author of the bestselling book The 4-Hour Work Week. In the podcast, Tim uses elements from his experiences & shares tips to work smarter, be creative & improve one’s quality of life.

  • HBR IdeaCast

Harvard Business Review’s IdeaCast is a weekly podcast which features leaders & thinkers in the field of business & management. If you’ve read articles on HBR and have been hooked on their information & editorial standards, this podcast is the next best thing for those who don’t have time to read. Hosted by Curt Nickisch & Alison Beard, the podcast has featured notable guests such as Mo Gawdat (former Chief Business Officer at Google’s X), John Kerry (former U.S. Secretary of State), Mike Ovitz (former president of The Walt Disney Company) & Ming Zeng (chief strategy officer at Alibaba).

Why Should You Listen- IdeaCast is very educational & informative, owing to the rich content they discuss & share with listeners. The average length of a podcast on IdeaCast is 20 minutes, so it’s a great listen while commuting or when you’re idle.

  • How I Built This

Hosted by NPR’s Guy Raz, How I Built This dives into the stories behind some of the world’s best companies. Guy Raz interviews industry veterans and newcomers alike, discussing success & struggle faced while building an endeavour.

What makes this business podcast stand out is Guy Raz’s focus on looking at the human part of building a business above everything. As Mr Raz puts it, How I Built This is a show about vulnerability. Its an exploration of the human desire to do more and what drives us to do so, in the face of extreme challenges. In doing so, Guy helps his guests open up about the sacrifices made, late nights, moments of self-doubt and mistakes which led to success.

Why Should You Listen- This is a great podcast to delve into the emotional aspect of building a business and in a lot of ways, it humanises the people who became successful in what they set out to do.

  • The $100 MBA Show

In India, having an MBA is something of a status quo when judging a person’s achievements. If you’re someone who doesn’t have an MBA and run (or planning) a business, this podcast will help you gain business learnings from real-world examples & cases. Each episode is approximately 10 minutes long and deal with different business lessons such as marketing, sales, social media, workforce management etc.

Why Should You Listen- For business owners, The $100 MBA Show is the easiest way to gain critical knowledge on best business practices and learn from some of the industry’s best veterans.

  • School of Greatness

A lot of us have dreams of doing something big, achieving greatness and creating a life that’s eons better than the one we have presently. Lewis Howes, the man behind the podcast School of Greatness, is someone who faced great adversity in his life and successfully emerged out of it to make a name for himself.

In School of Greatness, Lewis interviews influential people in business, sports and entertainment, to understand what makes people strive to be greater & the steps they take to do so. Lewis is a motivation speaker as well, and he gives listeners tips & advice on how to be a better version of yourself & succeed in life.

Why Should You Listen- If you have intense moments of self-doubt and lack self-confidence to succeed, School of Greatness is a great listen to know how famous people deal & manage the same issues. In their stories of overcoming such emotions, you might find the inspiration to rise above.

  • Inside LaunchStreet

The Inside LaunchStreet podcast by Tamara Kleinberg focuses on the impact of innovation in a business. Esteemed innovators from the field of business, technology, healthcare, hospitality and so on, have been on LaunchStreet to discuss how innovation has helped businesses stand out from saturation.

Inside LaunchStreet helps professionals understand the positive (& sometimes negative) impact of innovation in different verticals of business. Tamara and her guests discuss real examples of innovation in the workplace and how it impacted the business going forward.

Why Should You Listen- Instead of making innovation seem like a skill limited to be wielded by leaders and disruptors, Inside LaunchStreet gives a fresh perspective on innovation and how it can be accessed and used by anyone & everyone. Even the smallest of innovation can have a ripple effect and Inside LaunchStreet helps professionals gain insights on the same.

  • The Investors Podcast

Ever wondered what the lives of the world’s most successful people can teach you about business & growth? That’s what prompted Preston Pysh and Stig Broderson to start The Investors Podcast, where they analyse the ‘how’ & ‘why’ of successful people. Sometimes, prolific guests will come for an interview and share their success stories as well.

The profiling style of this podcast goes in-depth into what makes successful people and the lessons common folk can learn from the former. While this podcast doesn’t focus on small businesses, there’s a lot to be learnt & gained by every listener.

Why Should You Listen- There’s something inspiring about listening to the stories of common people who fought through the ranks to gain massive success in business. The podcast has covered influential people such as Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffet, Larry Ellison among others. You should listen to understand the big & small things you can do to be successful at your work & in life.

  • Business Wars

The Business Wars podcast looks at rivalries between companies & the impact it has on customers. Partly terrifying but mostly humorous, Business Wars demystifies popular rivalries such as Coke & Pepsi, HBO & Netflix and, Nike & Adidas, to cement one idea in the listener’s mind- business is war. Business Wars highlights the outcome from such rivalries and how it shapes the way we consume products and what we buy.

Upon analysing these competitions, the listeners get some great lessons in brand building & creative marketing which are applicable across all types of businesses. Also, listening about the creative ways in which companies have belittled their competition is sure to illicit a chuckle out of you and make you smile.

Why Should You Listen- Business Wars gives listeners and unadulterated story of what drives companies to compete & excel, and how this can lead them to great heights or ruin them once and for all. As the Business Wars website says:

Sometimes the prize is your wallet, or your attention. Sometimes, it’s just the fun of beating the other guy.

  • The Marketing Companion

Rolling humour & marketing advice into one podcast seems like a tough sell but The Marketing Companion does so with absolute ease. Hosted by Mark Schaefer & Tom Webster, The Marketing Companion brings you comedy, celebrity guests & marketing insights. They look at important developments in global marketing and share their thoughts on the changing landscape.

Mark & Tom discuss a lot about digital marketing & the factors that affect & change it. They dissect the problems surrounding modern advertising, the monopoly of Facebook & Google in the digital ad space and how businesses can move through the learning curve faster.

Why Should You Listen- Marketers & business owners can gain a lot of really useful insights from listening to The Marketing Companion. Since there’s humour involved, it’s a podcast you can follow easily and listen for both insights and fun.

  • Akimbo

Hosted by Seth Godin, Akimbo is slightly different than the other shows on this list. Historically, Akimbo is an ancient symbol which represents strength, posture and possibility. In the podcast, Seth talks about culture and how we as a civilisation can change & affect it.

For business owners, entrepreneurs & managers, this podcast helps them learn about the impact of culture as a whole & within the purview of a workplace. They can pick up useful tips on good workplace culture practices and implement them at their own offices. Seth is a former business owner and he shares insightful business & marketing tips that you can use in your own life.

Why Should You Listen- Akimbo is an insightful podcast on the impact of culture on something as simple as workplace manners to something as complicated as inbound marketing. Its holistic approach to culture is uniquely applicable to every kind of company & makes it a must listen for everyone.

So, there you have it- 10 business podcasts that you should listen for insights on business, technology, marketing & other related verticals. And who knows, listening to such profound industry veterans might give you the next big business idea.


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