Checklist for Choosing Right Accounting Software for Your Business Requirements

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Earlier for maintaining the books of business, the records were kept in a paper ledger. With the growing technology, businesses of all sizes have started using accounting software for tracking their revenues, forecasting sales and managing inventory.

Accounting software modules help business in reducing human errors that occur in paper accounting. With plenty of accounting software available in market, choosing the right one is really confusing. To help you with the decision, we have prepared a checklist of considerations for choosing the right software.

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How to Choose the Best Accounting Software for Your Business?

Let’s check the basic points on how to choose accounting software for small business:

Business Needs

You need to consider your business needs before choosing the software. Ponder over the problems you are facing in your business and the purpose of buying accounting software. Also identify your business needs and consider your business objectives.


Look at the features that different accounting software are offering and which one fits your business the best. Choose a software with features that can help you save your time with automation and manage your accounting tasks in a better way.

Make a checklist of essential features required like invoicing, tracking expenses, creating POS, performing bank reconciliation, taxes and list of customers and vendors, recording Journal Voucher entries, maintaining ledgers, accounts receivables, Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss A/c and Trial Balance etc.

Also look at the additional features available like multi-currency support that can be an add-on to your business requirements.


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The most important point to be considered before buying the software should be your budget. Decide on your budget and research on various accounting software available in market that fits your budget.

Customized/Off-the shelf

If you have specific business requirements you will have to choose the customized route. Off-the-shelf software can also be taken, and required customization too can be brought in it.


Your accounting information is very important and should not be accessible to everyone in the organization. Consider the security features and permissions for accessibility. Check whether you can gain control over making authorization for changes in the data.


You will have to decide whether you want to have an online software or a desktop-based offline one. Most of the businesses these days are adopting Cloud-based accounting software for their convenience and benefits over traditional on-premise software.

Security Features

If you are choosing an online software, check for the data security. Find out how they store the application data. Try to know the security measures they take and where they host the application. Check if HTTPS connection is being used by these services.


Before finalizing an accounting software consider your business plans of expansion. Your accounting software should allow you scalability and flexibility and provide you with the scope of growth and addition of more number of users.

Prioritize your need analysis and ensure that the software you are buying meets most of them, if not all, through its features.

Finding the suitable accounting software for business isn’t a simple task. Once you invest your funds into it, it will be difficult to migrate to another later. You definitely don’t want to buy one application and after investing time into it, decide to switch to another one just a few months later.


So before taking the decision of buying an accounting software it is always better to consider the above points and spend more time in evaluating the software. There can’t be best business accounting software, but there can be one that is best for your business!

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