Hosting a New Year’s Party at Your Hotel? 6 Tips to Make it a Gala Event

| Created on December 27, 2018

Updated on February 15, 2021

New Year party at hotel


New Year’s Eve is just around the corner & if you run a hotel, the run-up to it can be quite a hectic time. From high guest volumes in the holiday season to planning for the new year, there’s a lot to be done. If you’re hosting a New Year party at hotel, you need to plan ahead and dial up the festivities to a hundred.

How do you do so?

6 Tips to Make it New Year Party a Gala Event

6 tips- that’s all you need to ensure that your hotel is ready to host the New Year’s Eve party.

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1. Send Out “Save The Date” Invites

In the lead up to the winter holidays, people get busy in the festivities with shopping, dining out and other activities. Conversely, they might completely miss out on the fact that you’re hosting a new year party at hotel. Send them a “save the date” invite a few days in advance to remind them the upcoming gig at your hotel. Make the invite interesting by mentioning some of the fun activities you’re planning at the hotel event.

2. You Can Provide Ample Event Space

Before you plan an event at your hotel, ensure that you have enough hosting space. Have an estimate of the number of guests likely to attend your event and accordingly, fix an area that can house the party. If your venue is too small, people will feel congested and crammed and if it’s too big, then the room will look emptier. If your banquet hall isn’t big, consider having the party at your garden or an open space. Along with party space, also ensure there is sufficient parking space for your guests, so that they don’t park in the streets and risk causing a traffic nuisance.

3. There’s Enough Food to Go Around

A New Year’s Eve party is characterized by dancing, booze and great food. Make sure that you’ve enough finger food for your guests to chow on. Finger food reduces the likelihood of a mess being made and guests can eat them while they move around and socialise.

Plan with your caterer well ahead so that they aren’t overwhelmed, and your guests don’t stay hungry.

4. Lots of Fun Things for Everyone to Do

At any event, there’s always going to be a lot of different people, some of whom might not be too thrilled with just music and dance. Make sure that your event has plenty of activities to keep everyone entertained. Photo booths, gaming booths, lucky draw competition, etc. are easy to conduct. Such activities in the New Year party at hotel will certainly be great party pleasers. If your guests are bringing their kids, this is particularly useful to keep them entertained.

5. Enough Vacant Rooms for Guests to Crash

Not every guest that comes for your party will be in the best condition to leave (*cough* too drunk *cough*). Make sure that you have enough hotel rooms for such guests to crash, otherwise you risk taking responsibility for them. It’s also a mark of good customer service, when you can intercept their needs beforehand and stay prepared. Besides this, it’ll also give you a chance to increase your footfall and you can ask such guests to share their reviews online.

6. After-Party Communications

Once the event is done and the sun has risen in the new year, it’s time for you to review your event and assess if it was a success. To do so, you’ll have to ask your attendees to share their honest feedback about the event. Understanding what they liked and disliked, will help you in planning better events in the future. If you don’t have the mechanism to send emails or messages for feedback requests, consider investing in a hotel management software and membership management software with customer management capabilities.

New Year party at hotel should be an extravagant affair and to do so, check these things for a great event.



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