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School Management Software

Best software for School Management Software


By TechCruzers Software Development LLP


Price: 14500.00 INR /license

I-Genius School and College ERP software helps educational institutes to manage enquiries, admission, library, time-table, ID cards, and fee management, etc. The solution assist the administration to manage reminder letters, demand register and fi ...View More


SynapseSoftech SchoolERP

By SynapseSoftech


Price: 25000.00 INR /User

A cloud based school management solution with a host of features to help manage small to medium scale schools, educational institutes effectively and efficiently. E.g. admissions. Time-table, student details, HRM, etc.

...View More

Krtya MyiSchool (School Management System)

By Krtya Software


Price: 30000.00 INR /year

MyiSkool is an online School managemnt System that helps manage entire administration processes and management effectively from a single platform. Categorized into various modules including students’ attendance, timetable, examination, schoo ...View More

Qmarksoft School Management System

By Qmarksoft


Price: 55000.00 INR Onwards

School Management Software ...View More


By Iconwave Technologies pvt Ltd


Price: 100.00 INR /Student

Iconvidya is a complete school and college management software designed to streamline operations related to managing a school. The software provides several benefits to schools, such as it automates tasks and making operations paperless. It provid ...View More


Rushda School Management Software

By Rushda Software


Price: 105000.00 INR onwards

A user friendly and cost effective software for complete School managment system activities and processes enabling effective and efficient managem ...View More

IWeb Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd

iWeb Education Management System(EMS)

By iWeb Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


Price: 300.00 INR /user/month

A cloud based education system which helps manage schools/colleges, etc. effectively. The software is one stop shop providing effortless performance enhancing solutions for all domains in an educational institute. It caters to the variou ...View More

FirstQuadrant SchoolMate

By FirstQuadrant


Price: 30.00 INR /student

SchoolMate connects schools with their students and parents to ensure easy communication, progress tracking and safety of students. With the SchoolMate mobile app, parents can stay updated about the various school activities, assignments, syllabus ...View More

Shahidoon SchoolTonic

By Shahidoon Software Technologies


Price: 50.00 INR /student/annum

SchoolTonic is a leading edge software that enable utmost paperless administration of the schools and other education institutions effectively. The software provid ...View More

Hyniva Eazyschool

By Hyniva


Price: 150.00 INR /student/year

EazySchool is an online ERP software for schools and colleges that enables each and every school to co-create, Collaborate and Succeed amongst parents, teachers, students and the School Management ...View More


Bigdbiz Education Management System 

By Bigdbiz Solutions Private Limited


Price: 45000.00 INR Onwards

EMS is a holistic tool enabling educartion institute operate effectively and efficiently for all operations and processes pertaining to staff administration, parent, transport, and library management. The software is a true solution which hel ...View More

Skyzone school management

By Skyzone Group


Price: 25000.00 INR Per User

Skyzone School Management software is an exhaustive School Management Software that is extremely helpful to educational Institutes. By using this software, any educational institution can scrutinize complete working advancement of the whole staff, ...View More


Hex Myskoolapp

By Hex Technologies Pvt. Ltd


Price: 50000.00 INR /license

A mobile based all in oneSchool management Software helping manage educational institutes effectively by managing day to day activities like student management, attendance, admissions, examination & results, HRM, parents and teacher's logi ...View More



By Mpiric Software


Price: 56000.00 INR /License

A holistic school management ERP aimed at relieving the management from undertaking manual tasks of admissions, attendance management, time table scheduling, library management, etc. by automating them. The software provides tools to all stak ...View More

NT Soft Technologies

NT Soft School Management System (SMS)

By NT Soft Technologies


Price: 75000.00 INR /User

A complete school Management enabling efficient management of schools/colleges with modules for all user types like students, administration, teachers, etc. It has been designed keeping in mind every user's convenience and is one of the best i ...View More

Coderobotics Studio

CodeRobotics School Management

By Coderobotics Infotech Private Limited


Price: 13490.00 INR /User

A desktop based educational institute/School Management System helping effective management of various school operations and processes. The software caters to the automation needs of each vital aspects including students, staff, fees, attendance, ...View More

Dcsinfoway Edu Biz

By Dcs Infoway


Price: 30000.00 INR /User

Edubiz is a new and improved formula for all the intricacies regarding the school and college management system. Edubiz extends a helping hand by introducing a user - friendly, highly reliable, tried and tested software solution. With innumer ...View More

HyperDrive HD School

By HyperDrive Information Technologies


Price: 16000.00 INR /User

HDSchool is a comprehensive cloud based solution that automates day-to-day activities of Educational Institutions. The solution helps educational institutes manage operations like admissions, fees, course, student attendance etc. easily. It also a ...View More

Neemus NEESCH-School Management System

By Neemus Software Solutions Private Limited


Price: 5000.00 INR /User

A cloud based complete school Management  software that offers end to end automation of all operations across schools. The cloud-based software is a holistic solution that allows stakeholders to access the solution from ...View More


By Solver Solutions


Price: 15000.00 INR /Single user

A complete education institute management software which helps in effective and efficient management of day to day activities that are undertaken. The software enables effective and efficient management of various functional activities like f ...View More

Smart Pathshala ERP

By JP Software Technologies


Price: 35000.00 INR Single User

Smart Pathshala is a complete school management software, which helps to manage regular school activities such as students’ admission management, fee management, library management, exam management, managing daily and monthly cash book, and ...View More

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Aarush Eduepedia

By Aarush Systems


Price: 125000.00 INR /license

An online education management software that ensure smooth and flawless interaction between students, parents, faculty, and management, to impart a better experience. EDUEPEDIA has been designed by people with extensive experience of managing ...View More

Holistic Education Pvt Ltd

Holistic XII Vishleshan

By Holistic Educational Private Limited 


Price: 25000.00 INR onwards

XIIth Vishleshan is an easy and comprehensive CBSA/AISSCE Exam result analysis software for class 12th. The solution helps to prepare a customized comparison reports using CBSE marks text file as per the school requirements. Implementation of the ...View More

School ERP

By ERP Services


Price: 1200.00 INR /User

School ERP is an essential software for schools, colleges, and other educational institutes. The software brings efficiency in operations as it automates processes by eliminati ...View More

Redox EIMS (Educational Institute Management System)

By Redox Technologies


Price: 15.00 INR /student/month

Educational Institute Management System (EIMS) is one of the best software for managing educational institutes like s ...View More

Whales for School Basic

Cryztal Whales for School (Basic)

By Cryztal Technologies


Price: 280.00 INR /student/year

One of the best Education Management and collaboration tool that bring together teachers, students and their parents on a platform to enable efficient co ...View More

GESCIS Web School

By GESCIS Technologies


Price: 35000.00 INR /year

A holistic software that enables the education institute to handle all the day-to-day functions in a comprehensive manner. The software is highly customizable solution having exclusive modules dedicated to effective mana ...View More

HyperDrive HD School - Multiple Clients

By HyperDrive Information Technologies


Price: 32000.00 INR Onwards

Multiple clients connected version of HDSchool enables effective management of operations across departments at school. The SMS integration allows parents to stay connected with the school authorities to track performance of their ward. The cloud ...View More

Swastin School & College Management software

By Swastin Technologies


Price: 7500.00 INR

A complete solution for managing a school/college online that assists in organizing the day-to-day activities of a school/college. It allows for effective ...View More


Perfect School Management Software

By Perfect Software


Price: 20000.00 INR Onwards

Perfect Software is a leading edge solution that empowers the schools with effective tools and features to manage all aspects. The software consists of unmatchable features to manage students, staff, attendance, fee, exams, transport, payroll and ...View More

Swastin Cloud ERP- School & College

By Swastin Technologies


Price: 25000.00 INR /year

The software is a complete solution for managing a school/college online, in other words an enhanced tool that assists in organizing the day-to-day activities of a school/college. The ...View More

Thirdeye SchoolPro

By Thirdeye Technologies


Price: 20000.00 INR Onwards

SchoolPro is a holistic school management solution which helps in management of entire schools starting from student admissions, time-table managemen ...View More

Marvel Soft

MarvelSoft School/College Management software (EVD Lite Edition)

By MarvelSoft


Price: 14500.00 INR Onwards

School/college Management is true educational institute management software which helps maintain complete academic information of students.

...View More

Shinewell Pradhyot (Lite)

By Shinewell Innovation Softech Pvt Ltd


Price: 35000.00 INR Onwards

An education management Software which helps managing institutes like schools/colleges in an effective and efficient manner. The software helps control the day to day operations in school management that are imperative for good performance li ...View More


AAS Technosoft School Management System

By AAS Technosoft Pvt Ltd


Price: 20000.00 INR Onwards

A holistic solution catering to all automation needs in the schools with cost effectiveness. The solution is a complete bundle of automated modules designed and developed with advance technology to achieve better performance and effective manageme ...View More


AAS Technosoft Attend-mSYS- Attendance Management System

By AAS Technosoft Pvt Ltd


Price: 4999.00 INR /year

Attend-mSYS, is a leading solution that allows educational institutions/offices to record the attendance of the students and facu ...View More


Frappé ERPNext Schools

By Frappé  Technologies Private Limited.


Price: 20204.00 INR /year

ERPNext Schools is an intuitive automated solution for education institutes allowing them to manage admissions, attendance, fees, courses and exam schedule effectivel ...View More

Qualsoft School Software360 (Perpetual)

By Qualsoft Systems Pvt. Ltd.


Price: 233000.00 INR

School Software360 is an integrated School Software that help management of schools in an effective and efficient manner. The software acts as a platform for teachers, parents, school admin and other staff members play their role effectively throu ...View More

Qualsoft SchoolSoftware360 (Subscription)

By Qualsoft Systems Pvt. Ltd.


Price: 80.00 INR /Student/Year

SchoolSoftware360 is an integrated school management software that help management of schools in an effective and efficient manner. The software acts as a platf ...View More

Techlead eTechSchoolOnline

By Techlead Software Engineering Pvt. Ltd.


Price: 38.00 INR /student/month

eTechSchool is a holistic solution that empowers the educational institutes with automated operations for each aspect that essentially needs to be managed suc ...View More

ADM School ERP

By ADM SoftTech


Price: 50000.00 INR Onwards

School management solution from ADM Softech streamlines school registration with automatic back-office administration, campus recreation and intramurals, facilities, stud ...View More

Web Era Panacea School ERP Online

By Web Era


Price: 140000.00 INR

Panacea ERP Online acts as a planning tool that recommends the best way to undertake tasks in an effective and efficient manner. The software is the best suited for schools and can easily adopt to the various different board functionalities. ...View More


Augurs College Management

By Augurs


Price: 20000.00 INR Onwards

College management ERP from Augurs Technologies is a complete management solution offerings automation of day to day activities of educational institutes. The software as a user friendly interface which makes it easy to use for all types of user(s ...View More

Digiclay IMS

Digiclay IMS

By Digiclay Infotech Pvt Ltd


Price: 30000.00 INR Single User

IMS is an ultimate Institute Management System that empowers schools, colleges and other educational institutions with impeccable automated operations. The solution all the aspects of management and administration viz. admissions, students, fee, l ...View More

School Management

MicroDot School Management

By MicroDot Softwares


Price: 25000.00 INR

A school management software is a complete package of tools dedicated for the smooth functioning of various departments and processes in the school. It helps ...View More

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By Clocksoft Solutions Ltd.


Price: 200000.00 INR onwards

One of the leading School/college management software that helps manage various activities across all departments effectively and efficiently. The software is integrated with android and iOS apps and is secure and reliable enough to relieve manage ...View More

JeannyPr ScientificStudy

By JeannyPr Softech


Price: 30000.00 INR Onwards

An end to end online ERP for complete scl management The solution serves as a cutting edge ERP solution that provides unmatchable toolsets for managing entire school aspects including students, teachers, parents, timetable, examination, atten ...View More


By Insto Technologies



iCampuz is an advanced web based college management system offering high flexibility and an abundance of features to collaboratly create quality education system. Its main feature is to provide seamless networked campus and a paperless administration ...View More

iWeb Student Lifecycle Management

By iWeb Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


Price: 29000.00 INR /school/year

iWeb’s student lifecycle management system, built on Microsoft Azure assist schools like yours to handle student data and restructure administrati ...View More

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