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Animation Software

List of Top Animation Software

Adobe Animate (Flash Pro) CC for teams

Adobe Animate (Flash Pro) CC for teams

By Adobe


Price: 27192.00 INR /Year

Adobe Animate (Flash Pro) CC is the best 2d animation software  for teams is one of the most widely used best animation software in the world. It offers you some amazing features like interactive web-based content, powerful illustration and.

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Autodesk Maya

Autodesk Maya

By Autodesk


Price: 11625.00 INR /Year

Autodesk Maya is a computer 3d animation software that can be used for modeling, simulation and rendering an animation. It can be used for creating animation environments, motion graphics, virtual reality. This tool also helps in character creation.

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Autodesk 3DS Max

Autodesk 3DS Max

By Autodesk


Price: 44000.00 INR /Year

3D modeling, cartoon animation software  and rendering software. 3ds Max is software for 3D modeling, animation, rendering, and visualization. Create stunning game environments, design visualizations, and virtual reality experiences. Model your.

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What is Animation Software?

Animation software is a designing solution that allows users to create moving graphics from visual files & put a motion on a frame by frame basis (Video animation). Using animation software, users can animate variations of 2D, 3D, hand-drawn, stop-motion & computer-generated graphics, often with the option to add light, colour, music & other additional effects. Animated video maker is most commonly used by professional designers, developers and animators working on movies, TV shows, and commercials, as well as graphic designers who create promotional materials, web and multimedia for different companies. Video animation software platforms can also integrate with other drawing software (Adobe, Coral Draw), video editing software (Nero Video, Corel, Vegas Pro) and 3D modelling software.

Why Use Animation Software

2D 3D Animation software simplifies the process of graphics creation and designing by streamlining and allowing multiple actions to be performed at the same time. Simply put, an animator can use this software to create characters, sceneries, architecture, and give them motion. Along with these, it can be used to enhance motion, change frames, adjust and add sounds and texts to an image or film.
Video animation software: With this software, you no longer have to buy different solutions for sculpting and texture painting, 3D modelling, simulation and effects. The best animation software provides you with virtually a limitless amount of art supplies, including a vast palette of colours, films and paints, allowing you to create anything you could possibly imagine. Due to the advent in this technology, animators today can create surreal and realistic animation, that wouldn't have been this easy in the past.

Modules of Professional Animation Software 

From VFX-heavy movies such as Avengers Infinity War to advertisement campaigns by companies like Nike & Budweiser, video animation software is a useful tool across various industries.  The modules that animation tools offer: -

  1. 3D Animation Software- An animation software lets you design in both two-and-three-dimensional formats. In today’s day and age of virtual reality, VR-headsets, 3D TVs and phones, you need a software that can help you perform 2D and 3D designing without needing to jump from one solution to another.
  2. 2D 3D Animation Software-  With this, you can easily design characters, sceneries and architecture in both formats simultaneously. Additionally, you can also convert a 2D format design into 3D and vice versa.
  3. Frame Per Second (FPS) Editing- FPS is the number of frames that are displayed on a screen in one second. Frame refers to single images, which when condensed together, gives the impression of motion. With animation maker software, FPS editing is made simpler and can be done without much hassle. For example, if your FPS is set at 30 frames per second (fps), frames 1 to 30 will denote the first second of the display, 31 to 60 will be the next second, and so on. If you divide the number of frames in animation by frame per second, you’ll get approximate of the total number of seconds a frame is in animation.
  4. Layering- Layers are used for separating different elements of an image. Layering has been an integral part of video animation software, dating as far back as the 1920s and 30s, and has been carried over into the modern digital world. Using the video animation software, you can make virtual layers with different elements which can be moved to the background or foreground. It makes it simpler to move objects, either in front of or behind an image or film. You can use layering to keep objects and characters separated from each other.
  5. Bitmap Animation- You must be aware of different bitmap graphic formats like JPEG, PNG, GIFs etc. These are made up of a grid of pixels in which each pixel contains specifically coded information about how colour should be displayed. Bitmap graphics have a fixed number of pixels in a grid, measured by pixels per inch (PPI). The bitmap resolution puts a limit on the size of the graphic, and it can’t be resized without compromising the image quality. In an animation software, bitmap designing is the default designing sets. Unless you change to vector animation, you’ll be designing in bitmap format.
  6. Vector Animation- Vector animation is a type of animation, where motion & objects are controlled by vectors instead of pixels. Vector animation is used for creating cleaner & smoother animation because such images are resized & displayed using mathematical values instead of stored pixel values. Animation software come with the option of using vector designing using which, graphics created are resolution independent, i.e. they are highly scalable. Since vector graphics don’t comprise of a fixed grid, they can be easily resized without compromising image quality. This makes it ideal for different graphic design applications like creating brand logos. Vector animation lets designers do that, without pixilating the image. Best 3D animation software does feature this module, for smoother look across the different dimensional axis.

Features of Animation Software

2D Animation software and 3D animation software is integral to businesses looking to add a little oomph into their designs and marketing materials. Some of the key features of animation tools includes: -

  1. Aspect Ratio- Aspect ratio is the proportional relationship between the width and height of an image or frame. Using animation software, setting aspect ratio becomes much easier. You can also add different aspect ratios for different frames, to enhance motion.
  2. Develop Keyframe- In the world of animation, keyframe refers to a specific frame that an animator uses as a reference guide around which he/she builds the rest of his work. Animators use keyframes like explorers use the north star- a guiding force to base their work. With a video animation software, you can create a keyframe easily and design the rest of your work around it. Animation software can also be used to auto-design character designs from already made keyframes.
  3. Character Designing- Want to make animated characters that resemble Claymation? Or sceneries with disproportionate elements? Making any and all types of characters and scenery designs is not only simpler, but also much more effective with animation tools.
  4. Walk Cycle- In animation, walk cycle refers to a series of illustrations made in sequence and looped to create the movement of a character. You can use this feature to create a loop over and over, avoiding the need to animate motion in each frame individually.
  5. Maintain Character Sheets- Animation software comes with the option of creating detailed character sheets during production. When you make a film or video, character sheets are created to maintain a record of all the characters to be designed and featured in the frames. These records include key character details such as height, skin colour, costumes, accent, voice pitch, gender, etc. When designing, you can use this software to build a character sheet for easy reference. This sheet can also be shared among your team members, ensuring character design consistency.
  6. Squash & Stretch- This feature lets you apply contrasting shape change (squashed pose or stretched) to give characters a flexible and more lifelike feel. Else, your characters will have a rigid & stiff look.

Benefits of Animation Software

Animation software gives animators, visual designers and artists the flexibility to create motion films and images with ease. Animation maker software eliminates the need to maintain different software and hardware for motion capture, editing, image manipulation, sound effects, contrasts, etc.

  1. Branding- For businesses, making a lasting impression is key to attracting more customers. With the use of animated video maker, businesses can create impressionable visuals and creatives that communicate better with customers. It helps improve your brand’s overall image and, you get to convey exactly what your company wants to say.
  2. Engagement: A well designed creative or GIF attracts people’s attention quicker, helping communicate ideas and pitches effectively. Businesses use the animation software to enhance even the driest of topics, simplify them and make them more relatable for customers.
  3. Flexibility: If you use an animated video maker, the whole process of designing and creating graphics becomes less time-consuming and resource exhaustive. It’s a unified solution, combining elements of photo & video editing, which allows for creativity to flow.
  4. Professional quality: With a flash animation software, you can create vivid animation of the highest quality. Animated video maker helps with vector illustration, colour enhancement, retouch, etc. Such features help in rendering high-quality graphics that are engaging and create a lasting impression.
  5. Attracting and holding attention: With animation tool, businesses can create captivating images, GIFs and videos that attract user’s attention and retain it.
  6. Computer animation software: Less Time-Consuming Alternative - Using computer animation software is less labour intensive than hand-drawn animation techniques. This software gives you a greater margin of error as mistakes can be undone on digital files much easier, without needing a lot of time. In hand-drawn animation, the slightest mistake leads to a frame being drawn all over again, which is not the case in the animated video maker. Simply add layers to the frame, work on your mistakes and move on.

Animation Software FAQ

Q. What kind of system requirements my computer needs to use animation software?

A. Animation software works on most system configurations. However, for optimal working, update your system with the latest hardware and software.

Q. Do you provide a trial run?

A. Yes, you can opt for a demo before making a purchase. Simply reach out to us using this link.

Q. What is the difference between animation maker software and photo/video editing software?

A. The basic difference is that animation software can be used to create characters, scenery and frames, from scratch. Editing software, can only be used to work on pre-existing images and videos, and cannot be used to create scenery or characters.

Q. How does animation software benefit small businesses, with limited resources and manpower to spare?

A. If you’re a start-up or small business, video animation software is all the more useful for you. Animation software helps in adding spice to your graphics and creatives, subsequently making your marketing efforts stand out. In a world where audiences are over-saturated with the same content everywhere, how awesome it would be if they find your brand trying to do something different! Go for it, take the leap.

Q. My business needs animation software with 2D to the 3D converter. Is this possible?

A. Yes, most robust animation software come with the ability to convert 2D graphics into 3D and vice versa. For clarity, check with the vendor before purchasing a 3D/ 2D animation software.

Q. My designers are already using editing software for making creatives. Can animation solution be integrated with it?

A. Yes, third-party integration is possible with animation software. During the time of purchase, simply ask the vendor to explain the integration process to you, to avoid further confusions.


Free Animation Software Solution Buyer’s Guide

If you’re looking to buy an animation software for beginners or professionals, there are a few things you should be clear about. Some important factors to consider before buying any top animation software include: -


What Do You Seek Out of Animation Software?

Before making a purchase, clarify why you need animation software and what it should do for your business. Do you need the software to improve your marketing? Are you looking to upgrade your existing old and archaic video editing software? Your end-motif of using an animation solution will help you choose the best one, suited to your business needs.

Ease of Access
Any software that’s cumbersome to use will cause much trouble to you. You won’t be able to use all its features. You will end up spending more time in understanding the software, rather than getting work done. An animation software should be easy to use, so that it can be instrumental in increasing profitability and staying competitively viable.


Check for Vendor Support
In case of trouble using animation software, how fast can the vendor solve your problems? That’s an important clarification to make before buying 2D/ 3D software, as any delay in support will affect your work flow. Choose a vendor whose response time is quick & efficient.


Get Demo and Live Chat for Top animation software
Go for a solution that comes with a free trial/demo or both. A demo lets you get a better understanding of the product before deployment, so don’t be shy to ask vendors.

Free List of Computer Animation Software in 2019

  1. Adobe Animate (Flash Pro) CC for teams
  2. Autodesk Maya Animation Software
  3. Autodesk 3DS Max

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