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Zoho Books is easy-to-use, online accounting software designed for small businesses to manage their finances and stay on top of their cash flow. This intuitive web based solution allows organizations to stay connected to the business universally. Users can readily send out quotes, track time for projects and also get critical insights about the business on the dashboard of their iOS, Android or Windows device. In-built client portal helps sharing recent transactions, expedite estimate approvals, accept bulk payments and capture customer feedback with the portal effortlessly. Zoho Books also enables businesses to keep a track of the inventory in real time and manage goods as they come in and go out.
Product Features
Zoho Books is scalable and robust Accounting software for growing businesses. With user friendly interface, the cloud accounting software allows businesses to manage all accounting operations effectively on a single platform. Zoho Books simplifies all vital accounting processes to be managed in an organization including sales, purchase, inventory, basic accounting and many more.  Powered with customizable reports, the solution equips businesses with analytical data to create useful business insights for efficient decision making. Menu driven and feature rich Zoho Books provides the following features:
  • Contact Management:  Businesses can get all the contacts in one place to organize, track and communicate with customers and vendors easily. With features like getting snapshot history of the transactions with any contact, real time information is made available for multiple users, providing increased accessibility of clients and multiple organizations in single account.
  • Project Time Tracking: Zoho Books provides tools to make time and work count, by providing features like logging and tracking time, giving role based access to log time, managing multiple projects, add expenses related to an invoice easily. Zoho Books makes it possible for businesses to control and manage multiple projects by letting users to create new projects, add tasks for each project and assign specific tasks to the employees.
  • Invoices: Zoho Books organizes and manages all business transactions in one place. Businesses are enabled to spend less time invoicing and chasing overdue payments. Online payments offer the advantage and convenience to get paid faster. Businesses can connect their online payment gateway and make it convenient for customers to pay online.
  • Inventory Management: Businesses can efficiently track and manage inventory online with Zoho Books. From knowing stock levels to viewing reports, users can keep tabs on the inventory in real time. End-to-end inventory tracking including creation of the item, inventory adjustments, setting reorder levels, etc. can be effortlessly manage with inventory management features.
  • Expenses: One of the challenges of running a business is keeping track of the mounting bills and expenses and the money flowing out. This is one of many areas where Zoho Books can help businesses stay organized. A better organization of expenses results in an accurate reflection of spending.
  • Automatic Bank Feeds: The solution enables businesses to set up their bank accounts once and it automatically imports every transaction from the configured account, which will help businesses make well informed business decisions right away.
  • Purchase Order: The solution facilitates businesses to create and send purchase orders for all the products and services. It is a comprehensive and simple way to have good visibility on the purchases made for the businesses. Users can create highly detailed purchase orders capturing all vital requirements, like quantity, price, expected delivery date and more.
  • Collaborative Client Portal: Businesses are empowered to share recent transactions, accelerate estimate approval process, capture feedback, and let clients make bulk payments with the Client Portal. Solution helps to promote the business by sharing positive feedback on social media platforms provided by the clients. The solution makes payments easier for clients, so businesses can get paid faster.
  • Exhaustive Reports: Zoho Books provides all facts relating to the financial health of the business, in the form of all-encompassing reports, insightful dashboard and snapshot information about unpaid bills. All businesses have to do is to act on the business plans.
  • Sales Order: With the 'All in one' Sales Orders, businesses can confirm the sale with the customer before it is shipped it out, keep the production team updated on when, what's needed, and avoid even the smallest error during shipment. Sales orders can be customized to match the business needs and even brand logo can also be included on them.
  • Accounting and Tax: Zoho Books removes the hassle of sending voluminous files to the financial advisors, by allowing businesses to easily invite them and share financial data with them. An in-built bookkeeper helps to record small but important transactions which need to be entered manually, like fixed depreciation of an asset or petty cash expenses. The base currency adjustment screen in Zoho Books helps businesses recalculate base currency balances of foreign currency accounts. Based on the business location, businesses can add taxes, group two or more taxes together or compound tax, accordingly. Zoho Books computes tax in just a few clicks and helps businesses generate tax report that can be filed during tax time.
About The Company
Zoho is a renowned company creating beautiful software to address business automation needs. Over the past decade of its journey, the Zoho suite has emerged to be a leader in software solutions. In an industry where technology changes at a relentless and dizzying pace, Zoho values persistence and endurance as highly as adaptability. With Zoho software solutions, customers get the enduring commitment to keep improving the experience and relentless devotion to customer satisfaction. The state-of-the-art solutions offered by Zoho equip the businesses with ultra-modern technology and tools contributing to the improved business generation and productivity with utmost customer satisfaction.

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