Are You Starting a Business? 6 Important Tools to Build Your Start-Up

| March 7, 2019
New Business Ideas


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New Business Ideas

Are you excited to build a successful start-up? We assume that you are either really passionate about an idea or have discovered an untapped market opportunity.

It’s certainly a great idea to live your passion and turn it into a business. However, it requires a lot of time and hard work along with right tools of the trade to fill supply gap in the marketplace. When passion meets technology, possibilities abound. You’ll need everything from a business domain keywords to emails to web hosting and what not.

The journey to help your business hit the ground running is not easy though and many budding entrepreneurs end up failing. But if you run your business processes smartly, the rewards are well worth the challenge you face on the path to success.

With the right tech solutions at your disposal, you can take more clever and thrifty actions than before. We’ve listed all possible solutions that will ensure that you build a successful start-up.

  • Hosting Solution

You will need the best non-managed/ Managed WordPress Hosting solution to make your website accessible via the World Wide Web. From a basic blog page to a high-powered site, all can be managed with a fast and reliable hosting solution. From WordPress hosting solution to web hosting and dedicated servers, all needs can be fulfilled with trusted hosting solution providers

With tons of hosting options at your disposal, you need to decide on the hosting package that suits your business needs. Shared hosting is one of the most preferred hosting choices for bootstrapped start-ups, who have a limited budget.

In shared hosting, multiple websites get access to a single server with a limit to the total number of resources they can use. It’s a great option if you are just getting started online, with the option to upgrade to the next hosting package as your business grows and your budget allows.

Find different hosting options to build a successful start-up with the most competitive prices here.

  • Domain Name

Your domain name defines the unique identity of your brand. It’s the hour of the need to mark a strong online presence of your brand. With a unique domain name, website and email address, you can strengthen your brand identity. At the same time, you can protect copyrights and trademarks and build credibility.

To stay competitive and to enjoy a strong online presence, you need to look for the most suitable domain extension as per your business nature. But what if you aren’t web savvy? Managing the ins and outs of getting a domain name for your website can be confusing.

To help start-ups with choosing the right domain name, we have listed the best domain registrars at a single platform. When selecting a domain name provider, also ensure that you get the domain maintenance service and expiry alerts to avoid any hassle later.

  • Emailing Solutions

Online email solution providers enable businesses to send, receive and save e-mails in their Web browsers. With the help of an emailing solution, users can easily access and store emails online and through mobile applications. Some of the most popular online email services are Gmail, Hotmail, Microsoft Outlook and Yahoo! Mail.

With the growing need for managing communications between employees, customers and other stakeholders, every growing business is now opting for an in-house or on-cloud emailing solution which is feasible in the long run. Are you searching for the best emailing solution already? We’ve done the legwork for you! Click here to choose the best solution for secure internal and external communication.

  • Antivirus

Do you know? Small businesses are the target of cyberattacks. And much to your surprise, most SMBs become the victim of cyberattacks within the first six months of operation. As they lack the funding and strategy to come up with a fool-proof cyber strategy, they become the easy target for malicious cyber agents. However, there are many network solutions in the market which they can get without making a dent in their budget, such as antivirus and firewalls.

Cyber threats are continually on the rise and businesses of all sizes need to take cautious steps to deal with data threat. As cyber criminals have no bounds, start investing in network security solutions today or regret later.

  • Collaboration Tools

How many emails do you exchange with your team members ever day? Is it possible every time to communicate any goal or progress face-to-face? It’s difficult to collaborate on a day-to-day basis via email with even a team of 10 employees. Now, imagine what will happen when your team expands! So, the early you consider investing in a collaboration tool, the better it will be.

For instant messaging or file transfer, you can rely on these popular collaboration tools such as Slack, GoToMeeting, Trello, and so on. From information sharing to project management, communication tools offer an abundance of options. Collaboration technology also assists in hosting meetings, webinars and training sessions. Before the communication flow in your start-up suffers, invest in the most apt collaboration tool within your budget!

To build a successful start-up, you need to have right tools with a robust team to execute your ideas. The sooner you get your tools, the better it will be for your business idea.


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