Reduce Fuel Consumption through GPS Tracking Software

Reduce Fuel Consumption through GPS Tracking Software-feature image
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Why would one need GPS tracking software? To track one’s location is probably the most common answer you’d get. Now imagine you’re part of a company or business which relies on a fleet of vehicles manned by a mobile workforce of employees. You need real-time reporting to keep track of your fleet’s location. With the power of fleet management software, you can become the master of your fleet’s safety performance, lower risk incidence, and augment your fleet’s overall efficiency.

Apart from this, you can lower the incidence of accidents and fines, reduce your insurance premiums and enjoy considerable insurance incentives. All of this would help will help you operate your business at maximum efficiency while capitalizing and honing your competitive edge.

Sounds good, right? By making these adjustments in the daily routine of your firm, you can cut down on fuel charges by a substantial amount in few cases. Though, there’s more to achieving this rather than simply instructing your drivers to ease up on that heavy right foot of theirs. In order to successfully alter the driving habits of your fleet drivers, you have to take the help of technology.

By employing a competent GPS tracking system, a fleet manager can find innumerable ways to lower their fuel consumption levels and operating costs by extensive amounts. Now I believe the time has come for you to ask the inevitable question, “What are the benefits of GPS tracking solution?”

Benefits of GPS Tracking Software

  • Improved routing

Through GPS location tracking, fleet managers can track the location of a vehicle in real time. This solution also gives updates of weather and traffic conditions, helping managers create a route map for the vehicle avoiding hostile conditions, thereby saving fuel while reducing the drive time. You can also cut down the journey length by matching a delivery destination to the nearest vehicle, when your fleet has a number of vehicles out on the road.

  • Better driving

Traveling over the speed limit by just five mph can increase fuel consumption by nearly 10%.

This is a known fact that driving at high speeds consumes more fuel. Travelling at a speed above Above 88 kmph, each additional kilometre per hour decreases fuel economy by 0.4 kpl.  A truck traveling at 105 kmph loses 1.6 kms per litre, which does add up at the end of a trip, or a day. With the help of a mobile location tracking software, you can detect unsafe, aggressive driving, or excessive speed. By using GPS tracking technology, you can send the driver an immediate alert warning him to reduce speed helping conserve fuel.

  • Less engine idling

Due to traffic congestion, engine idle time is drastically increased. It has been observed that some fleets have been found to amass idle numbers as high as 40 or 50 percent of operation. This means around 50 percent of the time the engine is running idly burning fuel without any benefit. Through GPS tracking system, actionable data can help lower or avoid conditions which lead to excessive engine idling.

  • Tires

Tire sensors and gathered data provides the fleet manager an update when tire pressure is low. Due to underinflation, fuel consumption can be adversely impacted since soft tires may reduce mileage by as much as 10 percent.

  • Maintenance

By making use of fleet management solution, a well-oiled truck can operate at maximum efficiency offering the capability of monitoring maintenance so that fleet managers will stay on top of the requisite maintenance needed. This will also help prevent excessive wear and tear and prolong the life of a fleet’s most costly assets—equipment that is not easily replaced or too expensive to repair or replace.

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