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6 Best Spreadsheet Software in 2021

What is Spreadsheet Software?

All such data, whether numeric or textual, is available in cells as organized columns and rows within a spreadsheet. It is the software's data visualization capabilities that make it truly unique for through this module you can generate charts, graphs and pivot tables for analyzing the data.

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Zoho Sheet
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Google Sheets

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Last Updated on : 17 Sep, 2021

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Buyer's Guide for Top Spreadsheet Software

Found our list of Spreadsheet Software helpful? We’re here to help you make the right choice and automate your business processes. Let’s discover some of the essential factors that you must consider to make a smarter decision!

What is Spreadsheet Software?

Spreadsheet software applications store, analyze and organize data in a tabular form. Aside from interactive sheets with data presented into it in textual, numeric and graphical form, spreadsheet application supports multiple formulas as well as functions for easy calculation.

You can easily present your data using the best excel spreadsheet software for the simple reason that the platform interacts with the databases for populating fields and modifying the data.

Features of Spreadsheet Software

The best spreadsheet programs offer single-click scripts for speeding up the workflows. Even if the data set is large, the software works like a pro. Mentioned here are some of the software's key features that make your data analysis process a breeze.

  • File embedding

Spreadsheet software solutions allow for quick publishing of spreadsheets online. End users are free to select either a part of the file or the whole of it for embedding those into webpages or blogs. You are free to embed such files either as reports or references. The feature to embed files is also deployed for doing object linking.

  • Audit trails

Audit trails and locks at the user level let you analyze changes that have been made so far. These are important for they help prevent changes made mistakenly to a file. Built-in is a default version backup that prevents data loss of any type. It is because of this that audit trails are considered to be highly secure and reliable.

  • Data visualization

Excel spreadsheet software serves as important data analytic tool for aggregating the data. While data aggregation is possible using the drag and drop feature support, spreadsheet software lists charts as well for further data analysis. Targeting any specific data or undertaking data validation is this easy because of spreadsheet software's data validation capabilities.

  • Permission access

It is easy to control the amount of access a collaborator has over a file. This is so because of the spreadsheet software's ability to control access permissions for data protection. In case required, it is also possible to remove such collaborators from the access list. The feature is available mostly in the information section under the option File.

  • Contextual lock

Contextual locks help lock cells and sheets for avoiding accidental edits thereby allowing an end user complete control over a document. You can also use contextual locks for limiting access of users to a specific document. This feature is required for restricting who can and who can not edit a sheet. Freezing panes and locking cells are some good examples of this system.

  • Restore and revisit

The best spreadsheet software let you create backups for your files so that revisiting old copies is always hassle free. Naming such versions once restored is easy too and so is viewing them during revisits. The module is absolutely essential when it comes to retrieving accidentally deleted or unsaved files.

  • Conditional formats

Conditional formats help data look more presentable. Aside from this, it is used also for the differentiation of data or emphasizing on a particular information. Thus, are available multiple formatting options like icons and color scale as custom formats that can be applied to each cell. You can apply conditional formatting to either a set of cells or the entire spreadsheet.

  • Sparklines

Sparklines are like tiny charts that can be either embedded into data or made to fit in a cell. One good example could be using them for highlighting the rise or fall of any study. There are three types of sparklines- line, columns and win/loss. Choose the one accordingly to make data look more presentable.

  • Graphs

Graphs in spreadsheet software are used for visually representing the numbers. In one single click from the option insert, highlight the numbers needed for developing a graph. Graphs so created can be formatted for fonts, size and alignment.

  • Formulas

Simple formulas are inbuilt into the best excel spreadsheet software. For generating a sum of numbers in each cell, you can use simple formulas like minus, plus, addition and subtraction. Also, available are cell references in a grid-like structure.

  • Function

Along with simple formulas are available in spreadsheet software solutions automatic formulas for summing up numbers in different cells. Then there are functions supporting variables like maximum, minimum and average for extracting the exact kind of the variable from each cell.

Benefits of Spreadsheet Software

Conditional formatting, pivot tables or sparkling charts, name it and the software supports it all. Let us go through an exhaustive list of benefits offered by spreadsheet applications.

  • Move files across devices

For purposes like easy access and collaboration, file sharing feature becomes mandatory. The best spreadsheet software available gives access to such solutions that make moving files across devices absolutely smooth and simple. Thus pick your files with ease from any cloud drive then be it OneDrive, Dropbox, or Google Drive to move it into your respective spreadsheet solution.

  • Compatibility with different file formats

Very similar to the easy file movement option, you can use the spreadsheet software for downloading files in a format of your choice. Then be it a PDF or an HTML file. You also have the choice of working in any of the existing options like CSV, .ods or .tsv. within this software. The printing option is available too for all types of document formats.

  • Interactive spreadsheets with collaboration support

Create interactive spreadsheets using support features like data entry validations, task automation and checklists for tracking progress. Besides, there is also an option for live collaboration using which you can resolve, inquire and discuss with other members of a team.

  • Pivot tables for data management

Vast data sets that can not be covered using a chart can be represented easily through pivot tables. Spreadsheet software for aggregating data into pivot tables first scans the information and then groups it for placing the same into the pivot tables. For creating pivot tables, it is the drag and drop option functionality that is being primarily used.

  • Filtering & sorting for saving time

Going through rows of data is tenuous. But it is no longer so with the filtering and sorting option within spreadsheet software. All you got to do is first sort the data and then filter it for getting your hands on exactly what you need.

  • Quick deletion of data duplicates

Excel spreadsheet software lets you both clean data and delete data duplicates thereby saving you from the hassle of endless scrolling. Just click on the category you want to be cleaned or deleted and the software would highlight it for you for further processing. These are also used for identifying errors as well as correcting data entry mistakes.

  • Linear solving for fast answers

Linear solving is a computing tool deployed for finding out maximum/minimum results. Figuring out the requisites us no longer a hassle as you can use this function for generating estimates and setting targets. The tool for linear solving within spreadsheet software solutions is very easy to use and practical too.

  • User friendly custom functions

Custom functions in spreadsheet software have been designed to provide two kinds of functions - nesting and array. Also available are other functionalities like range indications, listings for function panel, and contextual suggestions.

How to Select the Best Spreadsheet Software

While spreadsheets are critical for storing information, these are equally important for sorting information to make calculations. Enumerated here is a spreadsheet software list that would help you select the right kind of application.

  • User friendly interface: From the best spreadsheet software, you can expect both the best user experience as well as a user-friendly interface. These are some of the reasons why these applications are preferred for creating financial models and doing data analysis.
  • Functions & formulas: Predefined functions and formulas are important for doing calculations. These are simple, quick and reliable.
  • Visualization: In the best spreadsheet applications are available data visualization tools like charts, tables and graphs for quick data analysis.
  • Collaboration: Professional or personal, sharing information with other collaborators is sometimes required for finishing a task. The live collaboration module is therefore a must-have requirement in spreadsheet software.
  • Advanced features: More advanced features like contextual locks, sparklines, condition formats and pivot tables help with better data validation and analysis.

What are the Best Spreadsheet Software Solutions Available

Pulling raw data from a database for repurposing the same into spreadsheets is easy with the best spreadsheet apps available. The software supports live collaboration and easy sharing tools for efficient project management. Some such solutions that offer similar functionalities are:

Quip Spreadsheets

The best part about using Quip Spreadsheets is it you can add context to the sheets with ease. In such contexts can be added to tagged members or linkable data. Also inbuilt are columns for special properties like checkboxes, conditional formatting, and contacts. Additionally, Quip us also deployed for integrating documents of different types.


  • Visibility options for easy file management
  • Live collaboration
  • Easy to switch between documents
  • Hundreds of multifunctional features

Platforms supported- Android/iOS/Mac/Windows


Aside from using Smartsheet software for live collaboration, you can also use it for custom branding, reporting and insights. Lists supporting customizable dropdowns is definitely one of the core highlights of using Smartsheets. Other important modules include automatic calendars, auto-filling and quick visual references.


  • Best designed for project management
  • Easy to use live collaboration functionality
  • Best for creating HTML forms and portals
  • Integration with third-party apps

Platforms supported- Android, iOS and Web

Google Sheets

Google Sheets is widely used for not just its easy sharing and collaborative features but also other popular functions like lookup, pivot tables and autosum. Editing and viewing is easy too with Google Sheets Spreadsheet software. As part of it’s a collaborative module, you can share documents with others and check live as others work on it.


  • Easy to use
  • Regular upgrades
  • Easily accessible

Platforms supported- Android, web and iOS

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel can be used for multiple purposes starting from validating, clearing, collecting and sharing data to performing logical as well as financial functions. The software offers in-app automation support features called Marcus for formatting data. With hundreds, if functions divide into eleven categories, Microsoft Excel is apt for analyzing large data sets.


  • Capable of handling large data sets
  • Advanced plotting and charting capabilities
  • Enhanced options like VBA and Macros

Platforms supported- Mac, Windows, Android, iOS and Web

Spreadsheet Software Solution Cost

Spreadsheet System Software Price
Standard Starting Price ₹3,999/-
Advanced  Starting Price ₹9,999/-
Premium Starting Price Price on request


FAQ iconSpreadsheet Software FAQs

Spreadsheet applications present data in cells comprised of rows and columns. Information in textual or numeric form can be entered into these columns for analysis, validation and visualization.

Here is a list of key functions and tools inbuilt within spreadsheet programs:

  • Statistical functions with averaging and analysis tools
  • Date function for processing and converting dates
  • Financial functions for all kind of monetary data
  • Arithmetic functions for processing numerical data

Along with data visualisation and validation, spreadsheet software offers the following key functionalities:

  • Data cleaning and sifting
  • Creating reports and charts
  • Handling data exports
  • Storage of business data
  • Calculation and accounting
  • Generating receipts/invoices

Some of the good examples for the best spreadsheet software are:

  • Airtable

Best for: Database management

  • Apple's Numbers

Best for: Superior visualisation of numbers

  • ThinkFree Office

Best for: Accessing files from any device with an internet connection

  • Excel Analyzer

Best for: Detecting errors

  • Easy Ribbon Builder

Best for: Creating customized Excel ribbons

As you use spreadsheets for entering information in cells, you are free to enter three such types of data- values, formulas and labels. Some of the best free spreadsheet applications available are:

  • Zoho Sheet
  • EtherCalc
  • LibreOffice Calc
  • Google Sheets
  • Microsoft Excel
  • WPS Office
  • Apache OpenOffice Calc
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