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2 Best Presentation Software in 2021

What is Presentation Software?

Master slide to aid you with the exact placement of an object in a slide or the transition effects, these are all designed to help you prepare presentations that are both aesthetically pleasing as well as informative. Craft beautiful presentations using the pre-built slide templates, which you can e

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Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect

By Adobe

(3 reviews)


Adobe Connect is a communication-based software suitable for online classes, meetings, and webinars. With Adobe Connect... Read More About Adobe Connect
Video and Audio calling Meeting Video Webinar +5 More


By PowToon limited


An animated video making tool, Powtoon is a software that gives you the freedom to express yourself. You can use it in... Read More About Powtoon
Animation Tool Collaboration Tools Media Library +7 More

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Last Updated on : 18 Sep, 2021

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Buyer's Guide for Top Presentation Software

Found our list of Presentation Software helpful? We’re here to help you make the right choice and automate your business processes. Let’s discover some of the essential factors that you must consider to make a smarter decision!

What is Presentation Software?

If you are you looking for a presentation software solution, then fret not. Get access to a library of templates that you can easily share with your colleagues, clients and others, for further collaboration. These software harness you with support features such as drag and drop interface along with multiple layout options. Some of the other features include shapes, images, charts, graphs and animations.

Master slide to aid you with the exact placement of an object in a slide or the transition effects, these are all designed to help you prepare presentations that are both aesthetically pleasing as well as informative. Craft beautiful presentations using the pre-built slide templates, which you can easily share for further collaboration.

Features of Presentation Software Solutions

An intuitive dashboard that will make the slide making process hassle free is one of the prerequisites for a presentation software. These are easy to use even if you lack any prior experience. Enlisted here are other similar features that can be taken advantage of for preparing neat interactive slide presentations.

  • Inserting shapes

Add shapes to the content in your presentation using the drawing tool option built-in within presentation software solutions. Use the feature for manually drawing diagrams as well as applying objects to slides. End-users can select the shape of their choice using an extensive list of such objects available within the different types of presentation software.

  • Slide transitions

Slide transitions help with adding interesting animations into the slide to make them more interesting and interactive. There are two ways you can do this- either transitioning from one to the other slide or animating objects only on a specific slide. Also, available is this slide sorter option through which you can paste different types of transition effects to a group of slides.

  • Posting animations

While slide transition is a feature available for a particular object on a particular slide, animation posting can be done on each slide. Animations of this order are critical for highlighting three different events in a slide- entrance, emphasis and exit. This function can be found in the Effects Tool option within the available presentation software free download and paid ones too.

  • Presentation notes

Planning to add a more conversational tone to your presentations. Then this option to attach notes might be the right answer. A presentation may involve a good number of notes so that even you forgetting a point is never a worry because the notes tab is there to remind you of every important detail. Add formatted notes to the side deck either in the form of bullet points or texts in word-to-word form.

  • Grids for formatting visuals

Graphics and visuals within slide decks need to be properly arranged to make any slide look more presentable. Therefore, are available these grids for lining up images in a more presentable manner. In all types of presentation software, you would find grids for optimizing image placement. Use this feature for cross-referencing with grids to develop aesthetically pleasing slides and presentations.

  • Custom templates

In the best presentation software lists, you would find a module for using custom templates that help with aligning both colours and fonts. The module is further important for organizing neatly all presentation decks to optimize well any presentation’s workflow.

  • Presenter tools

Presenter tools are important for adding icons and making slide designs. Also, available is this annotation feature for doing voice-over narrations for developing neat slides. The cloud-based version, which is accessible easily from any location syncs very well with this feature for you can add voice overs to the presentation from even remote locations.

  • Graph Presentation Tools

Visualizing big data using diagrams and graphs is easy with the available best presentation software. Pick the right kind of graph or diagram for creating detailed presentations to highlight data facts in a structured manner. The feature also works fine for adjusting colour themes, importing charts, making comparisons and attaching company logos.

  • Content updates

Managing the different versions of a presentation is easy with these solutions as you are granted the permission to share access with other collaborators all updates made so far into a file. Collaborators, on the other hand, receive regular updates in the form of immediate notifications every time there is some change.

  • Permission controls to remove slides

Permission control is one such feature that helps with securing the data available online. You may also need this for complying with the changing regulations that may render it necessary to hide any information available online. In case you wish to take any slide offline, just visit the permission control section to turn any slide into offline mode.

Benefits of Using a Presentation Software

In a presentation software, creating new slides is as easy as modifying the information that you add into these slides. The best part is all such data can be exported into excel or pdf file format for easy access. Let us have a look at various other ways you can benefit out of such applications.

  • Adding smart art

Smart art is more or less a professional diagram created using just the text or images or both. Smart art takes the support of graphics for presenting information and the best presentation software solutions let you draw such smart art with ease. This feature works well for drawing organization charts and diagrams of different types. You can also develop different types of slides using text in bullet point format.

  • Control permissions for content management

In the best presentation software are available access permissions to let end users control what exactly they wish to share with others. Thus maintaining silos is easy as only those slides that you wish to share are visible to the collaborators. You can also lock down certain slides or export those into the read-only mode for protecting the data.

  • Tracking slide usage

Do you want to find out how so much has a slide been used to make a presentation? This is easy too with the best presentation software available for these applications allow you to track which presentation has been used exactly how many times. You are further free to check who created those and where they may be currently.

  • Easy to insert images

Inserting clipart or an image of any type, all is easy with the best presentation software available. However, the feature is not just limited to inserting images but also videos, audios, illustrations and photographs. Pick the object and add it directly into the slide. You can also edit it further by resizing it, moving or editing it as and when required.

  • Messaging & mobility

The best presentation software gives you the option of accessing easily the application from any mobile device. Further, you would find as well this messaging feature as most of these presentation software support this in-application message writing capabilities.

  • Quick customization

Presentation software downloading allows you to customize the application as per your requirement. This is so because the software supports HTML, CSS and JavaScript that helps with self-hosting of files. Once done, the slides can be shared for easy collaboration and you will further find other built-in tolls like shared templates and analytics to streamline your work.

FAQ iconPresentation Software FAQs

In a presentation software are available analytic tools that help with identifying the number of times your presentation has been shared, how many people viewed it, location of the viewers and such other metrics.

Here are some of the best presentation software in 2020 that one can use for get some stunning slide presentations:

  • Adobe Spark

USP: Quick don't search option for filtering fonts (not making sense)

  • Canva

USP: Robust drag and drop editor

  • Visme

USP: Data widgets and maps

  • Slidebean

USP: Powerful templates for content

  • SlideDog

USP: Easy to switch in between files

  • Prezi

USP: Smart presenter tools

Presentation software lets you export content into a file format of your choice besides giving you an option for auto saving the changes made. The best free presentation software that would thus be great for making explainer videos and presentations are:

  • Powtoon
  • GoogleDrive Presentation
  • 280 Slides
  • SlideRocket
  • LibreOffice
  • WPS Office Free
  • Xtensio
  • Zoho
  • Keynote

Here is a list of important functions performed by a presentation software:

  • Presenter tools
  • Charts and graphs
  • Templates library
  • Animation effects
  • Easy image inserting
  • Built-in graphics

Let us have a look at the important factors that need to be kept in view while selecting a presentation software:

  • Price needs to suit your budget
  • If or not the interface is user friendly
  • Option for adding audio to a presentation available or not
  • Whether the application has cloud-based support
  • Module for adding animation effects
  • Library for templates
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