Best Paperless Office Software in 2023

What is Paperless Office?

Paperless Office is a digital workplace environment that eliminates the use of paper in the office. All the physical documents are replaced with the preferred digital format (usually PDF or MS Word), via a process called Digitization. Read Buyer’s Guideimg

Best Paperless Office Software

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Adobe Acrobat Pro DC for teams

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC for teams

Brand: Adobe


4.6 out of 5

(6 user reviews)

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC will empower your teams with advanced PDF tools for editing, collaboration, and document security, simplifying workflows and boosting... Read More About Adobe Acrobat Pro DC for teams read review arrow


Enterprise Document Management Software

Enterprise Document Management Software

Brand: SutiSoft


4.5 out of 5

(5 user reviews)

SutiDMS is the best document management software that enables organizations to automate and manage the complete document and file management cycle. Its rob... Read More About Enterprise Document Management Software img

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Adobe Acrobat Standard DC for teams

Adobe Acrobat Standard DC for teams

Brand: Adobe


4.6 out of 5

(3 user reviews)

Adobe Acrobat Standard DC for teams is a productivity software for enterprises. Teams can create, edit, track and sign documents across multiple devices a... Read More About Adobe Acrobat Standard DC for teams img


MSB Docs

MSB Docs

Brand: MSB Digital


4.4 out of 5

(3 user reviews)

MSB Docs is a complete document management solution for enterprises to ensure hassle-free eSignature and document flow. It simplifies complex document wor... Read More About MSB Docs img

₹16,800 /User/Year

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Brand: Osource Global Private Limited


5 out of 5

(3 user reviews)

... Read More About OnexFlow img

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Movavi Pdf Editor

Movavi Pdf Editor

Brand: Movavi


4.4 out of 5

(3 user reviews)

Movavi PDF Editor is a smart PDF editing solution that enables users to handle usual tasks related to PDFs without putting their sensitive information at... Read More About Movavi Pdf Editor img


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Brand: Discuss Business Solution


4.8 out of 5

(2 user reviews)

Greenbox is a powerful, secure, and easy-to-use online document management software that supports a paperless workplace. Greenbox DMS helps users to store... Read More About Greenbox img

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ABBYY FineReader

ABBYY FineReader

Brand: ABBYY


4.6 out of 5

(3 user reviews)

ABBYY FineReader is a PDF management solution designed to handle the specialized office work. The software enables professionals to boost their efficienc... Read More About ABBYY FineReader img


Microsoft Sharepoint Online (MOLP)

Microsoft Sharepoint Online (MOLP)

Brand: Microsoft

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Microsoft Sharepoint Online MOLP is business & productivity software for windows that lets you share files and content with people inside and outside y... Read More About Microsoft Sharepoint Online (MOLP) img

₹3,476 /Year

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EzeeFile Document Management System

EzeeFile Document Management System

Brand: Ezee Digital Solutions

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EzeeFile is a web-based document management solution for enterprises of varying sizes. It acts as a central repository of sensitive documents and enables... Read More About EzeeFile Document Management System img

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Best Paperless Office Software FAQ’s

Software questions,

Some of the best paperless office tools available for free are: OpenDocMan OpenKM Bitrix24 LogicalDOC SutiDMS

Here are some of the best open source paperless office software: OpenKM Community Edition Alfresco Community Edition LogicalDoc Community Edition OpenDocMan Kimios

Some of the best Paperless Office Software that is preferred by small businesses are: Bitrix24 eFileCabinet M-Files Globodox DocuSign ATOM

Here is a list of best paperless office document management software: M-Files Templafy Hightail MasterControl PaperTracer Docuware

Here are some of the best tools for paperless working environment: E-Signature Software: This tool helps in signing digital documents with the highest level of security against counterfeiting. Document Management: Document management tools help in creating and editing of digital documents. Contact Manager: A paperless office tool helps in saving the contact information of all the team members with their designations and other details for efficient workflow related communication. Cloud Storage Facility: Companies that aim to go paperless in the office should have a cloud subscription at their end for managing documents digitally.

Paperless Office Software Reviews


Adobe Acrobat Pro DC for teams


“The most interesting feature of this application is its ability to edit and convert files into different formats.”

- Avinash Saha

See all Adobe Acrobat Pro DC for teams reviewsimg

Enterprise Document Management Software


“Organize folders, documents Dashboard is excellent Customer service team is very helpful ”


See all Enterprise Document Management Software reviewsimg

Adobe Acrobat Standard DC for teams


“The platform is super user-friendly and intuitive. It's also quite fast compared with some other programs. Great, clean interface.”

- Anubhav Mishra

See all Adobe Acrobat Standard DC for teams reviewsimg

MSB Docs


“This is best software that resolved my all enterprise needs. Its very ease to use. Thanks msb team. ”

- Wriki Sood

See all MSB Docs reviewsimg

Movavi Pdf Editor


“Doesn't gobble up space and RAM. The interface is straightforward. Selected structure like Browser. Has fundamental Editing Stuff.”

- Shiv Datta

See all Movavi Pdf Editor reviewsimg

Paperless Office Software Price List In India

Paperless Office Software Cost
Top Paperless Office Software Starting Price Rating
Adobe Acrobat Pro DC for teams₹13524.004.6
Adobe Acrobat Standard DC for teams₹11928.004.6
MSB Docs₹16800.00 /User/Year4.4
Movavi Pdf Editor₹1269.00 4.4
ABBYY FineReader₹14925.004.6

Buyer's Guide for Top Paperless Office Software

Found our list of Paperless Office Software helpful? We’re here to help you make the right choice and automate your business processes. Let’s discover some of the essential factors that you must consider to make a smarter decision!

  • What is Paperless Office?
  • Difference between Paperless Office and Less Paper Office
  • What are the Benefits of a Paperless Office?
  • What is Paperless Office Software?
  • How to Use Paperless Office Solutions?
  • Advantages of Paperless Software
  • Paperless Office Software Features

What is Paperless Office?

Paperless Office is a digital workplace environment that eliminates the use of paper in the office. All the physical documents are replaced with the preferred digital format (usually PDF or MS Word), via a process called “Digitization.” This results in companies taking full control of their paperless office and saving the exorbitant amount of money spent on purchasing stationary and stocking physical documents every year. In addition to that, the usage of paperless office software makes file sharing faster and saves space in the office. Documents saved in paperless office tools are highly secure because unauthorized access is restricted, and files can be recovered in case of any disaster.

Difference between Paperless Office and Less Paper Office

The core difference between the paperless environment in the workplace and Less Paper Office lies there in the names. The Less Paper Office still involves the use of paper but reduced to a great extent. In a “Less Paper Office”, all the documents are drafted and saved digitally but printed for sharing purposes. Employees also share physical copies of all the bills in a Less Paper Office. While, a paperless working environment operates digitally. No paper is used for any work. All the files are stored on cloud and shared from there. Companies working in a paperless environment can also trace who accessed the file at what time. Paperless offices have much faster and safer processes than less paper offices.

What are the Benefits of a Paperless Office?

Time Saving

A paperless office enables companies to save a significant amount of time spent on creating, finalizing, sharing, and printing of the documents.


A paperless working environment allows multiple individuals to communicate and work together on same files and documents simultaneously. This results in faster project completion with better coordination.

Money Saving

Companies can save money on stationery products by going paperless in the office. Plus, it allows companies to reduce expenses on storage racks, printers, inks, etc.

Data Accessibility

Paperless working environment improves the file accessibility across the workforce in real-time. The cloud or home server saves all the files under a strong file security system.

Enhanced Confidentiality

The management of an organization devises paperless office strategies to provide file access based on the designation of employees. In addition to that, it uses an airtight file encryption technology with password protection to ensure confidentiality.

Seamless Sharing

A paperless environment in the workplace enforces the integration of digital communication systems that allow users to quickly share documents. It brings major benefits for paperless law offices and accounting departments, as they have to deal with a lot of paperwork.


A paperless working environment enables companies to properly arrange their files in an organized fashion. E.g., Paperless law offices can arrange their files based on cases, dates, and other customized requirements.

What is Paperless Office Software?

Paperless office software is an IT solution developed for companies to transfer their physical file handling to completely digital infrastructure. It allows users to convert all the paper documents to digital format through digitization. The paperless office software allows users to approach their daily file handling with a futuristic and innovative process, as the documents are saved in a remote location. Paperless office tools facilitate creating important work documents in collaboration with teammates. Further, the paperless office app offers seamless integration with other applications to ensure that all the departments of the company can share their work easily and are on the same page.

Paperless software amplifies the speed of daily workflows without compromising the productivity of employees in real-time. Paperless office apps allow users to manage their work from a single platform. It covers everything, ranging from communication, daily work, reporting, and data handling. Paperless office software provides business-specific features for users to manage their document-handling requirements.

How to Use Paperless Office Solutions?

Here are a few tips as to how to start using paperless office software:

  • Select tools according to their office requirements
  • Provide training to employees to master the software
  • Make sure that the paperless office software is easier to use than going back to paper
  • Remove printers and copiers from office spaces
  • Convert all the physical files to PDFs through digitization and remove file storage cabinets
  • Use digital scanners for efficient storage on cloud
  • Integrate various paperless software with different functions to create an accessible digital workplace.

Advantages of Paperless Software

Cost Efficiency

Paperless office tools assist in cost reduction on multiple fronts. The software eliminates the expenses on printers, papers, etc.

Faster Information Sharing

Paperless office software enables users to communicate and share information instantly at any time. For instance, Paperless software for accountants allows them to share important financial details with their team members from the solution.

Mobile Workforce

Paperless office apps empower the users to transfer their work from one system to another without any inconvenience. All the information is stored online for easy accessibility.

Saves Time

Paperless office software boosts the speed of completing a task along with reducing the time spent on rework and approvals.


Paperless software eliminates paper wastage and helps create an eco-friendly alternative for them to handle their documents. Paperless office software reduces the use of paper hence saving energy and reducing the carbon footprint of companies consequently.


Paperless law offices can use paperless office tools to handle their case documents in an organized manner. Users can track the progress of their cases in real-time.

Paperless Office Software Features

Cloud Hosting

Paperless office software uses a cloud computing system for saving and sharing office documents in real-time. Paperless office software allows users to communicate with their teams while working on projects in real-time. The paperless software introduces an online cloud working system for companies to save their online documents securely.

Browser Based

An ideal paperless working environment should deploy the use of a solution that works for PCs and mobile apps with the widest variety of configurations, and browser-based paperless software are just that. Web-based paperless software enables the entire workforce to access their data and does their daily work through an internet browser.

Advanced Search

The best paperless office software offers an advanced search mechanism that allows users to search for the files through keywords, dates, or even tags. Also, you can create customized folders to store your files in an organized manner.

Mobile Access

Paperless office software allows users to transfer their work from one device to another seamlessly in case of a device breakdown. The biggest advantage of adopting a paperless working environment is it ensures data accessibility across devices and enables your employees to carry on with their work from anywhere.


Paperless Software is designed to easily integrate with other applications to facilitate effortless working among different departments in real-time. The integration of paperless office software with digital signature tools, PDF tools, etc. enables companies to share data across different platforms for smooth working.

Disaster Management

One of the key reasons of reliance on paperless office software is its instant recovery system. In case of a disaster or server breakdown, paperless office tools provide immediate back up for all the workflow data. Paperless office system also saves the work processes for companies to pick up the tasks from where they were left.

User Tagging

Paperless office software makes working with other users exceptionally easy. Employees can tag the user with whom they seek to share their file and get working as usual. Paperless filing software also facilitates tagging for workflow approvals by Managers.

Digital Signature

An essential aspect of managing documents while going paperless in the office is to handle electronic signatures. The best paperless office software offers legally compliant e-signature management modules that not only allows companies to sign the documents but also create the signatures and save it in the software.

Author: Kalpana Arya

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