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Online marketingFood, fashion & fun activities are the regulars. So, what is it that distinguishes Gen Z and millennials from Gen X? Well, it is social media!

The craze that this smartphone generation shares over Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram has no bounds. And this thing is not hidden from anyone, especially marketers. They know their audience. They know the things their audience have a soft corner for and therefore, they hit the bull’s eye!

The generation, with social media being their natural habitat, has Snapchat, Instagram and YouTube as their favourites, with Instagram leading the scoreboard.

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This social media platform has more than one billion users, including two million monthly advertisers and eight million business profiles. So, here are some of the latest Instagram features, which can help social media marketers stand out on this competitive platform.

Add a Call to Action Button

Add a Call to Action ButtonPeople love shortcuts and CTA buttons are all about that. Business accounts add action buttons to their profile for the user’s convenience. The user can click on them to book tickets, order food & apparels, make a reservation, book an appointment, sign in, etc. This is a great online marketing tool for small businesses and start-ups which do not have a website and rely on social media for promotion.

Add Public Feed Posts To Your Stories

Storytelling is an emerging online marketing strategy. However, the problem is, that marketers find it difficult to come with a new product related story every time to connect with their customers. If you agree with me then this Insta feature is especially for you.

Instagram allows you to share public feed posts from other users via your story column. Resharing other’s content helps you build a strong bond with them, and you might get lucky if they end up resharing your Insta feed. Another advantage of this feature is that you can add variety to your story. This is a great way to promote local events and inspiring content, which are relevant to your business.

Promote with IGTV Vertical Videos

IGTV is like a new kid in the block. It is Instagram’s new product for iOS and Android-based smartphones. It is a standalone vertical video app which allows recording and sharing of videos on your profile. And marketers have been using it to promote their products, share tips & tricks, etc.

The Instagram TV has similarities with YouTube except that you can share only a 60-minute video. However, you can use the same strategies for IGTV, as you have been using for YouTube. Moreover, these videos need not be as polished as your YouTube videos are. So, even those who are new to this platform can benefit from this feature.

Use @Mention Stickers in Stories

Use @Mention Stickers in StoriesIf your business revolves around organizing and attending a lot of events, then @MENTION stickers are for you.

Let’s say if you are an event organizer and a renowned personality attends your event, do remember to share the words about it. This way, you can increase the number of likes and shares on your post! You can @mention the celebrity in your story (@celebritychefowen) and your followers will click on this username to obtain information about the celebrity chef.

Use @Questions Stickers to Engage Audience

@Questions is another feature on the sticker’s list. It is available in the version 52 of Instagram on iOS as well as Android. It is a great online marketing instrument to attract and engage followers. It is a way to have a poll and allow your audience to vote. Also, you can get feedback for your products or services. This online marketing sticker gimmick works like comment-like interaction by providing the reply option. By tapping on this option, a new sticker is automatically added to the story with the user’s reply inside.

So, which all features you think will be profitable for your business? Use them, explore and let us also know how these worked for your business


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