Top 6 Challenges Manufacturing CIOs Will Face In 2018

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Chief Information Officers (CIOs) in the manufacturing sector have reached an inflection point where they need to take significant steps towards accelerating growth opportunities. Only by improving the speed, scale, and simplicity of manufacturing operations continually, they can achieve higher growth revenue. By the integration of plant operations, life-cycle of products and services, and supply chain management, 50 percent of manufacturing companies are likely to derive higher business value by the end of 2020. But, they need to move overoutdated technology tools to achieve the expected results. According to IDC report, just 30 percent of manufacturers who are investing in transforming the digital operations of their business will be able to reach their full potential by 2018.

Outdated technology solutions can play spoilsport and prevent manufacturing companies from exploring all possible opportunities to improve the quality of work. However, with the use of the best manufacturing ERP solutions like Syscon Cronus Manufacturing ERP, CIOs can make activities like sales, purchase, planning, production, payroll, Plant Maintenance and quality analysis hassle-free. Syscon Cronus Manufacturing ERP can provide end-to-end solution for all manufacturing needs, helping manufacturing and trading companies benefit from advanced technology and functionality.

Syscon Cronus ERP: Making Manufacturing Manageable

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From auto material requisition to batch consumption, rejections, yield report, inward QC and production QC, all processes can be streamlined effortlessly with Syscon Cronus ERP. Manufacturing agents can also adopt preventive maintenance schedule, and avoid incidences of frequent breakdown. Further, the trend analysis of income, expenditure, sales, purchase, consumption and P & L can be done efficiently with Syscon Cronus ERP.

Along with overcoming the constraint of technology with the best manufacturing ERP software, CIOs need to deal with other challenges in the year that is around the corner.

#1 Improving Compliance Reporting

Keeping a track of different regulations and improving the quality of compliance reporting can be adaunting task. Manufacturers have to stay in compliance with various regional and nation-wide requirements like GST etc. This way, they end up spending a significant time on prepping up for audits and find difficulty in taking up complex engineer-to-order projects.Fortunately, with the use of Syscon Cronus Manufacturing ERP, users can have real-time access to all necessary information. The best manufacturing ERP solution can ensure that all your regulatory compliance reporting requirements are met unfailingly.

#2 Digitization of Manufacturing Processes

Small business setups need to adopt the latest trends in digital advancements to stay abreast in the current competitive scenario. Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are transforming the advanced algorithms of the manufacturing industry for collecting information and performing skilled labour. Manufacturing units with IT systems can help in increasing the production capacity. Relevant information can be shared easily at both ends of the supply chain and high efficiency can be achieved without compromising on the quality. Further, the manufacturing industry across the world are increasingly adopting the IoT technology for providing real-time feedback on product quality, maintenance needs and so on.

#3 Cybersecurity Threats to Manufacturing Industry

With the rise of Internet of Things in the manufacturing setup, the impact on data security is getting even more complex. According to IBM’s 2016 Cyber Security Intelligence Index, the manufacturing industry is quite vulnerable to hacking, and comes second only to healthcare. Considering the vulnerability to hacking attack or data breach, manufacturers need to adopt robust security measures like storing customer data on registered cloud-based systems like Syscon Cronus ERP, and providing training to their employees about comprehensive information security practices.  However Syscon Cronus ERP is available both on Cloud and On-Premise models.

#4 The Changing Manufacturing Workforce

Manufacturing workforce is becoming more diverse with people from different culture, region and nation working together. To manage the diverse workforce, manufacturing CIOs need to develop robust employee engagement strategies. Another burning issue for the manufacturing CIOs to deal with is closing the wide skills gap and preparing the new generation of workers through education and apprenticeship programs. This way, they can make a significant contribution to a brighter manufacturing industry future in India.

#5 Big Data Management

With increased dependence on mechanization and processes getting automated, manufacturing setups have to deal with a large pile of data now. Manufacturing companies can benefit from this scenario by adopting the practice of big data analysis. With detailed data analysis, manufacturing companies can have better insights into the performance of their employees and the present state of their day-to-day operations. Accordingly, they can improve their operations and achieve higher productivity. Advanced analytics tools for correlation analysis and data visualizations can further help in modifying manufacturing processes and improving the end-product quality.

#6 ROI and TCO of ERP with Support

Margins are shrinking globally, and so are the IT budgets for CIOs. With no compromise on functionality, technology, ease of use and support, CIOs need to take extra care in identifying right solutions that guarantee the quick Return on Investment (ROI). For this, the ERP solution has to be industry ready, which can be implemented within few weeks. Lower Total Cost of ownership (TCO) is important to keep the ERP project well within the budget. Further, when it comes to an ERP project, support becomes a life-time commitment. It is highly essential that an ERP vendor provides complete support to its customers with regular upgrade and bug fix. With over 2 decades of commitment by Syscon Cronus ERP, it can beat all its competitors on these fronts.

With all the above, Syscon Cronus – GST ready ERP is going to be the de-facto choice of CIOs in 2018.


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