Top 10 Webinars of 2019 Hosted by Gartner for Growing Businesses

| February 12, 2019

updated on April 13, 2020 at 7:37 pm

Top 10 Webinars of 2019


During webinars, you can get business critical information that can foster your brand interests. We bring you top 10 webinars of 2019 for every entrepreneur to attend. Gartner’s experts will be leading these webinars targeting different areas affecting business such as sale, IT, marketing, customer service, data and analytics, AI, and more. So, give 60 minutes from your schedule to the world’s experts and transform your business.

Let’s dive in!

Top 10 Webinars of 2019

List of Top 10 Webinars of 2019 Hosted by Gartner:

1. Adjust Selling to 2019’s Buying Realities

Hosted by Gartner expert Brent Adamson, this 60-minute webinar is going to be about new and upcoming sales trends in 2019. Also, it will target emerging changes in customer behavior and its impact on sales. Sales leaders will come to know about the buying realities they must anticipate this year and long-term strategic plans they should develop for increasing sales.

2. Data and Analytics Governance: What’s Broken, and What We Need To Do To Fix It

Another name in the top 10 webinars of 2019 is Data and Analytics Governance. While driving the business value through data and analytics program, governance remains a crucial issue. In this webinar VP Analyst of Gartner, Saul Judah will talk about failing current approaches to data and analytics governance in the digital business. At the same time, he will examine the foundation for establishing successful governance in the digital business.

3. Messaging Approaches to Create Buying Urgency

In this 30 minutes webinar, Gartner expert Hank Barnes will throw light on new buying dynamics and importance of creating a sense of buying urgency. He believes that organizations should be able to establish a need for the product in its sales pitch and frame their marketing messages accordingly.

4. Peer Perspectives: Current and Future Technologies in Customer Service

Two of the Gartner experts will explore the importance and impact of 45 established and upcoming customer service technologies at this one of the top 10 webinars of 2019. They will talk about the global trends in customer service technology and how you can improve the positioning of your organization with the best consumer support. Moreover, amongst so many innovations like VoC tools, infrastructure technology, and employee engagement, they will guide you choose the best.

5. Reduce the Staggering Cost of Poor Operational Decisions

Financially unsound decisions make organizations incur staggering cost and as per the Gartner research team, existing finance-business partnership practices are making things worse. Therefore, they studied more than 70 finance-business partnership models prevailing across the world to find out how organizations are solving finance related problems. Based on the study, Gartner expert, Dennis Gannon will share how to change the respective operational model in your organization.

6. Rethink Personalization for Maximum Impact

You must have got some hint from this title what the webinar is going to be all about, especially if you come from the marketing world. Personalized marketing strategy is the future, and many CMOs have placed big bets on it. But little do they know that if personalization-related policies go incorrect, it can result in alienating the consumer. And this webinar will focus on the framework to create impactful personalized messages and how to achieve the desired return from them.

7. Storytelling for Success: Techniques and Ideas That Create Enthusiasm

Storytelling is a great idea to get your thought across and it holds immense power to seek audience’s attention and keep them engaged. In this webinar, Gartner expert, Ed Gabrys will elaborate the idea of storytelling by discussing the benefits of stories in persuasive communication. Also, he will talk about how to create and tell a good story.

8. Strategic Framework for AI Use Cases by Industry

This webinar will be led by two experts of Gartner, Jorge Lopez, and Moutusi Sau. They will explain the Gartner AI strategy framework and how it can be used. They will delve deeper by presenting an example for every category of AI application. The webinar will also cover, how the framework for AI can be deployed in different industries and used to optimize the business model of an organization.

9. The Top Tech Trends for Midsize Enterprises(MSE)

Midsize companies are moving northwards regarding growth, productivity and investment and business moguls have a lot of expectations from the MSEs. This webinar is for IT leaders as it will help them in living up to the expectations of business leaders. It qualifies as one of the top 10 webinars of 2019, and will define top five tech trends that IT leaders must follow to differentiate their MSE from the rest. Further, the speaker will discuss the attributes defining an MSE and key drivers of behaviour in such companies.

10. Top 10 Data and Analytics Trends That Will Change Your Business

This webinar is for all the data and analytics leaders who want to know what the top ten data and analytics trends of 2019 are capable of. You will come to know about the reasons why these trends are growing and their impact on businesses. Accordingly, you can modify the business model, investment needs and operations of your organization. Moreover, it will help you in building an intelligent data and analytics portfolio to meet the needs of the digital business.


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