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Manufacturing ERP

Best software for Manufacturing ERP


By Apartment ADDA


Price: 25.00 INR F/Month

ADDA ERP Silver software for cooperative housing society lets Residents in an Apartment complex to manage and regulate the workings in an organized way looking after day to day processes such as viewing after the local businesses, letting resident ...View More

Speed Plus

By TechCruzers Software Development LLP


Price: 12999.00 INR /user

Speed Plus 8.0 is India’s first GST ready complete business ERP software. The software is exclusively designed to serve all the needs of a business. It eliminates all the complexities involved with the business automation. 

&n ...View More

Marg The Business Backbone

MargERP 9+

By Marg Compusoft


Price: 7200.00 INR /single user

Marg ERP9+ basic has various modules which provides complete control management of all ERP aspects of activities pertaining manufacturing business ...View More

JP Carpet ERP

By JP Software Technologies


Price: 150000.00 INR Upto 10 User

Carpet ERP is a complete inventory and accounting system that assists businesses to manage their finance and materials required. The software is easy to use and offers company management functions to help businesses to manage their key aspects of ...View More

M technology mindz

Technology Mindz ERP

By Technology Mindz


Price: 60000.00 INR /year

A comprehensive ERP enabling business units perform effectively and efficiently with various modules for purchases/inventory, ...View More

Bigdbiz Solutions

Bigdbiz Textile ERP

By Bigdbiz Solutions Private Limited


Price: 125000.00 INR onwards

A holistic ERP that allow textile manufacturing companies administer and manage various crucial operations starting from production planning to sales and distribution. The softwar ...View More


By IOP Technologies LLP 


Price: 100000.00 INR /user/annum

IOP Technologies offers an unmatchable ERP solution that allow enterprises to track and manage the overall operations and processes. The online software co ...View More


Zeta ERP

By Zeta Softwares


Price: 100000.00 INR Onwards

One of the best ERP Software in India, Zeta ERP has proven its mettle with robust infrastructure, interactive and intuitive interface and sound technical background. The solution helps companies across various chores of day to day operations ...View More


Dcsinfoway Inventory Biz ERP

By Dcs Infoway


Price: 3999.00 INR Onwards

A new generation user-friendly Inventory and Accounting Software, which can be used and installed without much knowledge of accounting or software training. The software is quite simple and supports customization of invoices, easy export of report ...View More

Focus Manufacturing

By Focus Softnet Pvt Ltd


Price: 400000.00 INR /10 user

A leading edge software solution that incorporates infinite planning capabilities to assist complex manufacturing processes achieve efficiency with greater degree of compliance and customer satisfaction. Be it a single or multiple location plant, ...View More

Syscon Cronus Enterprise - ERP

By Syscon Solutions Private Limited


Price: 175000.00 INR /user

Syscon Cronus is the blue-chip production ERP targeted for manufacturing and large trading Enterprises. The software is a holistic ...View More


Uttara ERP

By Uttara Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd.


Price: 2000000.00 INR

Uttara ERP is an integrated, end-to-end solution catering to various business needs. With a holistic approach to meeting requirements, the software enables ...View More

Dizypro ERP

Dizypro ERP (Perpetual)

By Dizypro Infotech Pvt. Ltd.


Price: 600000.00 INR

DizyPro ERP is web based application which helps in optimizing overall performance across the entire organization, whether it operates on a local, regional an ...View More

iWeb Technology Solutions Ltd

iWeb Manufacturing Resource Management

By iWeb Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


Price: 300000.00 INR Onwards

Manufacturing Resource Management is a holistic ERP heling simplify the manufacturing operations in various phases. The software provides the effective solution for integration of all manufacturing processes through a single platform. Product ...View More

Focus RT

Focus RT

By Focus Softnet Pvt Ltd


Price: 12000.00 INR Onwards

FocusRT is a multi-tier application that works seamlessly over local area network and the internet in a distributed business environment. It operates with amazing speed when it ...View More

AcTouch Cloud ERP Solutions

By AcTouch Technologies


Price: 10000.00 INR 2 user/year

AcTouch is Cloud computing ERP solution exclusively designed for manufacturers, traders and distributers, to assist them manage their business smoothly. This solution helps solve your inventory, invoice and billing issues. The software is equipped ...View More

Focus i

Focus i

By Focus Softnet Pvt Ltd


Price: 18000.00 INR Onwards

Focus i is a revolutionary product that combines business intelligence (BI) tools with traditional ERP implementations enabling users to run statistical models, analyze data, ex ...View More

Orgzit Small Business ERP

By Orgzit


Price: 500.00 INR /User

Orgzit Small Business ERP is a platform to sell, deliver and support customers. This solution includes Orgzit CRM solution that enables the user to organize sales processes to generate mor ...View More

aSoft Bias-ERP

By aSoft Solutions


Price: 160000.00 INR /User

BAIS-ERP is an intuitive software solution with interactive interface for manufacturing units which is ...View More


Brainpower ERP

By Brainpower Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


Price: 500000.00 INR

Brainpower ERP is a comprehensive solution for manufacturing industry that help companies manage people, processes, plant and all elements through a single platform. The software helps automate and integrate complete business processes, such ...View More

Astral Manufacturing ERP

By Astral Technologies



Astral Manufacturing ERP provides end to end solution from procurement till dispatch. It is built using  latest  technology for flexible working and is compatible with tablets, smartphones,  desktop  and laptop. It gives comple ...View More


Brainpower Equipment Maintenance System

By Brainpower Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


Price: 200000.00 INR

Equipment management System assists companies manage their machinery in multiple ways starting from maintain usage and service history, warranty information, repairs, maintenance, etc. Brainpower Equipment Maintenance System integrates preventive ...View More


Frappé ERPNext

By Frappé  Technologies Private Limited.


Price: 20204.00 INR /year

ERPNext is one of the best ERP software that help users take control over their business. The all in one ERP has a host of applications for all domains of business ranging from procurement, inventory management, accounting & Financ ...View More

Arise ERP System

By Arise Infosoft



Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is business-management software. Include Inventory Feature, Accounting Features, Payroll Management and other Features. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is business-management software—typically a suite of i ...View More

Shubham Software Solution

Shubham Software Manufacturing Unit

By Shubham Software Solution


Price: 35000.00 INR

An on premise Manufacturing ERP solution administering automated solution for various manufacturing operations in the enterprise. The software is equipped with a user-friendly solution and innovative approach to provide the complete manufacturing ...View More

Suchan Software

Suchan T.FAT ERP

By Suchan Software Pvt. Ltd.


Price: 175000.00 INR Onwards

T.FAT is a powerful high-end ERP system. The software enhances productivity with modular, flexible and highly versatile structure. The software can be used across various small to medium scale ...View More



By Zipbooks


Price: 60000.00 INR /year

ZipERP is a highly configurable Cloud ERP solution that provides rich set of functionality across business processes covering financial accounting, sales, purchase, inventory management, CRM, production, quality control etc. Additionally, the soft ...View More

VERTS Manufacturing ERP



Price: 100000.00 INR

A web based open source ERP software meant specifically for ...View More


By PC Soft


Price: 1100000.00 INR Onwards

IEV is a technically robust ERP that is user friendly, very rich in functionality and customizable as per client’s requirements. The solution gives user the power to leverage information technology and take Industrial Corporation to new ...View More

Swastin Cloud ERP-Manufacturing

By Swastin Technologies


Price: 29166.67 INR /year

Swastin Cloud ERP- Manufacturing is a holistic ERP that allows businesses to grow with usability, mobility, control, intelligence, ...View More

Ahead Soft Pro

Ahead SoftPro Mini ERP

By Ahead SoftPro Solutions


Price: 40000.00 INR

Mini ERP is an automated package of all vital tools and processes catering to the business enhancement. This Manufacturing ERP is quite simple to be deplo ...View More

BMR ERP Software

By BMR Infotech



A complete manufacturing ERP that help companies manage their resources effectively to bring in profitability. The software offers modules that are ...View More

Integra Developing Intergated Thoughts

Century Gate Integra ERP- Production

By Century Gate Software Solution Pvt Ltd


Price: 29990.00 INR Onwards

A proven software for manufacturers of different manufacturing  companies in small and medium segment. It is an advanced purpose-built solution by which companies can manage their complete operations, from raw material procurement to finished ...View More


By Boscosoft



BoscoERP offers ERP solutions for a multitude of industries to help streamline business processes and activities with integrated workflow automation.BoscoERP facilitates  critical  flow of information in all industrial units and function ...View More

CloudGeta Cloud-Based Manufacturing ERP

By LegalRaasta


Price: 200000.00 INR /Users

CloudGeta Cloud-Based Manufacturing ERP is a comprehensive enterprise resource planning software. The software helps in analyzing trends related to quality performance and real-time visibility into key metrics. It is ideal for all business setups, ...View More

Brique Cloud based ERP

By Brique Solutions


Price: 225000.00 INR Onwards

An online ERP that acts as a complete package of operational activities bringing in efficiencies by optimizing resource utilization. The software brings together various functional areas of managing a business on a single platform like: Inven ...View More

Prima seller

Primaseller (Professional Version)

By Primaseller


Price: 999.00 INR Onwards/month

A cloud based software supporting inventry management and order management across multiple channels. The software provides cloud based order processing and inventory management services to retailers selling both online and offline. The software ac ...View More

Dataman Aahar

By Dataman Computer Systems Pvt Ltd



Aahaar is a comprehensive ERP software developed with food manufacturers and exporters in mind. The software is used by flour mill, rice mill, FMCG food, solvent oil, beverages, and more. The software comes with integrated modules such as sales &a ...View More

Visual Udyog Manufacturers

By Udyog Software India Limited


Price: 60000.00 INR Onwards

Visual Udyog is a comprehensive ERP for manufacturing companies which automates business process and taxation solution covering al ...View More

Reach Manufacturing Software

By Reach


Price: 180000.00 INR /user

A true manufacturing ERPthat help companies carry out production activities effectively and efficiently. The software encompasses various important activities starting from material requirement planning, automating materials requirement, productio ...View More

Compx ERP

Digiclay Compx ERP

By Digiclay Infotech Pvt Ltd


Price: 120000.00 INR Onwards

Compx ERP is an innovative software empowering manufacturing businesses with the state of art toolsets that automate each tiny function. The solution targets to enhance the productivity at reduced costs and efforts. Compx ERP allows the businesses ...View More

Dizypro ERP

Dizypro ERP (Subscription)

By Dizypro Infotech Pvt. Ltd.


Price: 60000.00 INR /location/year

DizyPro ERP is web based application which helps in optimizing overall performance across the entire organization, whether it operates on a local, regional and global scale. This leading edge ERP solution automates and integrates core business pro ...View More

Nextsky fusion

Nextsky Fusion

By NextSky Technologies Pvt Ltd


Price: 30000.00 INR /user/month

Nextsky Fusion is a cloud based ERP system, which helps to manage and analyse every department of the company such as inventory, production planning, manufacturing, ...View More

ERP Solution

MicroDot ERP Solution

By MicroDot Softwares


Price: 75000.00 INR

ERP Solution provides complete enterprise solution for traders, distributors, manufact ...View More




Price: 1193.00 INR

ERP:FM is a system that is designed to be multi-option, intelligent and adaptable process that allows its users to gain essential intellect from every aspect of their business. It is a cloud based solution built on HTML5.

...View More

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