Trends Revolutionizing Inbound Marketing in 2019


2019 has just started and for marketing folks, it’s time to keep up inbound marketing trends that will have a major impact throughout the year. Rapid advancements in technology and its perpetuation among the masses has given rise to some very interesting ways of inbound marketing and enhancing your user engagement.

Inbound Marketing

Rise of Voice Assistants

2018 was the year of voice assistants and 2019 will only see this trend grow bigger and more sophisticated. From voice assistants in mobile phones to functional speaker-based voice assistants like Amazon Echo & Google Home, this technology has become an integral part of everyday life and marketing folks need to adapt their strategies to take it into account.

The convenience of using voice search is still at an exploratory stage in India, with the general masses just integrating it into their daily use. Exploring restaurants nearby, setting up task reminders, finding out the distance to their destination- there’s a lot that users can do with this technology and more features and functionalities are expected to be added soon. Consequently, marketing folks need to incorporate voice search technology developments into their strategy for inbound marketing in 2019. Keywords and phrases that users are likely to use with voice search need to be identified and integrated into marketing content, to get positive results. Voice search and assistants are only going to get more popular, so this is one inbound marketing trend marketeers need to look out for.

Micro Influencers Are More Effective for Marketing

Micro influencers are those whose follower count ranges between 1,000 to 1,00,000 people. They are knowledgeable, influential and engage more with their followers. Traditional influencers with more than 1,00,000 followers suffer in the engagement component, as high followers count makes it difficult for individualised & personalised engagement. Micro influencers share a more personalised relationship with their followers, with about 82% of customers reporting that they follow recommendations made by such influencers.

Through partnership with micro influencers, you’ll promote your brand in the right circles at comparatively less cost. Micro influencers also enjoy 60% higher engagement and drive 22.2% more weekly conversations with their followers. This inbound marketing trend should be a part of your strategy, as a micro influencer(unlike a traditional influencer) will not only help you in getting more views but get the right views.

Interactive Content For The Win

Interactive content such as infographics, quizzes, polls/surveys etc, engage audiences by allowing them to participate with the content. Their engagement quotient has been proven to convert 70% of readers into buyers as opposed to 36% conversion rate for non-interactive content.

Interactive content is more multi-faceted, with the reliance not only on content, but also presentation, execution and UX. Consequently, when your readers like your interactive content, you’ll form deeper connection, drive brand awareness and improve engagement exponentially. This will be an important inbound marketing trend which will be an integral branding driver in 2019, so look out for this.

Marketing Automation Will Be Useful For Branding Effectiveness

Marketing automation has been an important inbound marketing trend since a few years now and its status quo isn’t likely to change in 2019. With marketing automation, businesses can engage audiences across channels and platforms simultaneously, while designing personalised experiences to lure audiences. Marketing automation provides features across various verticals of marketing such as email, social media, lead generation, online advertising and more.

Marketing automation provides marketeers an analytical solution to measure the effectiveness of campaigns across channels and demographics. Insights on web-page visitors, click rates, email opening rates, etc., can be observed through marketing automation to better understand the effectiveness of a campaign on KPIs, revenue & ROIs.

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The Chinese zodiac calendar marks 2019 as the year of the pig, so it’s time for you to hog up on these trends and make sure that you use them to improve your marketing. Take your brand from 0 to 100, with these awesome inbound marketing trends in 2019.


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