20 Best TallyPrime Alternatives in 2023

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Marg ERP 9+

Marg ERP 9+

By Marg ERP

4.7 (35 reviews) Write a Review

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  Marg ERP 9+ is an ERP software that allows businesses to generate invoices, track inventory, generate reports of fi... Read More About Marg ERP 9+

Ezy Rokad (रोकड़)

Ezy Rokad (रोकड़)

By Ezy Rokad (रोकड़)

4.9 (9 reviews) Write a Review

Starting Price


Ezy रोकड़, India’s first accounting software based on handwritten cashbook—रोकड़ पाना. No nee... Read More About Ezy Rokad (रोकड़)

Categories in common with Ezy Rokad (रोकड़):



By Intuit

4.3 (9 reviews) Write a Review

Price On Request

QuickBooks Accounting Software is one of the best accounting software for Indian businesses. It helps in the financial... Read More About QuickBooks

Busy Accounting Software

Busy Accounting Software

By Busy Infotech

4.4 (8 reviews) Write a Review

Starting Price


Busy software is an easy to use, scalable business accounting software for micro, small and mid-sized businesses. Busy... Read More About Busy Accounting Software

Categories in common with Busy Accounting Software:

Esarwa Automated Accounting

Esarwa Automated Accounting

By Esarwa

5.0 (3 reviews) Write a Review

Starting Price


Esarwa Automated Accounting is a full-fledged GST billing & accounting software that has been designed to cater to... Read More About Esarwa Automated Accounting

Categories in common with Esarwa Automated Accounting:

Deskera Books

Deskera Books

By Deskera

5.0 (7 reviews) Write a Review

Starting Price


Deskera Books is a cloud accounting and inventory software for your business. It automates accounting processes, incl... Read More About Deskera Books

Categories in common with Deskera Books:




4.8 (3 reviews) Write a Review

Starting Price


Munimjee is an accounting platform explicitly tailored for Indian SME manufacturers, revolutionizing how businesses ope... Read More About Munimjee

Categories in common with Munimjee:

HostBooks Accounting Software

HostBooks Accounting Software

By HostBooks

4.7 (3 reviews) Write a Review

Starting Price


HostBooks Accounting Software helps businesses, auditors, chartered accountants, and bookkeepers to record and analyze... Read More About HostBooks Accounting Software

Categories in common with HostBooks Accounting Software:

Miracle Accounting Software

Miracle Accounting Software

By RKIT Software

4.8 (3 reviews) Write a Review

Starting Price


Miracle Accounting Software is a top of the line bookkeeping software. Its next-gen system software that caters the nee... Read More About Miracle Accounting Software

Categories in common with Miracle Accounting Software:



By Kesans Software

5.0 (2 reviews) Write a Review

Starting Price


Categories in common with Kanakbooks:

Zoho Books

Zoho Books

By Zoho Corporation

4.8 (14 reviews) Write a Review

Starting at


Zoho Books is an excellent GST accounting software for your office necessities. It helps supervise finances for small b... Read More About Zoho Books

Categories in common with Zoho Books:



By Zybra

4.2 (12 reviews) Write a Review

Starting Price


Zybra Accounting is web-based accounting software that has found its application with GST billing and accounting soluti... Read More About Zybra

Categories in common with Zybra:

Zubizi AccounTech

Zubizi AccounTech

By Zubizi Web Solutions

4.6 (4 reviews) Write a Review

Starting Price


Zubizi AccounTech is a powerful GST accounting software designed to streamline and simplify business financial manageme... Read More About Zubizi AccounTech

Categories in common with Zubizi AccounTech:

Wings Accounting

Wings Accounting

By WingsInfo

4.5 (3 reviews) Write a Review

Price On Request

Wings Accounting software is one of the best bookkeeping solutions for small business owners across India. This account... Read More About Wings Accounting

Categories in common with Wings Accounting:

Lead Accounting Plus

Lead Accounting Plus

By Wheelhouse Consultancy Pvt Ltd

4.8 (1 reviews) Write a Review

Starting Price


Lead Accounting Plus is a comprehensive business software solution. It is a cost-effective accounting solution with eff... Read More About Lead Accounting Plus

Categories in common with Lead Accounting Plus:

Last Updated on : 30 Sep, 2023

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Buyer's Guide for TallyPrime Best Alternatives

Searching for TallyPrime alternatives? We’ve compiled the list of top Accounting Software with features & functionalities similar to TallyPrime. There are a lot of alternatives to TallyPrime that could be a perfect fit for your business needs. Compare TallyPrime competitors in one click and make the right choice!

Overview of the Tally Prime Alternatives

Tally is a well-known financial management and accounting software that businesses use to streamline their financial operations. With its comprehensive features, Tally has become a popular choice for managing tasks such as bookkeeping, inventory management, payroll processing, and taxation.

The software's key strengths lie in its user-friendly interface, data security, and robust reporting capabilities, making it an efficient solution for businesses of all sizes. Tally offers features for bank reconciliation, budgeting, invoicing, and GST (Goods and Services Tax) compliance, helping organizations maintain accurate financial records and ensure compliance with relevant regulations.

Despite Tally's widespread usage, some businesses and accounting professionals are seeking alternatives to address specific needs and challenges they have encountered while using the software. These challenges often include the lack of scalability, compatibility issues with certain file formats, and limited integrations with other business applications.

Why are People Looking for Tally Alternatives?

There are several reasons why people are looking for software like Tally:

  • Single Window Software: Tally does not allow users to open the same transaction screen from different computers. Further, many Tally alternatives allow you to work on more than one ledger at a time. Tally, however, only permits one ledger at a time, making it tough for users to work on two or more ledger statements at the same time.
  • Lack of Advanced Features: Tally is designed for accounting-related purposes and lacks some of the advanced features that can be seen in its counterparts. For instance, Tally does not have a payroll module and it lacks project management or time-tracking abilities.
  • Lack of Integrations: The accounting system does not integrate with other software applications, including CRM or project management tools. This is a major disadvantage which means that the users cannot fetch data from different software applications to complete their accounting-related tasks.
  • No Central Support: The support system offered by Tally is still lagging, making it difficult for users to get prompt assistance whenever there is any issue with the software.
  • Complex Software for Beginners: Tally has a steep learning curve. The software requires a certain level of accounting knowledge and familiarity with financial terms. This can be overwhelming for those who are new to accounting or have limited experience in this field.
  • Issues with Data Backup: Unlike some modern accounting software that automatically backs up your data, Tally requires users to manually perform this task. This can be quite inconvenient and time-consuming, especially for businesses with large transactions.
  • Poor Security: While working on Tally, you need to be careful with the password. Once you forget or lose the user password, retrieving data is complex and time-consuming. There is also a possibility that you might end up losing the data in case of a virus or hard disk crash.

Must Have Features in any Software like Tally

If you are looking for accounting software like Tally, then you must consider some important features, like:

  • Accounting Management: Competitors of Tally should offer robust accounting capabilities that will allow users to create and manage multiple ledgers and cost centers. Moreover, it should be able to support various accounting methods and offer tools for journal entries, voucher management, and bank reconciliations.
  • Inventory Management: Tally alternative software should offer extensive features like inventory tracking that allow businesses to manage their stock levels, record stock movements, and handle batch-wise inventory without any hassle.
  • Insightful Business Report: Like Tally, its alternatives should offer insightful business reports that will help the users make informed financial decisions. Its alternative should be able to generate different forms of financial reports, including balance sheets, profit and loss statements, cash flow statements, and trial balances.
  • GST/Taxation: Tally alternatives should be well-equipped with features to handle different tax-related requirements, including GST compliance for businesses. These alternatives should be able to generate GST invoices, file returns, and handle various tax-related tasks easily.
  • Credit and Cash Flow Management: Accounting software like Tally should provide users with robust credit and cashflow management features that will help businesses efficiently track and manage their receivables and payables, thereby ensuring profitable cashflow. It should also allow the users to monitor their outstanding invoices, set credit limits for customers, and receive timely reminders for payment collection.

What to Look for When Searching for Tally Competitors?

One must keep certain factors in mind while looking any accounting software other than tally:

  • Taxation and Compliance: When looking for similar software to Tally, ensure that it can offer the users taxation and compliance-related features. You need to see if its alternatives can support tax regulations suitable to your business, such as GST, VAT, etc. Moreover, ensure it can generate accurate tax reports and assist in compliance with tax laws.
  • Integration and Customization: Tally does not integrate with other software applications, so, while looking for the best alternatives, carefully assess the software's ability to integrate with other applications that will support your business. You should also check the customization options and see if you can tailor the accounting software according to your business needs.
  • Financial Data Security: Carefully assess the security measures adopted and implemented by Tally equivalent software to protect and safeguard your vital financial data. You should look for features like encryption, access controls, and data backup options to protect your sensitive information.
  • Advanced Features: Software similar to Tally should be able to offer advanced features and functionalities to its users that will align with their business requirements. You should look for advanced features like multi-currency support, seamless integration with third-party apps, project accounting, fixed assets management, etc.
  • Scalability and Performance: Carefully consider the overall performance of the software in terms of its capabilities and features. You need to ensure that the accounting software you choose can handle the data volume and user loads as your business grows without compromising on speed and efficiency.

Comparison of Software Similar to Tally

Here is a comparison of apps like Tally in terms of integration with third-party applications, fixed assets management, project accounting, multi-currency support, and more.

What Type of Users are Looking for Tally Alternatives?

Drawbacks like poor user interface and limited cloud-based capabilities are a few reasons why people are looking for accounting software like Tally:

  • Small and Medium-Sized Business Enterprises: Small and medium-sized businesses are looking for a substitute for Tally as most of them find its UI less appealing and outdated than its counterparts.
  • Retailers and Traders: Retailing and trading companies use accounting software to manage inventory, track sales, and efficiently handle invoices. Often, they prefer software similar to Tally that will give them access to more advanced features to help them meet their unique accounting and compliance needs that TallyPrime might not fulfil.
  • Accounting Professionals: Accounting professionals go for apps like Tally when they want more advanced features and functionalities to meet their specific accounting needs. They often require specialized tools for complex financial reporting, tax planning, and advanced budgeting and forecasting.
  • Manufacturers: Manufacturers might go for a software better than Tally to get industry-specific features, such as product costing, bill of materials, work order tracking, and more.

Techjockey’s Verdict

Tally is a widely used accounting software known for its user-friendly interface and essential accounting features. It has gained popularity among small and medium-sized businesses seeking efficient financial management solutions.

However, it's important to recognize that Tally might not fit every business' accounting requirement. Some businesses may have more specialized needs, such as advanced inventory management, project accounting, or specific industry compliance features that Tally may not fully cater to.

There are several alternatives to Tally; accounting software like QuickBooks, Xero, and FreshBooks offer different sets of features and functionalities to suit diverse accounting needs. These alternatives provide comprehensive financial reporting, multi-currency support, and seamless integration options to streamline financial operations.

As you consider Tally alternatives, it's crucial to carefully assess your specific accounting needs, business size, and growth plans to make an informed decision. Look for industry-specific features, scalability, data security, customer support, and pricing models to choose the best accounting software that aligns with your business goals and resources.

Author: Kalpana Arya

TallyPrime Alternative FAQs

A. The best Tally alternative for Mac includes QuickBooks, Xero, FreshBooks and Wave Accounting.
A. The best Tally alternative for Windows include Zoho Books, Odoo Accounting, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance, and QuickBooks.
A. Some of the best alternatives to Tally for Linux are NetSuite, FrontAccounting, and Cloud ERP.
A. Cheaper alternatives to Tally include Zoho Books, Vyapar, and ProfitBooks.
A. Busy accounting software is one of the cheapest and best alternatives for Tally. Besides, QuickBooks and FreshBooks are also more affordable accounting tools compared to Tally.
A. GnuCash, ERPNext and Akaunting are some of the best free Tally alternative. There accounting software are not only free but also open-source.
A. Marg ERP and Busy are the most common accounting software used instead of Tally as they are more affordable than user friendly.
A. Tally is a simple and powerful accounting solution. However, there are many accountings software like QuickBooks and AlignBooks which are better than Tally in terms of versatility, customization and interface.
A. Yes, Tally is still useful as it is used by hundreds of thousands of people in india for POS billing and accounting.
A. No, Excel is a spreadsheet used to organize and record data while Tally is an accounting software. You can't use Excel instead of Tally.
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