10 Best Recruitment CRM for Candidate Relationship Management

| August 30, 2021

updated on August 31, 2021 at 10:43 am

Recruitment CRM


Recruitment is a vital part of an organization’s growth and success. Finding the right talent for a job profile in time can ensure that you can reach your organizational goals quickly.

However, ineffective hiring processes can be a big challenge for corporate recruiters and recruitment agencies. There can be many reasons for this, including inadequate talent pool, an inefficient collaboration between the recruiting staff, poor candidate management, lengthy and inefficient hiring steps, among others.

recruitment tools

The solution to all these hiring issues lies with the recruitment CRM (candidate relationship management) that helps analyze and optimize an organization’s hiring strategies. The software streamlines candidate management ensures higher engagement with proper management of every step.

What is Recruitment CRM?

Recruitment CRM software enables hiring professionals to streamline the hiring process, build relationships with the job candidates and create a talent pool. It ensures faster and effective hiring.

By creating personalized hiring experiences for candidates, recruitment CRM helps build a good image of the company. This helps in attracting the best talent for different openings within your organization.

In addition, with efficient candidate relationship management, recruitment CRM assists in creating an effective talent pool for your organization.

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How Does Recruitment CRM Software Help?

Recruitment CRM tools help create, manage, and improve relationships between the recruiting team and the potential candidates for different job roles. This way, you can attract top talent and help them in onboarding easily.

With recruitment CRM tools, organizations can post openings across different job boards and gain useful insights. A talent pipeline is built with current applicants, potential candidates, and applicants who previously applied for a role. All the information is present in a centralized database.

Recruitment CRM tools ensure that there is timely and personalized communication with each candidate shortlisted for a role. You can track and streamline every step of the hiring process. Everything is automated, and you receive real-time reports to improve your hiring strategy.

Importance of Recruitment CRM Software

Recruitment CRM Software is vital to attract, engage, and nurture top talent suited for your organization.

 10 Best Recruitment CRM Tools for Candidate Relationship Management
  • Saves Hiring Time

Processes like resume parsing, email communication with candidates, etc., are automated with recruitment CRM to save time. The candidates are categorized based on their education, skills, product knowledge, experience level, and so on. You can fill jobs faster by sourcing talent through different online job portals, recruitment events, and more. 

  • Effective Collaboration

Recruitment CRM helps ineffective internal and external communication. Your hiring team has access to all the up-to-date data in one place, and they can easily search any detail of a candidate. So, anyone on the team can easily communicate with a candidate.

This prevents any confusion among team members. You can also send automated branded communications tailored to relevant talent segments.

  • Be Future Ready

Recruitment CRM helps to hire professionals to create a talent pipeline proactively. Based on the analytics, it can also predict your future hiring needs. As a result, you can assess your strengths and weaknesses and create a more qualified workforce.

This means that you already have a list of candidates with a desired set of skills and speed up hiring. In addition, you don’t have to perform resume screening for hundreds of new candidates, as the talent pool is already created.

  • Encourage Your Employees for Referrals

A recruitment CRM solution allows your employees to provide referrals. As a result, you can get skilled candidates faster, as the existing employees know the organization’s culture and expectations.

Also, internal talent communities in recruitment CRM help the existing employees in climbing up the corporate level based on their interests and existing skills.

Such communities make your employees more inclined to learn new skills and work well for the company. This is also beneficial for the company as reskilling is more cost-effective than re-hiring.

  • Ensures Effective Hiring Strategy

Recruitment CRM software has different marketing assessment tools that can track the performance of your hiring campaigns on social media and job portals.

This helps in analyzing the issues in the current hiring process. In addition, many recruitment CRMs provide recommendations on how to improve your current recruitment strategy to gain the best results.

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10 Best Recruitment CRM for Small Business in 2021

  1. TalentLyft
  2. Beamery
  3. Zoho Recruit
  4. Vincere
  5. Avature
  6. SmashFly
  7. Talemetry
  8. Jibe
  9. Yello
  10. SmartCRM

Let’s compare the best CRM for recruitment in terms of features and pricing.

  • TalentLyft


TalentLyft lets businesses hire the best candidates by connecting quickly with passive and active job seekers. You can use an omni-channel approach by reaching out to candidates through professional networks, social media, referral programs, job boards, and more.

This crm for recruitmnet provides a platform to track candidates throughout the hiring journey. TalentLyft Pro plan also has a dedicated account manager, automation of workflows, self-scheduling of meetings, multiple recruiting, and pool pipeline.

TalentLyft Features 

  • Branded careers page
  • Job boards syndication for broadcasting vacancies
  • Reporting to discover bottlenecks in hiring
  • Auto-disqualification of undesired candidates
  • Unlimited users and talent pools to group candidates for hiring
  • Employee referral program for quick hiring
  • GDPR compliance to protect candidate data
  • Chrome sourcing extension

TalentLyft Pricing: Free trial is available for 14 days. You can get a starter or pro plan. The pricing of monthly/ annual subscriptions depends on the number of active jobs and candidates.

  • Beamery

Beamery lets companies create an employer brand and recruit qualified talent with efficient processes across different channels in various languages. In addition, job opportunities can be personalized for individuals based on their intent, skills, career paths, etc.

You can also connect with your existing employees to improve the number of referrals and internal applications. Moreover, organizations receive advice on evolving their strategies for recruitment.

Beamery Features

  • Branded landing pages and email templates
  • AI-based automation to personalize candidate experiences
  • Dynamic talent network forms
  • Tracking core of skills of existing employees for internal hiring
  • Automatic surveys
  • Conversion reporting from recruitment events

Beamery Pricing: Pricing is available on request at techjockey.com.  

  • Zoho Recruit Software

Zoho Recruit Software

Zoho Recruit is a cloud-based software that takes care of the end-to-end hiring process for corporate HRs in organizations, temporary workforce, and staffing agencies. In addition, Zoho CRM recruitment software lets you customize your careers page to suit your brand.

You can ensure hassle-free scheduling for different clients and jobs. Other features of Zoho Recruit Software include background checks, invoice generation, timesheets, offer letter templates, and so on.

Zoho Recruit Features

  • Dashboards for tracking candidates
  • Tailored company-based resume templates
  • Premium job boards for posting jobs globally
  • Auto responders for quick replies to candidates/ contacts
  • Video interviews
  • Integration with Zoho Apps, Google, and MS Outlook

Zoho Recruit Pricing: Free trial is available for 15 days. The basic paid plan is priced at INR 1250 per user every month, billed annually.

  • Vincere CRM

Vincere CRM helps recruitment and staffing agencies complete placements faster. All jobs, applications, candidates, placements are present on a single page for complete visibility. 

You can shortlist candidates for quick assignments based on their location via Geo-Search. The recruitment crm software automates hiring tasks like resume parsing, compliance, onboarding, and more. Teams can collaborate in real-time with VinnyChat, which supports multiple languages. 

Vincere Recruit CRM Features 

  • Automatch candidates to jobs
  • Interview scheduling too
  • E-signature integration
  • Update candidate status in bulk
  • Custom onboarding fields
  • Email and calendar integration
  • Country specific compliance (including GDPR compliance tracking)

Vincere Pricing: Available on request at techjockey.com. You can also request a demo.

  • Avature

top 10 recruiting tools

Avature recruitment management software allows companies to create several portals with advanced personalization. In addition, AI algorithms recommend qualified candidates automatically so that you are never short of choices. 

Built-in analytics tool allows you to keep track of your campaign postings on social media. You can easily integrate with applicant tracking systems (ATS), SMS providers, job boards, and more from different vendors. Avature app for recruitment enables the check-in of a high volume of attendees during recruitment events. 

Avature Features 

  • Waiting room for live video interviews
  • CV parsing for data extraction
  • Customizable email templates for marketing
  • Video Interview
  • Calendar and scheduling

Avature Recruiting Tool Pricing: Available on request at techjockey.com.

  • SmashFly

SmashFly uses an AI recommendation engine to rank internal and external candidates based on job match, brand engagement, and so on. As a result, you can create internal talent pipelines and campaigns with better efficiency.

There is complete visibility through unbiased reporting, which helps companies get a prediction of their hiring needs. You can also have assessments to qualify hires bias-free with this hiring tool.

SmashFly CRM Features

  • Drag and drop template builder for campaigns
  • Tracking employee referrals
  • User-personalized dashboard
  • Instant insights
  • AI chat assistant
  • Smart list segmentation

SmashFly Pricing: Available on request at techjockey.com. You can also request a demo.

  • Talemetry

candidate sourcing tools

Talemetry allows organizations to automate and optimize their processes for attracting the best talent. In addition, it integrates with Google Cloud Talent to give you useful job search results.

Job postings get distributed automatically to different job boards, agency partners, among others. These postings are done based on job attributes. As a result, you have clear performance metrics for different channels, programs, and so on.

Telemetry Recruitment CRM Features

  • Resume and social profile information extraction
  • Automatic grouping of candidates
  • Multilingual career site
  • In-built HRIS integrations
  • Connecting with candidates on text, email, web
  • ADA and WCAG 2.1 level AA compliance
  • Analytics to track marketing success

Telemetry Pricing: The pricing packages are customizable and available on request at techjockey.com.

  • Jibe Recruitment Software

Jibe enables its clients to quickly post job requirements on different channels and track them easily. In addition, it supports Google’s Cloud Talent solution and has tools to build a large network of possible candidates with quality talent.

You can run automated marketing campaigns and plan recruitment strategies accordingly. Job seekers can apply for different job postings by submitting applications via any device, including tablets and smartphones.

Jibe Recruitment Software Features

  • Custom career sites
  • Large talent pipelines
  • Employee referrals
  • Tracking job postings
  • Branded email templates
  • Real-time summary of applicant conversion rates

Jibe Software Pricing: You can request a demo and get a custom quote at techjockey.com.

  • Yello

Recruitment CRM Tools

Yello software helps in ensuring better candidate engagement and reduces the hiring time. You can search for candidates within a radius of your location. It helps narrow your search using global and personal search history. Recruiting teams can collaborate and track talent easily.

Yello recruitment tool allows you to create a talent pipeline to reduce the stress of future hiring needs. With pipeline visualizations, surveys of candidates, and other engagement metrics, you can make better decisions.

Yello Recruitment Tool Features

  • Actionable dashboards 
  • Source channel tracking 
  • Advanced Boolean search 
  • Auto-categorization and tagging 
  • Segmented candidate outreach 
  • Notes and activity logging 
  • Automated follow-up 
  • Candidate resume preview 

Yello Pricing: You can request a demo and pricing details at techjockey.com.

  • SmartCRM

SmartCRM ensures that organizations are always ready to hire employees quickly for different job roles by maintaining an active talent pipeline. In addition, there are add-on modules to build talent communities and manage them.

The talent pools can be based on the skill sets of individuals, your hiring needs, and so on. You can also create custom mobile and web landing pages with embedded lead capture forms.

In addition, the SmartCRM recruiting app lets you connect with potential candidates on the go.

SmartCRM Features

  • One-click apply process 
  • Scheduling follow-up interviews 
  • Tracking interviews and scorecards 
  • Integrated email campaigns 
  • Offer letters with e-signs 
  • Cross-channel marketing tools for recruitment 
  • Talent pools 
  • Compliance 

SmartCRM Pricing: Pricing and demo available on request at techjockey.com.


  1. What are the key features of recruitment CRM software?

    A recruitment CRM software must have a user-friendly interface. Key features of a recruitment CRM software are automation of repetitive recruitment tasks, efficient searching processes, creating a talent pipeline, screening and shortlisting candidates, analytics dashboard, and reporting, among others.

    It should also be compliant with corporate employee regulations and support easy integration with social media and job portals.

  2. What are the benefits of using recruitment CRM software?

    Recruitment CRM software can benefit HR professionals by saving time and automating repetitive hiring tasks. In addition, it can help in building and nurturing candidate relationships easily.

    You can timely communicate with team members as well as current/ potential applicants. The software provides real-time insights through built-in analytics tools about ways to improve your hiring process.

  3. What's the purpose of recruitment CRM tools?

    The purpose of recruitment CRM tools is to streamline recruiting processes, ensure centralized data management, and nurture candidate relationships. This saves the time of recruiters so that they can ensure faster recruitment of suitable candidates.

  4. What's the difference between ATS CRM Recruitment vs. Recruitment CRM Tools?

    ATS manages current applicants to hire. Apart from current applicants, the recruitment CRM tool also includes the pool of passive candidates for future hiring and old applicants in the system.




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