Rapport Building: The First Step to Being a Great Manager

HR & Payroll Software

HR & Payroll Software

“Why Isn’t my team responding positively to my suggestions?”

A question which hovers in the mind of newly-appointed HR managers quite often.

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A compelling mission and a promising project seem trivial if support of the team is lacking. Some managers even get into an informal agreement with team members and prefer to stay away from micro-managing every task.

And yet, with all this, they seem struggling with the execution of ideas and fail to get desired results.

While adopting every trick in the book to bring team members in sync with their ideas, managers forget one important thing – Building rapport.

HR & Payroll SoftwareWhy is rapport building important?

Just like good relations with people around you help in shaping life as a whole, a healthy rapport with team members can improve the overall team’s productivity. Rapport building with team members also ensures that they will work cohesively towards utilizing their strengths and delivering results.

It may seem like an easy task in the beginning but forging healthy work relationship with team members demands conviction. If you dig a little deeper, you may realise that investing team members in your directives requires conscious efforts. And, rather than settling down with superficial techniques like making small talks with your team members, you need to adopt the steps towards building rapport in the larger scheme of things.

Get to Know the Other Person

As humans, we can hold grudges or be stubborn on our stance sometimes. If you want to win the support and influence your team members, remember to let go of these feelings. Take out some time and get to know your team members. Move over the superficial renderings of welcoming gestures and short talks. Rather than asking “how’s it going” for the sake of it, take efforts to know the other person in real. Try to connect with them outside the context of work, and you will be surprised to know what your team members can accomplish. While some may be bestowed with persuasive skills others exude the go-getter approach.

In the world of tech advancement, corporate leaders can undoubtedly rely on HR & payroll software to know the other person in the team in better ways. Take for instance HR Mantra’s HR & payroll software. This is world’s most powerful HR & payroll software which helps managers get to know about their team members through the centralized ESS portal. The Get Social feature of HR Mantra’s mobile app further helps corporate leaders create informal groups with their subordinates to stay connected, post ideas, and have discussions.

HR & Payroll SoftwareEmpathise

Empathy helps managers react smartly in difficult situations. Empathy comes when a manager understands that every employee needs to be handled differently, depending upon their personality styles and behaviour preferences. Empathy need not be confused with sympathy where it’s more about developing a level of understanding with clients.

In a problem scenario, always listen to your team members and try finding a way out to improve and learn from current mistakes. When you assume a positive intent and approach a problem differently, it’s easy to build that connect with team members.

Show You Care

If you are an NBA fan, you must be knowing about the records that the Golden State Warriors team has roped in over the years. While we are all talking about the outstanding performance of this basketball team, his coach Steve Kerr cannot go unnoticed. He has set the perfect example of leadership over the years, and one such incidence is when he hopped on a flight to meet every member of the team individually. His efforts to reach out and try to know every team member individually was acknowledged well and get their buy in to a new system he was planning to implement in the team.

You don’t have to be an NBA coach to perform exemplary feat as a leader. By simply taking steps that show you care for the team will do wonders. Conduct T3 B3 (Top 3, Bottom 3) sessions in Uber’s style with your team where you let every person speak their mind. Be open to suggestions, and don’t hesitate to ask the team about ways to improve.

By simply paying heed to their perspective, you would delight your team and stand out from the rest.

Establish Credibility

You can establish credibility as a leader not because of your past titles but because of your demeanour in the present. You need to establish consistency of performance and be always ready to roll up your sleeves and inspire others. Only when you have the reputation of getting things done and staying true to your words, you can earn respect and establish your credibility.

Also, you need to be consistent in terms of approach: How you operate, how you build the team, and how you get things done. All these factors determine how your leadership is presumed and accepted by your team.

Engage in Conflict Resolution

Effective managers are also known for their approach to conflict resolution: How they adopt clarity in problem solving and involve their team members to bring in different perspectives. Managers like this make conflict appear small by breaking it into stages and handling it sequentially. They also turn conflicts into an opportunity to forge relationships and bring the team together for suggestions and recommendations.

Also, praiseworthy managers need to be mindful of doing right things and exercise right judgement. However, there may come a time when making trade-offs is important to bring in new opportunities for the team in the long run. But, there should be no hidden motives or agendas!


Like any other new concept, rapport building also requires consistent efforts with learnings and re-learnings. Managers need to follow up and practice to make rapport building a habit. Getting to know about every levels of the team and keep it encouraged towards the common goal is the true sign of a leader.

Adopt all these strategies to be in good terms with your team members. Also, make the most of technological aids like HR & payroll software to bring positive change. HR payroll software is an inevitable part of all thriving organizations which consider employees as the core of their growth initiatives.


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