How to Improve Weekly Sales Meetings? Here Are 5 Ways

Sales Meetings

Sales Meetings“Sales meetings are so much fun.”

Said no one ever.

Sales meetings are an essential part of any organisation’s sales department. It is also a time of the week that most sales reps dread. Sales meetings often tend to run long, and if they are boring by any chance, you can be sure of a few sleepy employees in the room.

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As a manager, you must find the balance between professional behaviour and fun, to keep your employees on their toes during sales meetings. Failure to do so will prevent your sales meetings from being a productive discussion among the team.

Today, we will help you make weekly sales meetings great again, with five easy tips.

Do Something Unexpected

The primary reason why employees dislike sales meeting is the monotony. Every company has at least one sales meeting a week, and they tend to follow the same pattern:

• Everyone gathers

• Boss screams about numbers

• Bad performers are yelled at

• Targets are stated

Honestly, it sounds boring reading out loud, so imagine when people have to sit through it.

To break out of this monotony, consider shaking things up a little and doing something unexpected.

Hold the meeting at a restaurant over breakfast or lunch. Alternatively, you can conduct the meeting in Gurukul style: outside in nature and under a tree.

Breaking out of old habits will not only help in engaging your team members more, but also give you valuable inputs. A change in environment coupled with relaxation can often cause an outpour of creativity.

Use Visuals

Using visuals, you can convey complex information to your team. With images, videos, charts, graphs, GIFs, etc. you create an opportunity to uncomplicate information while ensuring greater audience engagement.

Visual representation is more effective in conveying information. And, it also helps in memory retention. Studies conducted on this showed that people only remember 10 percent of information after three days, when it’s presented through writing or hearing means. However, if that information is displayed as an image or through other visual means, the same group of people remembered up to 65 percent of information three days later. Additionally, 90 percent of all data transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than regular text, by the brain.

Open the Floor to an Influencer

At most sales meetings, managers and a few team members are the only ones who talk while everyone else struggles to keep their eyes open. Get an industry-specific influencer to speak with your team members and add some spice to your meetings.

Influencers, as their name suggests, come with valuable knowledge and are upheld members of that industry. An influencer can share his/her viewpoint and give ideas to improve the sales process. Influencers can also have advice on where things are going wrong and can provide some crucial advice on how to correct them.

Conduct Fun Icebreakers

Icebreakers before a meeting, are a unique way of getting everyone relaxed before a meeting. Icebreakers are also useful as a team-building activity because you get to know a little bit more about your co-workers.

Simple icebreakers for any office can be:

1. Play a game of ‘Never Have I Ever.’

If you’re unfamiliar with this game, ‘Never Have I Ever’ involves a group of people and someone has to say the phrase ‘Never Have I Ever’ followed by a real-life scenario. The folks who have been through such a situation need to take a sip of a beverage in front of them. For offices, you can play this game with a cup of coffee placed in front of each member. The game solves two purposes: a) it is fun and interactive, and b) you get to know more about your team members and the life they have lived.

2. Share a life goal

For more serious meeting rooms, a manager can ask everyone to share a life goal that they would like to achieve. Notice that we have mentioned ‘life goal’ and not ‘career goal’. It will help you find shades in your employee that you never knew they had.

3. Charades

Charades is a fun game where someone is handed a piece of paper containing the name of a celebrity, movie, sports star, book, etc. This person must act out this name and get the rest of the room to guess who or what they are portraying. Part fun and part competitive, charades will get your team psyched for the meeting and leave its members hoping for more.

Keep Meetings Brief and To-The-Point

If you don’t want droopy eyes and fidgeting employees in your meetings, consider shortening it down. A lot of meetings go on for so long, that to the attendees feel like seasons have passed. Sure, you may have much information to share, but if your meeting drags on, it will become counter-productive.

Isolate the vital parts of your agenda and discuss them at your weekly meeting. Anything that has to be communicated to the team but doesn’t need to be discussed, can be shared through e-mails. This will save you precious time during meetings and help in keeping it crisp and to the point.

These five ways will make your sales meetings more productive. Do something unexpected, use visuals, bring an influencer, conduct icebreakers and keep meetings brief to make your sale meetings exciting and your team’s spirit high.


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