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36 Best Gym Management Software in 2021

What is Gym Management Software?

Gym management software for the fitness industry provides the ability to manage memberships, inventory and schedules. The basic features of gym management systems include membership details, financial records, inventory management, and class schedule.

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Editor's Choice


By Your Digital Lift

(4 reviews)

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

YDL (Your Digital Lift) is a gym and club management software that helps gym trainers, yoga instructors, physiotherapi... Read More About YourDigitalLift
Live Streaming Staff Management Expenses Management +15 More


By AdviceFit

(3 reviews)

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

AdviceFit is a cloud-based Gym management software that aims to digitize multiple key components with a fitness center,... Read More About AdviceFit
Attendance Management Biometric Integration Filter & download reports +23 More


By GymVale

(2 reviews)

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

Gym managment app For Your Fitness Center

GymVale is a comprehensive gym management application for fitness clubs and associations that helps them acquire new le... Read More About GymVale
Balance Sheet Online Payment Multiple Gym Management +16 More
Easy Gym Software

Easy Gym Software

By 13DesignStreet

(8 reviews)

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

Easy Gym Software is an extensive online gym management system. The software is 100% customisable and provides appropri... Read More About Easy Gym Software
Diet Plan Management Workout Plan Management Alerts to Admin & Clients +11 More

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Okfit Gym Software

Okfit Gym Software

By Aerobit

(5 reviews)

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

Okfit is a gym management system that provides modules (boosters) to grow your fitness business. These boosters help wi... Read More About Okfit Gym Software
Billing and Invoicing Mobile App Email Integration +18 More
Global Gym Software

Global Gym Software

By Global Gym Software

(18 reviews)

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

Global Gym Management Software helps in the supervision of all the gym-related activities with a single platform. This... Read More About Global Gym Software
Mobile Application Security Notification Access Control +22 More
Jivine Gym Management Software

Jivine Gym Management Software

By Jivine

(2 reviews)

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

Jivine Gym Management System aids gym owners to supervise all the gym-related gym-related activities. The gym manageme... Read More About Jivine Gym Management Software
Alert Membership Management Loyalty Management +12 More
Traqade GYM & Club Management Software

Traqade GYM & Club Management Software

By Gympik

(5 reviews)

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

Traqade is a leading gym membership software for the fitness industry and is powered by Gympik. The software also boost... Read More About Traqade GYM & Club Management Software
Staff Management Reports Member Management +18 More

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Lyfo Gym Management Software

Lyfo Gym Management Software

By Lyfo

(1 reviews)

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

Lyfo Gym Software is designed to supervise all the gym-related activities. It helps in trouble-free maintenance of dai... Read More About Lyfo Gym Management Software
Membership Management Billing and Invoicing Biometric +9 More


By Gymate

(3 reviews)


Gymate | Cloud Gym Software is designed after consulting with fitness industry experts and in depth research on day to d... Read More About Gymate
Mobile Application Security Membership Management Follow up +16 More
Membroz Gym Management Software
Membroz brings us a user-friendly gym software that systematizes your business and boosts revenue without taking out you... Read More About Membroz Gym Management Software
Gym Management Fitness/Gym/Yoga Center Management Membership Management +8 More
GGMS-Gayatri Gym Management Software

GGMS-Gayatri Gym Management Software

By Gayatri Software

(6 reviews)

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

G-GMS is a robust yet cost-effective fitness management software by Gayatri Software. The application has been redesigne... Read More About GGMS-Gayatri Gym Management Software
Biometric Attendance Management Alert +10 More

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Club360 Gym Management Software
Club360° Pro is a club, fitness management software. One can keep records of the members, their memberships, and have q... Read More About Club360 Gym Management Software
Membership Management Renewal Management Enquiry Management +7 More
Meshink Gym Management Software

Meshink Gym Management Software

By Indian Mesh

(3 reviews)

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

Meshink gym management software is powered by artificial intelligence that assists in managing fitness centers. The sof... Read More About Meshink Gym Management Software
Staff Management Reporting & Analytics Diet Plan Management +20 More


By Techquadra


TechGym is one of the best gym management system that takes care of various marketing needs and encourages you to reach... Read More About TechGym
Attendance Management Billing and Invoicing Analytics & Reporting +4 More


By Bodybannao

(1 reviews)


BodyBannao is a gym management software to streamline daily operations at your gym or the fitness club. It keeps everyt... Read More About Bodybannao
Marketing Management Promotional Offers Integration +7 More

Top Products

Fitness NU

Fitness NU

By RootCode Technologies

(5 reviews)

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

Fitness NU is a gym management software designed to streamline daily activities at a fitness studio/club. It is design... Read More About Fitness NU
Online Training Slot Booking Free Trial Management +25 More


By KalkaSoft

(3 reviews)


Healthdeks is a fitness management software and it priovides first-class service to every single Gym member, be it a Wal... Read More About HealthDESK
Biometric Attendance Management Membership Management +5 More
VFitnessClub is a gym management software that meets all the requirements for a successful gym-related operation. This... Read More About VFitnessClub
Package Management Activity Management Inventory +6 More
HealthRaja Gym Software

HealthRaja Gym Software

By HealthRaja

(1 reviews)

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

HealthRaja Gym Software is a cloud-based gym management software, featuring a variety of tools and services to help gym... Read More About HealthRaja Gym Software
Anywhere, Anytime Access Save Time Discount & Taxes Handling +19 More

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Last Updated on : 24 Oct, 2021

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Gym Management Software Reviews


Gold's Gym Sirsa

review for YourDigitalLift


"EASY TO USE. Great Support team including the marketing team (Sanna etc.) value for money"

See All YourDigitalLift Reviews


Mirza Beig

review for GymVale


"Free SMS send to my clinte payment reminder add mulltiple members attandance workout plan"

See All GymVale Reviews


Gurmeet Kaur

review for Easy Gym Software


"This software is very much easy to use. Supportive customer team 24/7 available."

See All Easy Gym Software Reviews


Naveen dahiya

review for Okfit Gym Software


"A fast reliable service. Everything has worked perfectly from day one .Excellent value for money."

See All Okfit Gym Software Reviews


Garima Pandey

review for Global Gym Software


"Good Software in my Budget with low renewal charge. Working very good with ESSL access control or on expire membership door will lock automatically "

See All Global Gym Software Reviews

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Club Management Software|

Buyer's Guide for Top Gym Management Software

Found our list of Gym Management Software helpful? We’re here to help you make the right choice and automate your business processes. Let’s discover some of the essential factors that you must consider to make a smarter decision!

What is Gym Management System?

A gym management software is designed for managing gyms and fitness studio member's records and details. With such information in hand, it becomes easier for a gym manager to render quality service to the members such as class scheduling, booking & appointments, reservation. Therefore, it is also known as fitness studio software & health club management software. A gym software consists of multiple modules namely, member management, accounting, billing, marketing, study & training material, and many more.
To be specific- the best gym software solution is one that helps a gym owner in delivering the best training experience with hassle-free execution of administrative work.

How does Gym ERP Help

Gym ERP helps to fitness manager and gym manager: The manual manner of doing business will take you nowhere in the market, let alone giving you an edge over your competitors. So, every gym owner who wants to manage his or her gym effectively needs this software. In fact, it is more than a gym software. It is a fitness software. It can also be your spa & club software. Therefore, anyone with a fitness studio, giving yoga, dance, aerobics classes and rendering spa-salon service can also deploy this software to manage their business operations.

Why you need a Gym Management System?

A gym management system is a user-friendly gym and fitness management system. It helps you to manage records of your members and their memberships and allows you to communicate easily with all your members. This software can help you in managing the gyms, clubs and fitness studios of all sizes.

Offline and Online Gym Management System

Gym Management System is today’s customer prefers everything online, and a few clicks away. A top gym management software works by leveraging benefits from new technology and makes services accessible to customers within their comfort zone. Also, it facilitates gym owners in providing discounts and offers to active and loyal members. 

The fitness industry is a service-driven industry that calls for gym owners to focus more on members & their needs. So, while you are occupied in assisting your members in taking care of their health, the fitness software is busy helping you. The gym management system makes the task of invoicing and payment seamless. It facilitates secured processing of payment via online payment gateways or through debit/credit/master cards. Gym software also supports the creation and management of workout plans and diet charts for the members. All in all, any fitness owner who wants the gym & fitness classes business to grow while giving customers the best service experience, needs a gym management software.

Modules of Gym Management Software for Fitness Clubs

Gym Membership Software

A gym membership software system helps in growing your customer base by giving them a satisfactory experience. The world is becoming digital, and gym management solution allows members to sign up for fitness service online. Additionally, they can choose from one of your fitness packages, agree to its terms and conditions and make the payment online. A gym owner can record all the details of members in a paperless manner and manage those easily using the software. You will be provided with the member's image, name, account status, attendance sheet, upcoming bookings, at a glance. You have all the information about members, such as if they are monthly users or quarterly users. Accordingly, you can notify them about promotional offers or discounts. Also, you can send them reminders related to any amount outstanding or if their membership needs renewal.

Gym Billing Software

The gym billing software (Gym Pos) in India has made the billing process simple. You now get paid on time with gym software’s automated payment system and reminders. Your members have to just sign-in on the web portal and make the payment via a secured gateway. They can either renew their existing package or switch to a new one. Comprehensive billing allows the chances of reducing bad debts of your business. Timely reminders are sent to the members automatically and in case of failed transactions, an attempt of recollection is made. Further, you can have tailor-made billing settings where you can set billing day & frequency for each customer and set the failed transaction fee.

Gym Accounting Software

Integrate your business accounting software with a top gym software to take the burden off from the shoulders of the accounting department. For managing the monthly subscription of members, fitness-related equipment purchases and training fees, you need a proper gym accounting solution. The accounting module helps you to record other business expenses. Also, you can keep track of your overall incomes, profit/loss, taxes, and other business transactions.

Online Gym Marketing System For Grow Your Gym Membership

A top gym management software will give you the benefit of marketing as well. Its automated marketing tools will help you in connecting with current as well as new members. As discussed above, the gym software solution lets you award gift cards, discounts, vouchers, and other benefits to your dedicated gym members through loyalty programs. You can send promotional offers via social media, automated emails, and SMS. Further, you can develop a long-term bond by sending automatic personal messages regularly. And, you can make one’s day special by wishing a happy birthday or anniversary. The marketing module will further help you in personalizing the message by addressing it in the ‘first name’ or targeting only those people that have opted for your exclusive package.

Gym CRM Software Web-integration for Customer Relationship

Most popular gym management software comes with powerful integration capabilities with third-party software. Integration with third-party software such as CRM, accounting, HRMS, social media, payment gateways, communication software, makes it easier to manage gym and fitness studio’s operations. Also, most gym management software supports mobile optimization. You can seek benefits of the software features in the form of an on-the-go mobile app as well.

Task Management Software and Training Material

A gym management system improves the efficiency of trainers and staff by providing them with training material. The in-built training material also contains a diet chart and workout plans, which are useful for customers. In fact, the study material consisting of different yoga posture, and other healthy tips can be shared with gym members. For instance, you can share study materials like ‘food that can help you get rid of obesity’ with your gym members. You can also suggest the right sitting postures to working members to avoid belly fat.

Features of Gym Management Software For Fitness Studio

Online Gym Signups

Reduce the workload of your admin staff by automating the signup process. Give clients the freedom to register online, check class schedules, and make payments. By permitting your clients to undertake transactions online, not only you will be reducing your staff’s burden but make things flexible for members. You can let your gym members book for the one-day gym trial. They can also register for the upcoming Pilate session at the studio. Additionally, you can go paperless by generating forms and contracts online. Give members the option of online payment by integrating with secured payment portals. It will be helpful in reducing the workload of your staff w.r.t keeping track of membership renewals.

24 Hour Gym Management Software

Go mobile with gym software. You don’t have to be at the front desk all the time as you can manage the gym business on the move. Administrative tasks like payment received from members can be performed from anywhere, anytime. If you are online, you can be connected to your clients every time. Personal trainers often complain that they are not able to meet the demand of their clients on time. With mobile gym software, distance & time will not be a problem. So, now if your client asks for a second opinion on his or her afternoon diet, you can give a prompt reply.

Online Gym Booking Software

A gym management system has made things simple and easy for members as well as staff. Members can use a website or mobile application to manage their class schedules. They can book classes online. Other services like making an appointment for a workshop or a PT session, canceling a class booking, renewing membership, updating personal details are just a matter of a few clicks. Whether you are own a gym that renders multiple services like spa, pool, massage or just a fitness center specializing in yoga and aerobics– gym management software can make online booking possible.

Gym Membership Software for Members Self Service

Gym check-in software: Your members will certainly enjoy if they could have things under their control. From doing online sign-up to booking classes, checking in, checking out, a fitness club management software will facilitate with member self-service. A top gym check-in software provides creative check-in tools that allow your clients to self-check-in using their smartphone or other devices. If your gym provides other services like a food court, members can enjoy easy access to healthy food and beverages. This feature works in the same manner as pre-booking a meal before boarding the flight.

Gym Online and Digital Workout

The digital workout feature is preferred by clients. Using this, your members can connect with you wherever and whenever. This feature will also help you in making the workout routine more flexible by allowing you to train members from a distance and giving them a satisfactory experience. You can optimize workout plans by adding an element of fun to them. Gym apps provide gamification features. You can set a fitness target for clients which will not only keep them engaged but motivate them to exercise in order to achieve that goal. The goal can be in the form of a challenge, points or rewards. Further, the digital feature gives you an opportunity to provide your members with feedback in real-time. For instance, if they are having a hard time losing weight, you can send them motivational feedback.

Advantages of Gym Management Software

Manage Activities Smoothly

From joining the fitness center to on-boarding, check-in, receiving payment, everything is easily facilitated by the best gym management software. There is no more overlapping of the class schedule. A calendar is properly managed with every activity planned beforehand. Multiple activities like yoga, gym training, dance, aerobics, are synchronized to prevent overlapping and encourage maximum participation.

Retain the Members

As discussed above, a gym membership management system helps in promotion and marketing. It allows you to send rewards and offers to active, regular and loyal clients. This way, it ensures that your members stay with you for a long time. Also, the ease that a fitness club management software provides such as online booking, online sign-up doesn’t let members go anywhere.

Grow Your Business

Top gym management solutions in India come with the feature of reporting and analysis. This tool can be judiciously used to grow the fitness business. Analysis of data collected regarding consumer’s nature and behavior can help you in the expansion of your business. Let’s say you used it as salon software and collected information about members using your salon service. You analyzed there are plenty of members who have subscribed for the respective service and due to the limited number of salon professionals, the waiting time for customers has increased. Accordingly, you can decide on hiring more employees for the respective service.

Acquire New Clients

A fitness software gives a gym competitive edge. You and your staff members are able to execute the tasks seamlessly, thereby, improving profits. As talked about in the above point, a gym system helps in growing your business. Eventually, that opens the door for new members. Let’s say your gym is expanding the business in healthcare by organizing sessions of dietician, nutrition, then you must expect healthcare appointments beside gym membership. Moreover, the automatic marketing features not only lets you retain your existing members but act as an invitation for new members by giving them captivating discount offers.

Things To Be Consider Before Buying Gym Fitness Software

  • It Should Be Install Existing System
  • Compatibility, Stability & Reliability, Credibility
  • Functionality
  • Price
  • User Friendliness, UI, Ux
  • Customer Proof
  • Number Of Features
  • Integration With Existing Tools
  • Customer Support like What Kind Of Support Do They Offer
  • How It Benefits Your Customers
  • Referrals
  • Software Company Prepared To Fix Bugs
  • Any Push Updates
  • The System Customizable Enough To Meet Your Needs
  • What Kind Of Security Does The Software Provide
  • Always Check The Service Level Agreement
  • Exit Strategy Like Make Sure Application Can Get Your Data Out
  • Run A Security Audit
  • Clearly Define Current Needs And Future Requirements

Ask Gym Management Software Free Demo

Most gym management software vendors provide with ‘free trial’ and ‘demo’ options, and it is important to use them. You will know about the software’s features and modules in detail. Thereby, you will know if the gym system is fit for your gym business or not.

11 Best Gym Management Software in 2021

  1. Easy Gym Software
  2. Okfit
  3. APPToFit
  4. Zen Planner
  5. HealthDESK
  6. Gym Mate
  7. Gymneshia
  8. Jivine
  9. Mink Fit
  10. GymERP
  11. FitnessForce


Gym Management Software Price List In India

Gym Management Software Cost
Best Gym Management Software Price Ratings
YourDigitalLift ₹35400 /Year 4.8
AdviceFit ₹9440 4.6
GymVale ₹5899 5
Easy Gym Software ₹5900 /Year 4.0
Okfit Gym Software ₹590 /month 4.5
Global Gym Software ₹4720 /Year 4.8
Jivine Gym Management Software ₹3540 4.5
Traqade GYM & Club Management Software ₹14160 /Year 4.4
Lyfo Gym Management Software ₹11800 /Year 5
GGMS-Gayatri Gym Management Software ₹14159 /Year 4.6

FAQ iconGym Management Software FAQs

It solely depends upon your requirements. An online cloud-based solution proves to be a cost-effective option due to its pay-as-you-use feature. Also, its unlimited storage capacity allows you to take back-up of complete data. However, if you want to pay in one go while ensuring complete data security, you can opt for any offline fitness software.

  • RhinoFit Free trial Gym Management Software
  • EasyFit
  • GymMaster
  • PushPress
  • PerfectGym
  • Picktime - Online Gym scheduling Software

The name might be gym management software, but most of them are developed to cater to other areas of fitness as well beyond the gym. Its membership management, accounting, billing, automatic integration, and other modules can be used for any fitness center and activity classes.

You can simply get the gym management software customized according to your needs for your fitness studio and health club management.

Being a fitness trainer, you are likely to be passionate about helping your members in leading a healthy life. You would like to help them in achieving their fitness goals. With the use of a gym management software, you can create a personalized work schedule for every gym member. Also, you can track the progress of each client.

When you buy top gym software solution, you and your staff will get training to operate that software. Moreover, you will also be provided with training module and guides for easy navigation. All in all, not much time or resources are demanded by a gym system.

Gym management software vendors help with software installation, employee training, AMC, technical support, system upgrade and a lot more in the name of support.

Not really! Gym software can be integrated with your interactive website easily. That’s not it, a fitness management system can work smoothly with third-party software as well.

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