Top 10 CRM in Telecom Industry: Its Roles & Benefits

Top 10 CRM in Telecom Industry: Its Roles & Benefits-feature image

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is becoming a significant tool for industries like Telecom.


As the technology is expanding, the demand for swift customer service and resolution is gaining ground. Telecom industries, catering to millions of customers every day, need technologies that can make their customer services more reliable and fast.

That’s where CRM comes into the picture. Telecom companies can cater to the needs of their millions of subscribers seamlessly. Moreover, a well-designed CRM in telecom domain would allow users to track customer data and gain valuable insights for long-term business growth.

In this article, we will see some of the best CRM software for the telecom sector. But before that, let’s understand what role CRM plays in the telecom domain.

The Role of CRM in Telecom Industry

Role of CRM in Telecom Industry

CRM in telecom industry makes the overall process of customer service management hassle free.

  • Issue of query ticket: CRM solves one of the basic problems of customer service – the right flow of queries. Issuing trouble tickets, reviewing, singling out, and escalating problems are all part of this process.

  • Better analysis: CRM software provides analytics that helps in getting every aspect of the customer-related plans. This feature also allows companies to find out and target the potential consumer groups, increasing their conversion and retention.

  • Conflict management: Customer care executives can create a case history of every complaint. The case history will contain all the required information, including transaction details and the status of the resolution.

  • Better database management: CRM software helps companies collect, store and analyse customer data. Companies can use this necessary data to serve better.

  • Effective marketing tips: CRM software can provide necessary marketing tips based on customer data. This helps in launching specific campaigns and offering customised services and products.

  • Automated billing cycles and payment updates: By automating billing cycles, companies can receive timely payments. CRM systems also update payments instantly and resume services if required.

  • Workflow management: CRM can provide an effective workflow management mechanism to ensure customers get what they deserve. Companies can even avoid errors and cut customer complaints down the line.

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Major Benefits of CRM in Telecom Industry

Benefits of CRM in Telecom Industry

AS you install telecom CRM or adopt cloud CRM for telecom, you are likely to enjoy all these benefits.

  • Customer management via single tool: CRM helps in user onboarding, establishing improved customer relationships, and handling queries quickly and effortlessly.

  • Higher customer satisfaction: Every customer needs a quick response from its service providers. CRM can fulfil this expectation by automating many processes. Prompt reply, refund processing, feedback collection, etc. are some of such processes.

  • Increased productivity: Since CRM automates many works, companies can focus on better marketing and sales strategies. This will enhance the overall productivity by many folds. Even collaboration between different departments is fluid with CRM.

  • Better communication with customers: Executives can track the right information about any customer instantly and ensure prompt response to their queries.

  • Manage customer contacts across all channels: You can track and manage customer contact details from all possible channels integrated to your telecom CRM solution.

10 Best CRM in Telecom Industry

Here’s the list of 10 best CRM for telecom sector that helps create personalised experiences for customers.

  • Comarch

Comarch CRM in Telecom Industry

Comarch has become a synonym for user-friendliness in providing CRM for Telecoms sectors. Using Comarch CRM, employees can ensure individualized customer interactions across all channels.

Going a step ahead, Comarch makes data retrieval as simple as possible. You can also use it to incorporate personalised items in your offer, enhance your service quality and automate customer inquiries and orders. The user-friendly GUI seamlessly supports daily sales and back-office operations.

In other words, you have a complete 360 degree feedback perspective of the consumers at all times with this CRM in Telecom Industry.

  • Elinext

Considered as one of the best Telecom CRM providers, Elinext is popular for providing enterprise-grade applications. It offers custom telecommunication software development and maintenance solutions. Elinext partners with enterprises of all categories. Among its clients are startups, small businesses, and large corporations.

It works on developing both OSS (Operations Support Systems) and BSS (Business Support Systems). It also specializes in video conferencing platforms, corporate portals, and mobile app development.

Elinext is known for providing advanced features to any business including telecom companies.

  • Creatio


Apart from CRM and process management, Creatio CRM is known for its low-code software as a service (SAAS) solution provider. Being a global leader in this segment, it offers a one-stop solution for workflow automation to companies aiming to leverage better work freedom.

Creatio is an ideal service provider for telecom companies looking to integrate disparate data systems and fragmented systems into a coherent solution to deliver a personalized omnichannel customer experience.

  • Kapture CRM

Kapture CRM is also a SaaS-based, enterprise-grade Customer Support Automation platform. It’s a cloud CRM that makes daily customer operation simple and efficient to meet the increasing demand.

It has multiple features that include customer data management, knowledge management, ticket management, an intelligent chatbot with contextual responses.

With omnichannel support operations, it helps respond to queries instantly received onto a centralised location. Further, API integration and a smart self-service portal help users carry their operations smoothly.

  • SugarCRM


SugarCRM is a cloud-based platform used for account management, sales and marketing automation, and customer relationship management.

SugarCRM offers a wide range of features like a customizable home page, a new-user “wizard” tool for newbies, a shortcut bar, enhanced-view global search functions, and downloadable plug-ins. It gives the freedom to customise the solution based on the company’s needs.

SugarCRM in Telecom integrates seamlessly with multiple third-party systems to streamline the contacts management and help desk ticketing process. The software makes things easier for employees by surfacing information when it is required.

  • Cerillion CRM Plus

Cerillion CRM Plus is an omnichannel CRM platform that integrates every facet of the customer relationship lifecycle for telecoms services.

Cerillion offers a fully integrated suite of functions that allows sales and customer service staff to manage all aspects of the customer lifecycle efficiently. It enhances the customer experience by facilitating high-quality customer service across all the channels.

It includes dealer outlets, online self-service, call centres, and social media platforms. This telecom CRM software ensures integrated workflow management and automated processes while providing a complete audit trail of customer contact activities.

  • LeadSquared


LeadSquared CRM is a pioneering name in consolidated marketing automation and leads conversion platform, headquartered in Bengaluru, India.

It helps B2B & B2C businesses track, manage, and nurture leads seamlessly. It offers services like mobile CRM, sales CRM, marketing automation, integrations, and conversion, all in one platform.

LeadSquared allows you to manage your entire database where you can build your own custom logic. It helps you to increase your closures and manage your pipelines easily. The company has emerged as a de-facto choice for all high-velocity sales organisations.

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  • Salesforce

Salesforce Sales Cloud is one of the best sought-after CRM platforms in the market. Its primary focus on sales and customer connections makes it the most preferred CRM in telecom domain.

Currently, it offers CRM in a SaaS deployment to offer business solutions for all sized enterprises. In addition, it also offers services for data management and workflow automation, with enhanced security.

Salesforce CRM’s other area of expertise includes lead management, marketing automation, and contact management. These applications assist businesses in managing client accounts, tracking sales leads, executing and monitoring marketing efforts, and providing post-sale care.

Salesforce Lightning Experience is an updated CRM version of Sales Cloud that improves the sales process by allowing any sales executive to easily generate and follow-up on customer leads, monitor account activity, track campaign status and create real-time reports.

  • Freshsales


Freshsales CRM provides a complete range of automated solutions for marketing and sales processes. This telecom CRM software can assist users with better lead generation, sophisticated analytics powered by AI, and establishing a better customer relationship. Having said that, it has everything a salesperson needs.

By automating most of the processes, Freshsales gives companies more time to create winning sales strategies. Companies can now streamline the entire sales pipeline, thanks to Freshsales. By using native CPQ, it also streamlines the process of developing and distributing quotes and other critical sales elements.

Marketing teams can use Freshsales Suite to manage customer information, personalise and automate email communications, and find the best possible sales prospects.

  • Oracle NetSuite CRM

NetSuite CRM is a powerful tool to establish customer relationships and manage those with ease. Among its users are telecom companies of all sizes.

Users have access to a constant supply of data at all times and throughout their customer lifecycle. Telecom companies can deliver excellent customer experiences with NetSuite CRM from the early stages of lead management all the way through fulfilment and post-sales support.

Knowledge management tool is an example of one of its aspects. Businesses can use this platform to publish and organise their material, making it easier for customers and employees to discover the documents they need.

NetSuite CRM has strong and advanced operations such as marketing automation, sales force automation, and customer service management in addition to the standard features.

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The Final Words

CRM is fast becoming an integral part of business operation. Looking into its immense potential to solve many of the customer queries and problems, the hype for deploying CRM seems fairly feasible. Moreover, it’s a necessity for sectors like telecom where millions of wide-ranging services are to be offered to the customers.


  1. What can be the requirements of the telecommunication service provider for implementing a CRM tool?

    Telecom service providers need to implement CRM software for sales and marketing management, reporting and analytics, communication with customers, and advanced customer support tools.

  2. What are the core features of CRM in Telecom Industry?

    Top CRM solutions in telecom industry offer a few core features like handling customer queries, handling trouble tickets and ensuring higher customer retention.

  3. What are the advantages of CRM in Telecom Industry?

    Telecom CRM software helps manage customer communication quickly and efficiently. You can also manage customer contacts and run targeted campaigns for lead generation. CRM for telecom allows you to handle hundreds of queries over the call in a day.

  4. What are the some best CRM practices in Telecom Industry?

    CRM initiatives in the telecom industry are driven towards creating personalized relations and building loyalty. With user-friendly CRM software, marketing, sales and customer service representatives can track customer interactions, analyse their behaviour and ensure personalized services.

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