How to Get the Best CRM for Startup?

crm for startups

crm for startups

Startups consider buying CRM software an extra cost or effort when they are comfortable working in the excel sheets. But there are businesses too who understand the importance of a CRM solution and prefer buying one instead of manual work. The problem they face while choosing the software is the dilemma of what to look for in a CRM system or how to evaluate their options.

Are you too a startup struggling with where to begin with or how to make the best choice of a CRM software? We have noted down some of the considerations for you to choose the best CRM to assist you in your software selection process.

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Best CRM for Startup and Small Business in 2019

Business Needs

Before buying a CRM software it is important that you understand the needs of your business. Think what you are trying to accomplish by buying a CRM system like track leads, lead activity and opportunities, store clients’ data, manage relationships, increase profitability, offer better customer service etc. Decide on the software based on your needs.


The cost of CRM system varies greatly. It is completely dependent on factors like the features and the number of users. Fix a budget for buying a CRM solution and choose the one which fits your budget. You can even try a free trial offered by many CRM vendors, to ensure that the money you are paying is worth it.


CRM software has myriad features to help startups manage their customers effectively, but due to numerous features, it becomes difficult to figure out which one exactly fits your business. A good CRM system allows flexibility, is accessible from any device, is user friendly and offers intuitive reporting capabilities. It should also enable lead generation, email marketing, order tracking, sales forecasting, performance tracking, competitor tracking, and creating and storing of sales quote.

Cloud or On-Premises

Another important decision to take before buying a CRM solution is whether you want an on-premises software or a Cloud one. On-premises has a one-time capital cost and additional cost for on-going upgrades, IT maintenance and other support costs. Cloud follows a pay-as-you-go model. So, decide on the one which is more suitable to you. Cloud solutions give anytime anywhere accessibility and can save you from capital expenditure, if that is important for you being a startup.


Being a startup, you might have less employees initially, but few years down the line you may expand and have more employees. So, it is important to check the scalability of your CRM, to ensure it is flexible and grows along with your business. A good CRM should be able to address the new goals and concerns of the business, with the changing business needs.


CRM software should be able to provide mobility to your workforce, and convenience to use in a plethora of devices, from phones to tablets to laptops. Choose a software that is accessible in a variety of devices.


Your CRM should allow room for customization, to make it fit your unique business needs. There are some packages that give you all the features whereas some allow you to choose only those which your business requires. CRM software should also allow using extensions, plugins, themes, templates and add-ons to make it tailored as per your business.


CRM should have stringent security measures to prevent hackers to attack your system and avoid data loss. It should ensure proper backups and means to access your data in case of an outage or cyberattack.

CRM makes your customer relationships better, saves time and increases effectiveness of your business. CRM vendor should provide mobile compatibility, email integration for your marketing campaigns, and most importantly seamless support and maintenance for the software.

Choosing the best CRM for startup is an important process. The most important thing to keep in mind is to keep it simple. Following the above-mentioned steps will get you started, but you need to spend enough time in the research process to choose the right one for your organization. The growth of your business will be dependent on the CRM you choose, so you need to be careful.


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