Why Make Storytelling the Core of Your Email Marketing Activities

| August 29, 2018
Email Marketing


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As per studies, 269 billion emails were sent and received each day in 2017. And an average office worker receives 121 emails on daily basis, out of which 50% are spam (no wonder they never get opened!)

Email Marketing

Why do we have to go that far-to any other office worker? We can find such pieces of junk in our mail accounts as well. The folder is full of promotional content for insurance schemes, digital marketing services, loan options, real estate company, credit card, securities, etc.

You need something which makes your mail really stand out. Something which not only makes them open the mail but read it as well. And a story holds that power. A story that your reader can relate to.

Power of storytelling

Storytelling has been here since the time of cavemen. And how can you forget those bedtime stories narrated by our grandparents/parents? And you can’t deny the fact that we still remember many of them by heart. The sole reason behind that is, we were able to connect to each one of them emotionally. This is the power of stories.

Email marketing

Email is a great platform to share stories and this is what makes email marketing a good-to-go online marketing technique to promote your brand.

It is not infused and is subscription based. People themselves applied for it. They decided to apply for your newsletters in the first place and hear more from you. Subscribers certainly don’t need a description of your products, facts or figures from you. All they are there for is something interesting, creative and relatable. Moreover, the story-forming part of an email marketing campaign doesn’t have to be only in the form of words. The narration can have images, videos, gifs as well.

And most importantly, your email should not be a click bait. If your mail doesn’t make fake promises, it might interest your subscriber enough that they’ll open the email. But, you will be deceiving him/her and will lead to you losing that subscriber eventually.

The same way there are few other things that you must keep in mind while making storytelling a part of your email marketing campaign.

Factors to consider while writing a compelling story for the email

Email marketing or no email marketing, the process of storytelling remains the same. You need a protagonist, some conflicts/problems, followed by a happy ending!

Does your elevator pitch starts with ‘I’ or ‘My company’? If so, you are making a blunder!

You, being the company, aren’t the protagonist here, your customer is. And like any good story, a hero solves a problem. Here, you need to help your customer solve a problem by giving them a helping hand via your product or service.

Next, you tell your protagonist about the broken world-and how it can be fixed. Here we don’t only talk about the existing problems but also that can occur in the future. Of which the protagonist might not be aware of. For instance, your readers might find office chair uncomfortable but what they don’t know is that there are multiple health issues the chair can lead to.

You need to tell your audience about the issues and how those can be fixed. For this, you might have to press their pain points. Familiarize them with the consequences of a particular problem because most of the time people aren’t aware about it. For instance, your readers might find office chair uncomfortable but what they don’t know is that there are multiple health issues this chair can lead to. However, your protagonist cannot clear the mess on its own.

You remember Frodo the protagonist from Lord of the Rings? He lived a comfortable life, unaware of the real danger lying ahead. Then Gandalf came and made him realize, if Frodo won’ft act, he better be ready to face the consequences!

You can include personal stories of your earlier customers and what solved their problems. After all, ‘great stories happen to those who can tell them.’

Last but not the least, you bring your product in the picture and tell the audience that how your product can be your protagonist’s Gandalf!

Why storytelling matters in email marketing and beyond

Copywriters, content writers, digital marketers, they all have one thing in common i.e. they all are storytellers by heart. They craft highly relatable and relevant content which not only promotes the brand but also allows people to connect with the piece emotionally. Therefore, storytelling not only permits marketers to establish an emotional connection with subscribers but also let their story leave an everlasting impression on them.

There are so many times when we come across interesting email marketing content with the subject line, ‘Register today!’, ‘You have two hours to claim this suit’, ‘Get your registration discount today’ and so on. But they all have the same promotional content with few words here and there. It’s like the same gift under different wrapping paper. People know that this is the same as the previous one, they fail to connect with your brand emotionally, they find next best thing and choose it.

If you are unique, let that people find that out from your story and this is why storytelling matters.


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