9 Email Marketing Tips to Increase Member Engagement

| April 30, 2018


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“Email marketing helps clubs/ resorts connect with prospective clients”

email marketing

This is a common saying which holds true only when all important tips are followed to increase the effectiveness of email marketing. From creating effective subject lines to increasing frequency of customers, there are many different ways to derive desired results from your email marketing efforts.

According to a recent Gallop survey, engaged customers play a significant role in boosting a company’s revenue by 23 percent. So, keeping them informed about discounts, offers and perks of loyalty programme through email marketing efforts can be quite helpful.

Here, you’ll find some great ways to boost engagement with your customers through email marketing campaigns.

Email Marketing
Source: pcmag.com

1. Understand What Customers Want from Your Business

The lack of engagement from email subscribers is a common concern of most of the email marketers. But, where do things go wrong? No matter, what’s the goal of your email campaign, it’s destined to fail if it lacks the engagement factor. Engagement will increase only when you start offering what customers want from your business. Through online surveys shared across your email subscribers, you can know what types of emails they prefer in their inbox.

2. Set up Trigger Emails

Once you know when your customers can ask for replenishment, you can plan trigger emails accordingly. Such emailers will not only make your customers feel valued but will also increase chances of clicks, conversions and sales. Customers are likely to feel grateful for the reminder and come back to your brand repeatedly.

3. Personalize Your Content & Offers

Your emailers to customers may get high open rate and entice new subscribers in the beginning, but the response would fall rapidly if those are not serving the needs of customers. When emailing customers, remember to have personalized subject lines and email message. Based on previous purchases by existing customers and surveys conducted on prospects, you can create emailer content which targets individual preferences. This step is quite likely to reward you with higher customer engagement.

4. Segment your email lists

Just adding the name of readers in your emailers is not sufficient to increase engagement. In addition to using the subscribers’ name, you can also try segmenting your subscription list based on demographics and psychographics like purchase history, buying pattern, investment status, etc. Segmenting your email list can help you create targeted content and increase the relevance of your emailer campaigns.

5. Convey Value in Your Subject Lines

Let’s consider a scenario where subscribers are trashing your emails before even opening them. This is clearly the case of ineffective subject lines. You may not be conveying the value of your content clearly in the subject line. Clearly tell subscribers what to expect when they open the email. Also, be as specific as you can about the email content. This way, you can attract high-quality leads to your emailers, who seem truly interested in your product or service.

6. Provide Numbers and Statistics

Numbers and stats can prove to be a great tool for grabbing the attention of your email subscribers. When you use stats throughout your writing, chances are high that it will hold the readers’ attention. Data-driven content will also put you in a positive light where readers start valuing your content for being informative.

7. Create Call to Actions that Convert

The call to action (CTA) in your emails will help you turn your prospects into customers. CTA buttons are the channels to bring prospects into the sales funnel. But, this will happen only when the CTA button motivates a click. You can try some proven tricks like creating urgency through your CTA buttons. For instance, CTAs like ‘Call Now’ and ‘Book Free Demo Today’ are ideal for creating urgency with trigger words like Free, Now and Today.

8. Think of Mobile Optimization

Are you taking efforts towards optimizing your emails and making them mobile friendly? If not, adopt this practice from today to enhance your reach towards a wider audience. Today, people are increasingly using mobile devices to make purchases, and mobile optimization can increase the conversion rates by 70 percent for any business.

To optimize your emails for mobile, you need to keep the text font and CTAs big enough to be read easily on a small screen. Also, refrain from using too many images, as they can slow down the download.

9. Automate Your Emails

Once you have adopted all these procedures for effective email marketing, the most significant step is to get a trusted membership management software. Top membership management software like Krtya Membroz can help in automating emails for wider reach with higher accuracy. This automation tool can also help in creating more customized emails with higher relevance. Further, with the use of this membership management software, you can streamline your email campaigns based on the segmentation on your email list.

If you strongly believe that your emailers can do better in terms of engaging customers, these tips can prove quite helpful.


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