How Sales Team’s Productivity and Accountability be Improved Using CRM System

crm system
crm system

Sales Team – the business makers for a company, the first ones that endure the fire in the field. For a profitable turnover, it is absolutely necessary for the Sales team to perform. Realising the importance of this team, it is consequential to make sure that the performance of these team is measured and monitored with utmost care and precision. It is this, where a good CRM solutions can solve some major issues of any organisation.

A CRM or Customer Relationship Management system is the approach of pathway followed by the company to formulate and further its interaction with the current as well as potential customers. It helps in analysing the history of a customer and hence facilitates the company in forming a better relationship with the customer. The focus is to retain them and thus drive sales which lead to the growth of the company.

Therefore, it is obvious that an effective CRM system helps a sales team in several ways. Let's take a glance at few of them –

1. Capturing Potentials and Converting them -
A good CRM system helps in capturing the leads effectively which provides the sales team with a soft base to work their way from. Since the history of a particular customer in terms of consumer behaviour, is accessible with a click, the conversion rate of a deal also increases exponentially. The entire team is in a better position to forecast their estimates for a particular quarter and so completing targets becomes smooth. This not only brings significant profit to the company but also reflects the performance of the entire sales team in a better light.

2. Manage the Process –
A sales process is often multi-layered with the time period depending on the commodity that is being sold. For the FMCG category, it is very swift while for any product of huge volume or enterprise level, it can vary from months to a year. Depending on the product, the entire process has to be streamlined removing unnecessary hurdles and to & fro. A good CRM solutions ensures that the follow-up procedure is made quick and effortless. The duplication of steps is totally removed and what we have is a sales team driven to results in a positive direction instead of wasting their precious team on chasing loose ends.

3. Reporting made easy –
Once the team can view the entire detail about a lead or a customer at one place, the reporting procedure also becomes simple. The management doesn’t need to get back asking questions as the entire progress is visible right on the screen. The team does not need to constantly run after each other on the status and everybody is in a perfect sync. This makes every member accountable for the leads they are working on and further prevents confusion and distress over un-collaborated efforts.

Apart from the three broad points, customer servicing is another factor which is accomplished with great ease and comfort through CRM solutions. Solutions such as Hubspot, Agile CRM System etc, are a major component of an organisation these days and every business must have it to catch up with their sales and growth in time.


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