Why do Schools Need Mail Management for Effective Parent Communication?

With the passage of time, new technologies are taking the place of old traditional environment in schools. Schools are faced with a number of challenges to provide good educational facilities to students as well as their parents. The importance of communication has increased in the school environment and they are searching for ways to make the communication more effective with the parents. This has given rise to the need of a good mail management software for the school setup. Mail management is a new step towards innovation in schools, giving them convenience in passing important information to parents at any time. Have a look at why mail management is important for schoolsschools

Easy Communication For Schools

Mail management software allows the parents to receive real-time information about all the happenings in the school including curriculum, syllabus, assignments etc. They get the opportunity to ask questions and provide information and feedback to teachers and school administrators.

Parents Involvement

Mail management system encourages participation of parents and understanding of classroom procedures and policies. They can initiate conversations and express their concerns to the teachers and school officials easily. They can feel more involved and connected with teachers and school.

Report Cards

Instead of physical report cards and their manual handover to parents, schools prefer to send the report cards with the grades of the students to their parents through e-mail. This gives the parents direct access to them and avoids delays.


In case of any cultural festival, sports day, exhibitions or any other event for the students, mail management software assists schools in directly dropping the invitations to parents through e-mails. A database of the email-ids can be created and mails can be sent to them easily.

Parents’ Teachers Meetings

Regular parents’ teachers meetings are conducted in schools to keep the parents aware about progress of the child. In case of such meetings, emails can be sent with the invitations to parents to come to school at a specific time. A mail management system also ensures that parents can save important dates in the calendar and keep a reminder for the same.

Regular Updates:

Parents need to be regularly updated about important happenings taking place in school for their child. Mail management software makes it possible to provide them with instant updates by storing their e-mails ids and sending them regular newsletters.

Smartphone Notifications

With the increasing use of smartphones, schools have realized the importance of providing access to emails on smartphones as well. Parents can have the mail management setup in the form of an application in their smartphones and receive important notifications at anytime and anywhere even while they are at their workplace or are stuck up in their busy schedule.

Social Collaboration

There are many mail management software that provide collaboration tools and enable social engagement through audio video chat, online meetings, communities, school spaces, blogs etc. This encourages students, teachers as well as parents to participate and discuss different matters of school and get their problems resolved instantly.

Mail management systems are thus serving as a platform for parents and teachers to exchange their ideas with ease and convenience. For teachers and administrators it becomes easy to reach the parents and build partnerships with them. Parents can actively participate in their children education, which also increases student’s involvement and interest in learning. Mail management software ensures enhanced productivity of the school and increased trust-level between school administrators, teachers and parents. Parents are assured of their children being at the right place to get their education by being in continuous communication with teachers.


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