How to Track and Manage Customer Service Easily?

customer service

Building and maintaining good relationships with clients is the key to customer retention. It is only after-sales services that determines whether they will be loyal to you or head off to your competitors. Providing good customer service is important. It is also imperative that you track customer service to offer good services and ensure continuous improvement. This will help you to identify whether you are providing satisfactory customer service and how much you need to improve.

customer service

Need for help desk and ticketing solutions thus arises, which can track and manage customer service efficiently. Following are the benefits offered by ticketing and help desk software:


Feedback Management System

Survey Monitoring


Officevibe EES

Vision Critical


Zonka Feedback

eZee iFeedback Customer Feedback System



Zoho Survey

Survey Sparrow survey management software

Feedback & Survey Management

Automated System

Through help desk ticketing software, you can automate the entire customer service process. You will be able to reduce your time of tracking and managing help desk tickets, and instead give more time for actual resolution of queries and end-support. Ticking solutions simplifies help desk ticket management. You can have a web-based service request portal for customers to log tickets, and an intuitive web-based help desk console for your technicians to manage tickets. You will be able to centralize help desk ticket management right from ticket creation to resolution.

Quick Response Time

A good customer support solution will ensure quick resolution to customers’ queries. Customers don’t like waiting for a solution for their queries. If you will be slow in replying, you will bring their satisfaction level down and eventually make them go to your competitors who can provide them better services. A ticketing system will take incoming customer requests for support and automatically generate a customer service request. No matter what channel your clients use to contact you-email, chat, social media etc., you can easily generate a ticket for them and quickly resolve their issues to their satisfaction.

Repetitive Queries

Customer support software will help you to reduce resolution time of your customers’ queries. It will ensure that all your customer service information is collected in a central repository. Whoever agent is helping the customer, can see the history of tickets created in past as well. The availability of past customer information improves the support that you provide to them. It will also help your representatives to accurately track the problem and come to its quick resolution.

Prioritization of Requests

You will be able to prioritize your queues with the help of a customer support system. A customer service solution can be configured as per the time criteria. Like an email received before two hours, not assigned to any technician, can be prioritized over others. Then, you will just have to ask the system to get the next request in queue. And that will be the request with the highest priority at the moment. Once you are done with that, you can move on to the next request with a single click.

Assigning to the Right Person

For ensuring prompt services you will be wanting the customer request to go directly to the technician who knows how to solve the issue. Through this way, you will be able to organize your workflow and solve your requests with speed and accuracy. A customer support software allows you to configure the allocation of requests to the team members who can resolve it directly. Like you can configure your system to send all mails as requests to your IT help desk. The same goes for other departments too including sales, purchase and accounting. This way the concerned person can respond to the clients’ query straight away without forwarding it to the other departments.

Abandonment Rates

Abandonment rates refer to those queries which aren’t answered or taken up by your service agent. They are also referred to long first response times. Help desk software can help you reduce the amount of time and steps it takes for you to answer your clients, thus decreasing your abandonment rate. You can track your abandonment rates through ticketing software, which can help you to evaluate your working process and revise it to make it more streamlined and customer-friendly.

A help desk software can thus help you to improve the way you respond to your customers’ queries. You can create good customer support with the help of a customer service software. You can provide a positive experience to your clients. You can save time and resources on manual and repetitive help desk tasks and track and monitor your technicians’ performance too in real time. A ticketing system will thus assist you in improving overall efficiency of your customer service and realize higher levels of client satisfaction!


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