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List of Top Email Marketing Software

SendBlaster Newsletter

SendBlaster Newsletter Software

By SendBlaster


Price: 8643.00 INR /Lifetime

SendBlaster is the best software for sending newsletter that provides a complete set of features that allow you to easily manage every aspect of an email marketing campaign. Creating their own graphic templates, list management, sending the.

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Juvlon Email Marketing

Juvlon Email Marketing

By Niche Software


Price: 260.00 INR /For 3 Months

Create Beautiful Emails & Result Driven Campaigns to Grow Your Business. Treat each customer uniquely with targeted emails triggered through their behavior. Automation allows you to send what your customers want to hear and when they choose to hear.

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What is Email Marketing Software?

Email marketing software is used by businesses to create, launch, track & analyse email campaigns for promoting a company’s image or product/services. This digital marketing software utilises email as the primary method of contacting & engaging with leads. The software’s goal is to nurture leads until they are ready to convert to customers. It’s designed to enhance efficiency by automating redundant activities of email marketing. Email marketing software also provides insights into a campaign’s success rate. It also helps companies in generating and maintaining brand-centric messaging across different email marketing communications.


Why You Need Email Marketing Software

Email marketing is a highly effective marketing strategy, for small & large businesses alike. Every day, 205 billion emails are sent, and the number of email users is predicted to be three billion by the year 2020. Given such vast numbers, marketers prefer email communication as it helps in acquiring & retaining more customers. Additionally, emails record a higher conversion rate than the combined power of social media & search.

So what role does email marketing software play in the above segment?

Email messaging software come with tools which help companies capture lead information, segment & categorise, automate mail delivery and track different metrics associated with the success and failure of email campaigns. Email marketing tools helps a company in targeting prospects better, distributing content and reducing marketing costs. Some major features of this software include: -

  • Automated Email Delivery
  • Creating Permission-Based Mailing Lists
  • Inbound Lead Generation
  • Tracking Opening Rate & Bounce Rate
  • Analysis of Email Data Received from the Above Point
  • Bulk Email Sending Capability
  • Email Backup Software
  • Live Chat & Video Chat


Modules & Features of Email Marketing Software

Email Marketing software helps you in generating and managing successful email campaigns, and in tracking their success. The essential features of best email marketing software in India, are:

Segregated Email Lists- Email lists form the basis of every mail marketing campaign, where a marketing team accumulates contacts from different sources. An email marketing tool lets you summarize different contacts from all possible platforms (databases, partner lists, LinkedIn connections, etc.), and in updating new ones with minimal effort. You can categorize contacts as per their location, purchase behaviour, age, income or any category that is relevant to your company.

Customizable Design Templates- The success of any email marketing campaign’s success is partly dependent on email design i.e., the look of your layout, call-to-actions and subject lines. Email marketing software allows users to customise their email designs. It lets you change design elements that are detrimental to the campaign & to make tweaks that prevent the possibility of your email being tagged as spam. Some email blast software also come with WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor, a more advanced editing and designing option.

Tracking and Reporting- Email marketing systems come with analytics and success measure dashboards which you can use to measure email marketing results. Based on the success or failure of a campaign, you can divide budget for future campaigns accordingly. This data can be used, at a later stage, for reports generation. These reports can highlight different aspects of your email campaigns such as open rate, bounce rate, unsubscribes, and many more.

Testing- With mass email marketing software, you can perform different tests to optimize your campaigns & making them more effective, before sending them out. The standard test which most email broadcast software provide is the standardized A/B test. A/B testing (or, split testing) is used to compare two variations of the same product/service, to test the variant that elicits a more positive response from consumers. Bulk email marketing software can be used to not only perform A/B tests on entire emails but also on separate sections of the email. It informs you of the click-through rates (both positive and negative) and evaluates spam compliance which indicates whether your emails are effective or if they are more likely to be pushed to spam.

Auto-Responders- Auto-responders are an important part of every email marketing solution. Auto-responders help in automation by sending out response mails, so your team doesn’t have to do it. It helps in improving your conversion rate by informing when your customers receive your email. Auto-responders can also be used to notify customers about promotions and discounts, as well as to confirm subscriptions of your website. You can use auto-responders for follow ups & to offer free trials to new & unfamiliar audiences.

Merge Tags- This tool lets users replace different variables in an email with a more personal element, usually a recipient’s name. Consequently, your email exhumes more warmth, and increases customer satisfaction, as they are more likely to respond to their names as opposed to generic salutations. You can also use merge tags to send coupon codes specific to a recipient and avoid duplicates.

CRM Integration- Almost all email marketing tools integrate well with popular CRM software. This helps in aligning sales and marketing activities. Leads obtained using CRM software, can be added to your mailing list, to be included in your email marketing campaigns. CRM also provides context to your email lists like demography, purchase history, and engagement. Furthermore, recipients who respond positively to your email, can then be guided to the sales pipeline for lead nurturing.

Social Media Integration- You can integrate your social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages with email marketing services. This feature can be used to invite customers in your mailing list to like your pages and, to assess the number of folks who access your social media page by clicking on links inside email.


Benefits of Email Marketing Software

Email marketing software is helpful for companies to sell products & services, communicate with customers and to obtain feedback. It also provides email security with backup options. The main advantages of using mass email marketing software are: -

Targeted Marketing. Email blast software allows you to carefully target specific demographics, based on a chosen criterion. It lets you customize your message in accordance with what customers are likely to respond to. As a result, it has a direct impact on making higher conversions.

Measured Effects-. Email marketing software helps you in forecasting outcomes & results. With an effective solution, you’ll be able to draw real & achievable metrics such as open rates, delivery success, subscriber retention etc. Using this tool, you will be able to estimate recipient’s responsiveness, and use this data to target such customers in subsequent campaigns.

Cost-Effectiveness- The best advantage of using an email management system is how cost-effective it is and how well it improves your ROI. Using identifiable metrics, you can understand the best email practices, target better and subsequently, increase the likelihood of more conversions leading to more revenue.

Easier Channel of Communication- Bulk email marketing software helps in maintaining an easy communication channel with your customers. Not only can you communicate quicker, but response generation and measurement is also performed faster. Plus, emails are mostly a free service so no postal stamps or mailing costs need to be bore by the company. Additionally, it is easier to use emails and ask subscribers to share your content on social media and among their circles.

Improved Brand Awareness- Email marketing helps you in improving brand awareness and in enhancing its image. Each email you send, adds value to your marketing if it has been designed to attract enough attention.

Efficient Email Automation- Sending 1,000 emails manually is an abhorrent waste of your time. Sorting through email addresses, compiling the email and sending them manually, will lead to effort that can be better spent on more productive tasks. Email broadcast software automates the entire email campaign process, starting with recipients sorting to scheduling emails and generating feedback reports, helping in marketing automation.

Better Ticket Monetization- Customer complaint tickets and emails can be used as additional contacts to add to your mailing list. If the issue is resolved to customer’s satisfaction, including them in your email campaign could generate additional sales.

Social Media Channel Promotion- You can use email marketing tools to connect your email with your social media pages, allowing cross-channel promotions. If you have a large mailing list, this is a good way to move subscribers to your social channels.



Q. How long does it take to set up email marketing services?

A. Our implementation time is usually 3 – 5 business days. However, if you need any custom integrations done, it can take longer.


Q. What’s the point of email marketing software?

A. Email marketing software helps you in reaching out to more people at once, to encourage them to purchase or subscribe to your business’s product/service.


Q. What metrics will I get on the software for tracking the success of my email marketing efforts?

A. There are four foundational metrics that you should measure to track the success of your email marketing efforts. They are inbox delivery rates, bounce rates, spam reports & unsubscribes.


Q. Should I buy top email marketing software if my customer base is very small at the moment?

A. Yes you should. This software helps you in not only lead generation & nurturing, but in targeting new & hitherto unknown consumers who could be potential customers.


Q. Can best email marketing software help my company find more leads?

A. The right email marketing software gives you a contact database which can be filtered to identify ideal prospects & provide relevant data on them. This sales automation software’s data can be used to improve your campaigns and consequently, score more leads.


Q. Do I need to allocate a lot of resources to train employees in using email marketing software?

A. When you purchase this software, your employees will be briefed & trained by professionals on how to best use the solution. So, no you need not dedicate a lot of resource into training your employees.


Q. Can I import contacts from Excel spreadsheets into email marketing software?

A. Yes, you can import contacts from Excel spreadsheets and most other data sources, to the email marketing software.


Buyer’s Guide

Price isn’t the only factor that should factor into your purchase decision. What you need, is to have features mentioned above in an email marketing software, plus a few other factors. The things to look out for before buying bulk email marketing software are: -

Ease of Use- Any email marketing software you purchase should be easy to use and intuitive.

Responsive Display- Customers, these days, tend to access their emails via smartphones or tablets. Any email marketing system of your choosing should be capable to display emails on mobile apps.

Feature Set- Go for a solution that ticks all the boxes in your checklist. Don’t compromise on features you need presently or added features you’ll require in the future. Any missing feature will simply diminish the potential of your marketing effort.

Number of Emails Per Month- Many email marketing solution limit the number of emails you can send in a month. This can be especially frustrating if you have a large mailing list. Go for a solution which allows you to send unlimited emails to maximize your customer base.

Integration Capability- Your email marketing system should easily integrate with your CRM and help desk solutions. This allows you to conveniently share customer data for sales, marketing, and customer service. Furthermore, the email marketing solution should allow for importing/exporting CSV, txt, and other common file formats.


Some of the top email marketing software in India are: -

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