Best CRM Software That Will Help You Build Lasting Relationships

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best crm softwareWhen it comes to business, ‘Customer is the king’.Just like to build a large kingdom you have to ensure that the king stays happy, the success of an organization also depends on the contentment of its customers.

Today, customers have plenty of options to choose from for a product or service. In fact, no brand can guarantee the staying of a customer, even if he or she has been a dedicated follower of the brand for a long time. As soon as he or she will find a reason to switch to another brand, no second thought will be given before taking the decision. Therefore, it is the responsibility of a company to meet (or exceed) the expectations of its customers in one way or another.

When it comes to keeping the customers elated, building and maintaining an unbreakable bond, a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software comes handy. There are plenty of them which come with multiple features to help a company to strike an eternal chord with its customers. If you are wondering about these feature-driven best CRM software, then here are few of them you can count upon:-

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Zoho CRM

Zoho team believes that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to a CRM solution. Therefore, via Zoho CRM software they provide industry specific modules that meet the requirement of the business.

The multichannel support feature allows Zoho users to reach customers via email, phone, live chat, social media or in person. With the help of visitor tracking and email analytics, you can find what customers find lucrative. You can connect to them accordingly and seize the deal. Also, it automates repetitive tasks, thereby saving time. Moreover, you can integrate it with your favourite social media platforms, namely, Twitter, Facebook, G Suite, Zapier, to stay connected.


Unlike usual customer relationship management software, Pipedrive is rather a sales management tool. The user can focus on the rich visual indicator feature which needs his/her attention to boost sales. Its constant reminder emails, mobile notification and alert system make sure you don’t forget to follow up with prospects. Pipedrive allows you not only to send or receive the emails but also track them.


It is a revenue boosting and business growing best CRM software. Customer experience should be the priority as per Survaider. Therefore, it aggregates customer feedback and acts upon them in order to keep customers happy. Feedback from all the platforms such as social media, mobile apps, website, etc is accumulated at single place. After that employees can reply to each one of them in real time. It helps in breaking down the data to find out customers’ preferences. Review management, on-site feedback forms, business insights, competitor analysis, are some of its other powerful features.

Orgzit CRM

Orgzit CRM is a best CRM software which helps render services in an impeccable and systematic manner. It helps in flexible contact management as it allows to create multiple contacts, customize the list, and contact customers accordingly. The user can access contacts anytime, anywhere from a centralized location. You can monitor a lead’s buying history and act as per his or her choice. 

BizPlus CRM

BizPlus CRM is a tailor-made CRM software which aims to help by strengthening customer’s bond with the brand in a more automatic way than manual. It offers cloud based CRM software as well as on-premise options. Bizplus operates and manages tasks related to the customer relationship, tracking engagements, and sales. It helps a business by tracking down the interactions with customers done in the past or present. Therefore, from calls to emails, meetings held, and presentations delivered, a record of each one of it is well maintained.


When it comes to CRM software, there are too many fish in the sea. Instead of taking a quick decision, check which one meets your business requirement in the best way possible as they all have something different to offer.


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