Workplace Diversity

How Workplace Diversity Benefits Your Organisation


The emergence of a global corporate culture everywhere has forced companies to adhere to workplace diversity as a necessity rather than a PR trick to score brownie points. Workplace diversity has become an important part of an emerging corporate culture that values people from different ethnicities and walks of life. It is also useful for your employees, who gain a lot when collaboration among a diverse bunch of people takes place.

Workplace Diversity

However, diversity as a concept still remains a mystery to many Indian companies. Take the case of gender diversity and female representation in the workforce. Citing biological, sociological and/or safety reasons, Indian corporations still keep making excuses for the lack of a gender diverse workforce, even though evidence to support the positive value of diversity is out there.

The issue permeates to more than gender diversity. People from different races, socio-cultural and socio-economic backgrounds and sexual orientations still find it difficult to break into corporates. A diverse workforce, no matter who they are or where they come from, brings experience and teachings unique to itself, which would greatly benefit companies.

As an HR, workplace diversity is a term you must have heard being thrown around. If you’re still unsure about the relevance of diversity in the workplace, here’s a bunch of reasons why you should acknowledge it now.

Creates A Culture of Innovation

Having a truly diverse workforce helps in getting a fresh perspective of common business problems. When people from different backgrounds come together to solve a problem, each person will bring their own set of experience in handling the issue. By working alongside employees of different backgrounds and working styles, creative ideas & out of the box innovation takes place. Employees bounce ideas off each other, by sharing feedback and suggestions. One employee might be great at generating out of the box ideas whereas someone else might have the necessary skills to execute it. A culture of constant innovation is generated when individuals can share their strengths and collaborate with each other, within the team.

If you think that we are simply saying words without justifying any of it, here are some interesting facts for you:

  1. In a study conducted by MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Engineers, they found that racially diverse teams perform better than non-diverse ones by 35 percent! The research also pointed out that successful teams had three things in common: They gave each other roughly equal time to talk, they were more likely to be sensitive towards each other, and most importantly, the racial and gender gap in teams was less.
  2. 57 percent of interviewed employees wanted their company to be more diverse because the prospect of sharing experiences with different people is attributed to innovation & creative thinking

Ethnically Diverse Individuals Open Business Prospects

Language and cultural barriers can often be an obstacle for a company trying to expand its business in different cities/countries. Having an ethnically diverse workforce opens the possibility of someone knowing the local language/customs and can help develop strategies for successful expansion in unfamiliar territories. You can thus expand on a global level and communicate with a broader client-base.

Your Talent Pool Grows

A company that embraces workplace diversity will be perceived as an inclusive place of work and attract a wide range of candidates from different backgrounds. It also creates a positive image for your company, as applicants view it as a progressive organisation to work at. The number of applicants for open positions will increase, and the probability of finding an exceptional candidate will be higher.

Improves Employee Morale

Employees are more likely to feel comfortable in an environment where inclusivity is a priority. Diversity in the workplace is important to encourage workers from all backgrounds and to help them feel confident in their ability to do & achieve their best. The higher the team morale, the greater is overall productivity.

How to Find a Diverse Pool of Employees?

If filtering through hundreds of candidate profiles is a cumbersome task for you, how about using Pocket HRMS? This handy tool comes with a recruitment manager for seamless recruitment and staffing. It has a dashboard that functions like a bulletin board of prospective candidates. You can filter candidates based on their experience and use it to identify a diverse pool of candidates. Pocket HRMS can seamlessly integrate with your website’s job portal webpage, as well as pull records and resumes from different job portal websites.

Aside from recruitment, Pocket HRMS comes with dedicated modules to manage employees, attendance, leave, payroll & expenses. And this is just on the surface. The solution will assist you in every vertical of your role, and most importantly, help you in effectively managing a diverse pool of employees.

Now that you know the value of hiring for diversity at your company, why not read a little more about the best ways to successful recruitment?

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