Torqus Point of Sale (POS)

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Price: 1200.00 INR /month

Torqus Point of Sale software is a comprehensive solution that takes care of all the front-end activities in a restaurant. It not only helps to streamline the billing process but also enables evaluation and analysis of every branch by generating numerous reports. View More

Torqus Supply Chain Management (SCM)

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Price: 1600.00 INR /month

Restaurant Supply Chain Management can be defined as an active management system which lets your innovate strategies to maximize customer value and achieve sustainable competitive advantage.  View More


Torqus aims at revolutionizing the restaurant business by providing businesses with an all-inclusive point of sale (POS) software with hassle free solutions that maximize the business at minimum cost. Software runs on the latest technology with intrinsic features that manage all your front end activities, providing you with the best care in terms of management, cost-effectiveness, security control, real-time support, technical backing, affordable pricing benefits, on-demand add-ons and comprehensive reporting are only a few to mention.