AAS Technosoft School Management System

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Price: 20000.00 INR Onwards

A holistic solution catering to all automation needs in the schools with cost effectiveness. The solution is a complete bundle of automated modules designed and developed with advance technology to achieve better performance and effective management of all school operations. This software allows schools and other educational institutions to manage all entities viz. students, teachers, management, parents, alumni, guests, etc. from within a single platform effortlessly. View More

AAS Technosoft Hospital Information Management System (HIMS)

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Price: 30000.00 INR Onwards

HIMS is a versatile and comprehensive full-service various -module hospital resource planning software suite, precision engineered to enhance the administrative efficiency of hospital & Research. HIMS is multi-module web based application that runs on a shared master database enabling different departments to share information, communicate & co-ordinate with each other. View More

AAS Technosoft Res-mSYS- Restaurant Management System

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Price: 7000.00 INR

Res-mSYS, is a comprehensive package designed to provide a sophisticated, state of the art automation solution well equipped with web technology, aimed at bringing about total quality in restaurant management. The software is a smart solution allowing restaurants to design more profitable menus using pinpointed marketing promotions while taking up less of time and reducing the operational costs. View More

AAS Technosoft Attend-mSYS- Attendance Management System

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Price: 4999.00 INR /year

Attend-mSYS, is a leading solution that allows educational institutions/offices to record the attendance of the students and faculties. This innovative solution not only records time and attendance details, but also helps managing employee time and enhancing the productivity. The solution can be effortlessly integrated with biometric devices for capturing and matching the fingerprints and other biometric traits to record the time-in and time-out. View More

AAS Technosoft PAY-mSyS- Payroll Management System

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Price: 4999.00 INR /module/year

A state-of-the-art Payroll Management System that helps organizations to manage overall payroll operations effectively. It is an extensive bundle of automated payroll operations including employee information management, pay structuring and calculation, and generation of payslips. The solution is empowered with an array of customizable reports contributing to effective decision making. View More

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