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CircleOne CRM

CircleOne CRM

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What is CircleOne? CircleOne is a cloud-based CRM software for enterprises, which provides comprehensive customer experience management facilities across multiple communication channels. The software is also capable of automating business-critical activities such as lead capturing, distribution, ticket management, and more. The program can be configured according to unique business requirements. Further, it helps the team members in capturing leads from numerous integrated channels and prioritizing them to enable faster conversion rates. Businesses can use CircleOne CRM to customize workflows and relevant processes according to their internal policies. Detailed reports offered by the CRM software features performance metrics showcased by the sales teams, enabling organisations to monitor their overall ROI in a specified time period. How does CircleOne CRM solution assure accurate management of individual leads? Lead Flows: Enterprises can configure different stages of their sales cycle and define flexible and dynamic workflows for their leads. Multi-Channel: Agents in the sales team can reach out to prospects across various integrated channels, including social media, chat, phone, and more, via CircleOne CRM. Lead Score: Managers can predefine metrics to assign weightages to individual leads. Sales teams can score leads on these parameters and pursue the most valuable ones. Lead Distribution: Organizations can define rules regarding lead allocation, handing over potential leads to the right member facilitating faster conversion rates. Faster Conversions: Sales managers can prioritize leads and define closure timelines. They can follow up with pending closures and eliminate any possibility of revenue leakage. CircleOne CRM Pricing The pricing of CircleOne CRM software is available as per the following options : Echo: Rs. 799.2/- per user per month. Optima: Rs. 1199.2/- per user per month. Premium: Rs. 1999.2/- per user per month. Premium Sales: Rs. 2399.2/- per user per month. For more queries about the software, feel free to request a callback with our customer care executives. Benefits of CircleOne CRM Customer Insights: Enterprises can extract actionable insights related to their valuable customers, to get a detailed understanding of expectations and behaviours showcased by the individuals. SLA Management: Agents can generate multiple service levels based on ticket types and define timelines at every stage of their workflows assuring on-time issue resolution. They can also define a scheduled escalation process, so that the right team member gets notified accordingly. CircleOne is a cloud-based CRM software for enterprises, which provides comprehensive customer experience management fa... Read More About CircleOne CRM
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Last Updated on : 24 Jun, 2021