Dcsinfoway Inventory Biz ERP

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Price: 3999.00 INR Onwards

A new generation user-friendly Inventory and Accounting Software, which can be used and installed without much knowledge of accounting or software training. The software is quite simple and supports customization of invoices, easy export of reports to excel, simple master’s creation, dual menu, barcode processing, drill downs, windows GUI, quick search for all vouchers with conditions using biz search, shortcut keys for easy work process, built in quick reference and help, etc. View More

Dcsinfoway Hotel Biz

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Price: 36000.00 INR

Hotel Biz is a multi-user software for overall hotel management which is with integrated stock and accounting modules. The software assist hotels manage their operations from within a single platform effortlessly on the go. Using the software, hospitality users can manage various functional departments like Front office, Restaurant, house-keeping, HRM/payroll, telebiz, etc. The software has been implemented at hotels across India. View More

Dcsinfoway Edu Biz

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Price: 30000.00 INR

Edubiz is a new and improved formula for all the intricacies regarding the school and college management system. Edubiz extends a helping hand by introducing a user - friendly, highly reliable, tried and tested software solution. With innumerable features, Edubiz allows the educational institutions to manage various operations including admissions, students, exams, library, transport, inventory, staff and accounting. View More

Dcsinfoway Restaurant Biz

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Price: 15000.00 INR

Restaurant Biz is a user friendly and interactive software catering to the automation solution for restaurants and eateries, etc. The user friendly interface allows the businesses to well manage each and every small activity leading to effective restaurant management. It supports day to day activities to bring in efficiency such as BOT & KOT, billing, bars, recipes, food costing, raw material, tables and reservations, orders, takeaways etc. View More

Dcsinfoway Hospital Biz

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Price: 250000.00 INR

Hospital Biz is an ingenious software for healthcare industry enabling utmost hospital management. This software provides easy access to critical information thereby enabling the management to take better decisions on time. The software helps effective management of all operational activities at hospital like front office, OPD/IPD, insurance claims, patient information & status finder, room status & charts, billing, data backup & restore, EMR, payroll for staff, etc. View More

Dcsinfoway Medi Biz

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Price: 12000.00 INR

MEDI BIZ is a complete pharma retail automation solution that enable retail businesses to acquire improved productivity with state-of-the-art software. The software allows effective management of every operation in medical stores including stock, accounting, sales, purchase, and reporting. It provides user friendly interface with authorized user access to ensure data safety. View More

DCSINFOWAY specializes in providing ready to use and customized IT solutions. With dedicated team of core technical professionals, the company endeavours to provide world-class consultancy services and solutions catering to the automation needs for businesses.