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What is Jackprodigy? Jack Prodigy is essentially an end-to-end integrated solution that was designed to cater to educational campus management needs. An excellent product that makes education management much easier and way more effective, Jack Prodigy is the product to look out for. Jack Prodigy is apt when it comes to improving communication as it builds a friendly relationship between students, parents, staff, and management. Features of Jackprodigy Jackprodigy’s announcement module helps to communicate a short message to the lower level management. Usually, a small message needs a lot of attention from the viewers which is why the announcement module is used. Tasks help in assigning a job or a task to the teacher or student that may be related to organizational commitments. Any task assigned must be completed within a specified deadline. It also acts as a reminder to the self. With some new and easy features, Jackprodigy provides a solution for monitoring educational subjects in a proper manner. It calculates the hours spent on all these subjects. In the education management system, the product manages a proper time table which helps to build soft relationship among staffs and strengthens the organization. Absenteeism affects grades. To solve this problem Jackprodigy helps in attendance management of students and ensures that all students are present to attend their classes. In this process, attendance reports are categorized in different types according to the management needs. Assignments are a way for students to understand the depth of a subject. Jackprodigy helps to share these assignments with students in order to ensure that their concepts are clear. Price of Jackprodigy Jackprodigy is available in 2 plans, they are listed below: School Package is available for Rs.10 Per Student / Month. Collage Package is available for Rs.15 Per Student/Month Jackprodigy System Requirement Jackprodigy is a web-based tool that can be viewed in Google Chrome and Firefox. Jack Prodigy is essentially an end-to-end integrated solution that was designed to cater to educational campus manageme... Read More About Jackprodigy
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Last Updated on : 17 May, 2021