Prime Spa & Beauty Salon

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Price: 18000.00 INR /Single User

Spa & Beauty Salon is a holistic solution from Prime Software that enables the businesses to manage all its operations smoothly and provide best customer service on the go. This spa & salon management software incorporates all vital elements to be managed for improved productivity such as memberships, appointments, daily transactions, stock, payroll, accounting etc. among others. View More

Prime Garment Management Software

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Price: 24000.00 INR /Single user

A standard and fully Functional automated solution for garment/fashion store management that helps business acquire professional look and perform better, smarter and faster.  The software helps the garment businesses to effectively handle all operations in the store and manage the store well at reduced cost and workforce. software helps to manage inventory, sales, purchases, bar codes, POS, accounting and many more store operations effortlessly.  View More

Prime Inventory Management

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Price: 24000.00 INR /user

One stop shop with automated features for effective inventory management including stock quantity, transactions, transfers, sales, purchases, products, suppliers and many more. The software can also be used to track the product status and location while transported from a vendor to a warehouse, between warehouses, and finally to a retail location or directly to a customer. View More

Prime Financial Accounting Software

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Price: 16000.00 INR /Single user

Financial Accounting is one stop shop for all automation needs helping manage accounting operations in the businesses. Available as single user and multiuser models, the accounting software is quite easy, simple to install and use. The software enables users with features for sales, bar code integration, inventory management, purchases, Finance & Accounting, reports, Trial balance, cashbooks, debit & credit notes along with other MIS and reporting features. View More

Prime Jewellery Accounting

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Price: 19000.00 INR /Single user

Jewellery Accounting from Prime Software is a holistic solution helping jewellery stores with state-of-the-art tools to manage their businesses perfectly. The solution is highly integrated with vital jewellery management elements such as Rojmel, financial accounting, stock (Nangmel) and money lending. The complete bundle of proficient tools, solution is easy deployable and simple to use. View More

Since 1994 Prime Software Solution has been creating landmarks in the field of application development and customized solutions with enriched expertise. With changing technology trends and business needs, Prime Software endeavours to upgrade their services and products to suit the customer requirements. With highly professional and expert teams, company’s competency lies in outsourcing custom software development for Windows platforms and Internet development.