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Spoke Infotech was created with the aim of creating innovative software solutions and improving the work efficiency of our clients... Read More

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  • Smart Accounting


prosicon “Comprehensive Solution: Smart Accounting is designed as a comprehensive app, addressing the various needs of small and medium businesses in the realm of accounting and financial management. User-Friendly Interface: The app boasts a user-friendly interface, ensuring that business owners, regardless of their expertise in accounting, can navigate and utilize its features effectively. Versatility: A key strength of Smart Accounting lies in its versatility. It caters to a wide range of industries, accommodating the unique requirements of manufacturing, small businesses, medium-sized enterprises, and even home accounting. Robust Invoicing: The invoicing function is robust, allowing for the creation of detailed invoices with customizable fields. Features such as quantity, rate, amount in words, and shipping details contribute to a professional invoicing process. Estimate Management: The app facilitates the easy generation and sending of estimates to customers, providing a seamless way to communicate potential costs before finalizing transactions. Expense and Receipt Management: Smart Accounting excels in managing business expenses, payments, and income, enabling users to conduct a thorough analysis of profits and financial trends. Product Management: The app allows efficient management of entire inventories, with features like detailed product information and images contributing to a comprehensive record-keeping system. Automated Financial Reports: Financial reports such as Day Book, Ledger, Monthly Balance, and more are automatically generated, offering users a clear and immediate overview of their financial standing. Communication with Accountants: The addition of a C.A. Report feature enhances communication with accountants, facilitating the reporting of sales/purchase bill amounts along with tax details. Offline Capability: Smart Accounting operates without requiring an internet connection, providing users with the flexibility to manage their accounts even in offline environments. Backup Feature: The app's commendable backup feature enables users to safeguard their data by storing it across multiple devices via Dropbox and SD Card. One-Time Purchase Option: The availability of a one-time purchase option makes Smart Accounting a lifetime asset for users, eliminating recurring costs associated with subscription-based models. Flexibility with Free Trial: The one-year free trial, with the option to purchase if satisfied, adds a layer of flexibility for users to evaluate the app's suitability for their specific business needs before committing. Developed by New India: The app is developed by New India, contributing to its credibility and potentially aligning with the specific needs of businesses in the Indian market. Efficient Solution: In conclusion, Smart Accounting stands out as an efficient solution for small and medium businesses. Its combination of extensive features, user-friendly interface, offline capabilities, and flexible pricing models makes it a strong contender in the realm of accounting apps.” Anand Kumar - Nov 24, 2023

prosicon “"Managing customer data and interacting with our customers is now just a matter a few simple steps. All thanks to Spoke Info Tech's Smart CRM software. "” Ritika - Apr 10, 2018

prosicon “The Techjockey consultant was very knowledgeable about different software and was eager to learn the nature of the business my requirement was for. I wasn't necessarily prepared with all the information as I was just browsing but he knew the right questions to ask so I could do some research of my own.?” Sam Sandy - Sep 29, 2017


consicon “While the passage paints a positive picture of Smart Accounting, it's crucial to consider potential drawbacks to provide a more balanced perspective: Learning Curve for Beginners: The comprehensive nature of Smart Accounting, while beneficial for experienced users, may pose a learning curve for beginners in accounting software. The abundance of features might overwhelm users who are new to such applications. Limited Platform Availability: The passage doesn't specify the platform availability of Smart Accounting. If the app is limited to a specific operating system (e.g., Android) or lacks cross-platform compatibility, it may not cater to users employing diverse devices. Updates and Maintenance: Information regarding the frequency of updates and ongoing maintenance for Smart Accounting is missing. Users rely on regular updates to ensure compatibility with evolving technologies and to address potential bugs or security vulnerabilities. Customer Support Quality: The passage doesn't provide insight into the quality of customer support offered by New India for Smart Accounting. The effectiveness of customer support is critical for users who may encounter issues or have queries. Integration Challenges: The passage doesn't mention whether Smart Accounting integrates seamlessly with other commonly used business software. Lack of integration capabilities could hinder workflow efficiency, especially for businesses using various tools. Scalability Concerns: The scalability of Smart Accounting isn't clearly addressed. Small and medium-sized businesses may outgrow the app, necessitating a switch to a more scalable solution as their operations expand. Offline Limitations: While the app offers offline functionality, any limitations or challenges users may face when they are offline for an extended period are not discussed. This could impact real-time collaboration and updates across devices. Data Security Specifics: Although the passage briefly mentions the backup feature, specific details about the app's data security measures are lacking. Given that financial data is involved, users need assurance about robust security protocols. Cost Transparency: The passage highlights a one-time purchase option and a free trial but lacks transparency regarding the cost structure post the trial period. Ambiguity in pricing may discourage potential users seeking clarity on long-term expenses. Global Applicability: The passage doesn't provide information about the app's adaptability to diverse international settings. Different countries have varied business practices and tax regulations, and Smart Accounting's global applicability is unclear. Third-Party Integrations: There is no mention of whether Smart Accounting allows integration with third-party services commonly used by businesses. Lack of integrations may limit its functionality within a broader business ecosystem. Customization Constraints: While the passage mentions customization options for invoices, any limitations on the extent of customization may restrict users from tailoring templates extensively to suit their branding and personalization needs. Considering these potential cons alongside the highlighted pros will provide a more comprehensive understanding of Smart Accounting's suitability for different business needs.” Anand Kumar - Nov 24, 2023

consicon “N/A” Sam Sandy - Sep 29, 2017

consicon “N/A” Sachin Mahajan - Oct 6, 2017

Spoke Infotech Overview

Spoke Infotech was created with the aim of creating innovative software solutions and improving the work efficiency of our clients. The company was established in 2010 as Virtuetech Solutions. Since then spoke infotech have focused on providing our customers the needed solutions. They believe that, with the services that spoke provide they are connecting their customers to the outer world of dynamic technology and innovations and this is how Spoke into existence.

Spoke Infotech Details

  • . Location: Thane, Maharashtra
  • . Found Year: 2010
  • . Industry: IT Services and IT Consulting
  • . Company Size: 1-100 Employees
  • . Founder: Abhay Saraf

Spoke Infotech FAQ’s

What type of company is Spoke Infotech? alt

Spoke Infotech is an IT solutions provider that caters to the process automation needs of millions of businesses in India with Accounting Software, CRM Software and Payroll Software.

What does Spoke Infotech do? alt

Spoke Infotech provides customized and scalable Accounting Software, CRM Software and Payroll Software, which is transforming business processes across industries. Its team of experts makes IT solutions implementation and usage quite simple.

Is Spoke Infotech an Indian company? alt

Spoke Infotech is headquartered in Thane, Maharashtra and is playing a significant role in the digitization of Indian businesses with Accounting Software, CRM Software and Payroll Software.

What is Spoke Infotech’s main product? alt

Spoke Infotech primarily deals in Accounting Software, CRM Software and Payroll Software and caters to personalized business needs with diverse modules.

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