Fleet Management/GPS Tracking

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  • SAGAR Informatics Private Limited

    Sagar Logistics Management System


    Logistics Management Software serves an effective tool for industrial decision makers. This software facilitates the logistics management teams to improve their warehouse, inventory and purchase management at the lowest possible cost. The software has been integrated with scanners, conveyors, scales, and packaging material handling to bring all elements together on a single platform. See more details...

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  • Suchan Software

    Suchan T.FAT Transport

    85,000 Onwards

    A true transportation management software helping efficiently manage the entire operations of logistics business through the software itself. The solution acts as the answer to technology problems and needs of a logistic company. The day to day activities that the software takes care of include creation of Lorry challan, lorry receipts, freight memo, fuel management, transport vehicle manager, MIS & report generation for decision making, Finance & accounting, CRM, etc. See more details...

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    Cogxim Transport Management System


    Cogxim Transport Management is a complete management software for transporters which enables the user to automate the business needs. The software is affordable for logistics companies in India and is built to bring in efficiency in business operations. This easy to deploy and user-friendly software helps efficient management of basic to complex operations including report generation. See more details...

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  • UniTrack


    Unitrack is a vehicle tracking software which help users check and track fleet in transit, vehicle performance, reporting & MIS, vehicle status, speed violations, etc. The software uses leading GPS and SIM card technology that is installed in the vehicle. See more details...

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  • GeoRadius

    300 Onwards /month/vehicle

    GeoRadius is a global geo-location tracking platform which is integrated with multiple GPS vehicle tracking devices and is capable of running simultaneously on the same client login. The software possesses industry proven technology that solves real world business challenges in the supply chain and logistics sector through innovative use of telematics. See more details...

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  • Technoton Vehicle Tracking


    Vehicle Tracking is a cloud based technically robust software which help logistic companies manage their fleet/wagons in an effective and efficient management, fuel, drivers and track near real time location of their vehicles for better fleet planning and enhanced control over wagon. See more details...

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  • Techlead eTechTracker

    850 /vehicle/month

    eTechTracker is a cutting edge tracking solutions for commercial vehicles through RFID integration and GPS. This innovative solution has been designed specifically for the real time movement tracking of the vehicles to ensure the utmost security of the travellers and businesses transporting goods. It is a useful solution available for Logistics industry at affordable price in India. See more details...

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  • TMS

    Digiclay TMS

    45,000 Single User

    TMS from Digiclay Infotech is a complete bundle of transport management toolsets and features automated and provided as a single platform. The solution allows transport businesses to carry all their business operations effectively and enhance their profitability. See more details...

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Fleet Management System or GPS tracking software are used to track and manage commercial vehicles and devices such as mobile phones. The fleet management software are generally opted by business using vehicles as prime commercial elements such as school transport, warehouse transfers, and logistics along with companies providing mobile devices t their employees. With a wide range of GPS tracking software available in India, the best one offers at least the below mentioned features.
  • Real Time Tracking: GPS tracking solutions are meant to track the location of vehicles, mobiles, and similar devices etc. in real-time. Users can choose online map applications such as Google, Satellite, OSM etc. and closely monitor the tracking objects in terms of speed, address, fuel consumption, travel history etc.
  • Notifications: The solutions are developed with notifications enabled to provide instant alerts about the tracking object thereby allowing the businesses to closely monitor the vehicle speed and stopovers. SOS alarms can be configured within the solution in case of the object’s theft or any emergency.
  • Fuel Management: Leading edge GPS tracking software provide fuel management tools that empower users to monitor fuel level and consumption along the route. Factors affecting the fuel consumption such as aggressive driving, rapid acceleration, over speeding can also be monitored.
  • Geofencing: Defence features in these solutions allow to define geographic boundaries for the objects. Automated alerts are generated as the object enters or leaves the geofence.
  • SMS & email integration: The solutions are integrated with SMS and email utilities so as to keep the users updated with recent object activity.
  • Reports: Various reports can be generated with report builder tools that allow user to review the distance travelled, stopovers, fuel consumptions, object activity, and locations traced.