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Business Intelligence

Best software for Business Intelligence


Brainpower BI

By Brainpower Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


Price: 36000.00 INR /user/year

A user friendly and robust Business Intelligence software that help companies dig deep in the data and drive insights out of it. The insights so generated helps in furth ...View More

ABM Accounting Software

By JP Software Technologies


Price: 12712.00 INR /User

ABM (Advanced Business Management Software) is a complete accounting, inventory and billing software. It is GST ready and designed for SME’s to helps them manage their book-keeping, accounts,  o ...View More


Zoho Reports

By Zoho Corporation Pvt. Ltd.


Price: 3500.00 INR /month

...View More


Assyst PanBI

By Assyst International


Price: 500000.00 INR Onwards

PanBI is a robust business solution that enhances data comprehension, allows for a greater coverage of trends and patterns within structured, semi-structured & unstructured data. The software helps bring actionable insights into surface e ...View More

Quick MyReport

By QuickReport


Price: 300000.00 INR Onwards

MyReport is an excel and web based data mining, MIS and reporting tool which enable report generation process hassle free and easy. It enables users to collaborate and centralize the entire data in a data warehouse by connecting to multiple data s ...View More


By IBM India


Price: 196060.00 INR /user (support 12 months)

SPSS is one of the most popular statistical packages which can perform highly complex data manipulation and analysis with simple instructions. It is designed for both interactive and non-interactive (batch) uses.  SPSS can also be used as a < ...View More