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Club Software are bundle of automated toolsets that help club businesses to manage all operations perfectly. Various club aspects such as restaurant, bar, customer relationship, accounting and others can be effortlessly managed with club management software. Best features of a club software helps in better customer service and enhance business performance. Club software helps users to manage:
  • Restaurant: Restaurant management can be simplified with specially automated features that enable smooth restaurant functioning while administering effective inventory control, POS billing, table booking, staff assignment, KOT, menu management, incomes and expenses.
  • Customer Relationships: Customer relationship management fetches more business opportunities with aggressive sale and execution of sales processes instantly. Clubs can also define and execute various loyalty programs and marketing campaigns on the fly.
  • HRM: Human resources that is staff can be hired and assigned roles for optimal HR operations. These features help processing salaries and generating payslips as well. Attendance capturing and tracking is one of the major task.
  • Accounts: Various accounting operations can be simplified and businesses can record daily transactions and keep their accounts updated accurately for all debits, credits, bills payables/ receivables, balance sheet etc.
  • Inventory: Inventory and stock management is very tedious if executed manually. Stock purchases, payments to vendors, suppliers, stock transactions, evaluation etc. can be automated with just a few clicks.