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  • Suchan Software

    Suchan T.FAT Build

    250,000 Onwards

    T.FAT Build heavy/civil contractor is all-inclusive software providing everything you need from bid-to-bill in one powerful solution. The real estate ERP offers fully integrated solutions that increase management's efficiency and helps attain optimized results, manage and bill jobs. The accounting department automatically receives data from the project management system and they maintain control over the posting of financial information. See more details...

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  • MSS

    Manik MSS - Smart ERP for Construction

    350,000 Onwards

    Smart ERP is a user friendly software that helps real estate companies, crusher plants and RMC suppliers manage their resources in an effective and efficient manner while keeping a track of developments being made in each project. It is a single ERP for Construction Industries which contains all the functionalities of the respective industry. The software brings together reporting of the various functional areas of a real estate company like construction, finance, operations, etc. See more details...

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Construction projects can also be managed in all aspects with best construction ERP software. Construction operations can be automated and various construction phases can be monitored and analysed for progress with these tools and features. In India, construction ERP software are not very popular though they can contribute to enhance productively in cost-effective manner.
Some of the desire d features of construction ERP software include:
  • Project Management: All projects can be specified with details that can be managed efficiently as any progress takes place in the project. This would help tracking the project commencement.
  • Estimation, Planning & Scheduling: Project costs can be estimated, planning for all phases can be done and schedules for each project phase can be defined in the system that can be linked to project management features.
  • Labour Management: Labour can be hired and assigned the tasks. Wages of labours can be defined and work hours can be tracked effortlessly.
  • Asset Management: Complete asset management is generally facilitated with construction ERP solutions. Asset details including valuation and depreciation can be recorded and updated for anytime reference.
  • CRM: Customer relationship management can be enforced for the workforce to serve the customers better and keep track of each process activity.
  • Material Management: Material purchased, transacted, consumed or in hand can be tracked within the solution on the go. These tools also help contractors to order for the required material well-in time as it reaches re-order level.
  • Financial Accounting: Financial accounting operations such as daily voucher entry, invoices, payments, receivables, payables, etc. can also be maintained accurately with special accounting features.