Salesforce (Sales Cloud)

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Price: 1700.00 INR /user/month

One of the best cloud based CRM/Sales Force automation tool that help organizations manage sales pipeline, leads, contacts, accounts, and critical business information. The software also helps generate reports periodically and on ad-hoc basis for further decision making. It is highly customizable and available on both mobile and laptop. View More

Zeta CRM

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Price: 50000.00 INR Onwards

Zeta CRM maintains accurate details of the support calls and manage support escalations. Whatever the business, Zeta CRM has the strength, flexibility and agility business need to exceed customers’ expectations, all at a price that ensures a rapid return on CRM investment. It supports business with functionalities to support sales team and undertake CRM activities in an efficient manner. View More

Zoho CRM

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Price: 720.00 INR /user/month

ZOHO CRM is a complete bundle of automated tools for smartly and intelligently manage the businesses. The sales enablement tool help companies manage customer interactions, sales and associated activities. The various features of the solution include Multi-channel communication, sales force automation, reporting & dashboards View More

Experion FieldMax

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Price: 650.00 INR /user/month

FieldMax is a customer relationship management solution that helps manage field activities of sales and distribution teams. The software provides an extensive platform to focus on actual selling, accuracy and speed with which the data is processed thereby enhancing the performance and productivity by streamlining the field sales processes. It enables organizations to enhance productivity of their sales team. View More

True Sales Tracker

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Price: 300.00 INR /user/month

A true sales force enablement software that assist organization(s) make the most out of team and be on top of each and every opportunity by bringing all elements together on a single platform. The online software help keep in constant touch with customers and undertake necessary actions as per respective stage. The application helps manage opportunities pipeline, generate reports, connect with customers through social platforms, enhance productivity and a lot more. View More

Virtual Splat CRM Android Mobile App

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Price: 55000.00 INR

CRM Android Mobile App is an ultra-modern solution and a pioneer in automation products for businesses to dive into effective management of sales workforce and processes. The solution provides extensive modules to address the complete automation needs for each sales operation even while out of office or on the go. The features include trade coverage, tracking pending orders, enable news feed, add new retailers, generate mobile reports, update retailers, check and verify sales order details, etc. View More

Denisys Maple CRM

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Price: 500.00 INR /user/month

Maple CRM is sales management software which provides a complete view of the lead nurturing process. The solution is suitable for 1 to 100 sales persons and works well for small and medium enterprises. The software helps companies with productivity enhancing activities such as lead management, quotation to customers, communication through e-mail/SMSs', workflow management, mobile application, etc. View More

NextSky Sales

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Price: 350.00 INR /user/month

SkyCRM is an integrated CRM solution helping organizations manage sales team(s) efficiently. The robust online software provides an interactive and intuitive platform which caters to automation need of sales process and lead management. The software helps with campaign across channels through targeted marketing, boost sales through pipeline management and reporting, access information anytime/anywhere through Mobile CRM, capture insights through social media & communities, expand reach through e-mails and much more. View More

Technology Mindz CRM

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Price: 40000.00 INR /year

A Customer Relationship Management application helping manage sales and related activities efficiently through a single platform. The application helps in boosting sales/marketing/CRM activities and guides the user to undertake productive actions for each opportunity. The software is customizable and can be implemented across all types of organizations. View More

IOP Sales Enquiry Management (QuoteMate)

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Price: 3000.00 INR /month/agent

Sales Enquiry Management is a cloud based an end-to-end sales order tracking/CRM solution for efficient administration and control on overall sales enquiry processes including tracking of sales orders, tasks, projects, calls, issues to closure, sales enquiry, lead management, escalations, reminders, turnaround time and many more. The software enables advance search, quotation cell, sales order tracking, etc. View More

QualitasIT CRM

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Price: 150.00 INR /user/month

CRM solution by QualitasIT is a holistic CRM/Sales Enablement/SFA software which enables salesforce in an organization with robust tools to help them operate in an effective and efficient manner. The solution help companies record various leads, accounts, contacts, revenue targets, achievements and other necessary information on a single platform and depicts a clear picture of revenue achievements/shortfalls, leads, contacts, pipeline/funnel, forecasts, etc. View More

N.D Microsystems Cerrebro CRM

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Price: 500.00 INR /user/month

Cerrebro is a cloud-based, end-to-end CRM and field team management application that connects the workers, customers, back-office and management seamlessly across devices in an organization to provide a holistic view of activities and situation in the business. The application helps manage field team(s) effectively with features like lead management, expense tracking, leave application, target & incentive tracking, reports and dashboards, location tracker, timesheets and analytics. View More

Fresh Sales

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Price: 840.00 INR /user/month

Freshsales is a full-fledged customer relationship management software made for high-velocity sales teams with lead management, contact management, sales management, deal management and e-mail management. The software empower sales team(s) with tools to manage various day to day activities in an effective and efficient manner and help them turn revenue team. View More

Zoho SalesIQ

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Price: 1140.00 INR /month

SalesIQ is a Hassle-free live chat software re-imagined for business growth. This state of the art solution helps businesses to convert the website visitors into happy paying customers and increase the ROI on the content, SEO, AdWords and email marketing efforts. View More

Ravish Relationware CRM Manufacturing

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Price: 200000.00 INR

Relationware CRM – Manufacturing is one stop shop for entire Sales Force Automation and Service Management operations in a manufacturing business. t enables organizations to take well informed decisions, improve sales effectiveness and provide superior customer service resulting in value added profitable customer relationships. It integrates all customer-facing business processes to effectively manage customer relationships from prospect to profit. View More


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Price: 1400.00 INR /user/month

SalezShark is a cloud-based CRM platform and offers sales force and marketing automation features that help in automated lead management by intelligently fetching prospect data from networks of customers spread across various social media platforms. It integrates various digital marketing activities with sales pipeline management and assists with activities for quota management, relationship building, MIS, forecasting, etc. View More

Cratio CRM

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Price: 299.00 INR /user/month

Cratio CRM Software is a cloud and mobile CRM software that enables organizations to manage entire sales process efficiently from a single platform.  Cratio CRM is simple to use, affordable & customizable. The software has all required features for complete sales automation. View More

Trio Corporation Hybrid CRM

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Price: 15000.00 INR Onwards

Hybrid CRM is a technically robust and holistic sales enablement/SFA solution that takes into account all activities of managing enquires, sales and customer relationship. The solution assists companies with activities like Lead Management (enquiry, tele-calling), quotation management, Sales & Marketing, Complaint management, task scheduler, AMC, Rejection tracking, promotions, standby management, inventory, etc. View More

Brique CRM (Generic)

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Price: 50000.00 INR Onwards

A complete CRM/sales enablement/SFA application which helps an enterprise to enable its marketing departments identify and target their best customers, manage marketing campaigns and generate quality leads for the sales team, assist in improving telesales, account, and sales management by optimizing information shared by multiple employees, and streamlining existing processes. View More


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Price: 180000.00 INR (On-Premise version)

meta CRM is a robust CRM software which provides a database for all customer information, helps in meeting business objectives an identifying potential customers. The software is well equipped to take care of various business functions/departments like call centres, social media, data storage, handling customer data and enquiries. View More

Qualsoft Manage Your Organisation - CRM (Perpetual)

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Price: 65000.00 INR

MANAGE YOUR ORGANISATION (MYO) is a work and project management application that has been a work steak of professionals. With the software, a user can keep team's tasks at one place, collaborate and work in real time for real results. The software helps manage organization in a powerful and simple. View More

Qualsoft Manage Your Organisation-CRM ( Subscription)

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Price: 10000.00 INR /user/year

MANAGE YOUR ORGANISATION (MYO) is a work and project management application that has been a work steak of professionals. With the software, a user can keep team's tasks at one place, collaborate and work in real time for real results. The software helps manage organization in a powerful and simple. View More

iWeb Customer Relationship Management

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Price: 300000.00 INR Onwards

An ultimate CRM solution for the effective communication between the enterprises and the prospected or present customers. The software has been categorised into various modules so as to enable the organization, automation, and synchronizing of sales, marketing, customer service, and technical support offered by the enterprises. View More

Agile CRM

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Price: 608.00 INR Onwards/user/month

An all-in-one solution it caters to most of the businesses bringing the CRM features together with Marketing Automation, helpdesk, telephony, etc. The software is a cutting edge solution for overall CRM proficiency in the organizations. Agile CRM has been specially designed to address the shortcomings in the CRM industry. View More

DizyPro CRM

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Price: 2000.00 INR /user/month

The CRM is used to organize, automate and synchronies sales, marketing and customer service. It has developed to include all areas of the customer experience, keeping the customer happy and in turn keeping them loyal and more valuable to business. View More


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Price: 4000.00 INR /License

A mobile CRM which allow users access to real time information, manage tasks, monitor key analytics and collaborate while on the move. The software enable users achieve optimum sales output and analysis of results and empower the frontend sales workforce. The software is one stop shop for building, running, managing and optimizing the business. View More


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Price: 399.00 INR Onwards/month/user

An online CRM tool that is incredibly simple and efficient, specifically designed to provide a complete view of customer interaction across sales, marketing and customer service/support departments. SoulCRM is a web based tool which provides access to the required information while on the move. Features like contact management, email campaign, bulk SMS, reminders through email and SMS make this system one of a kind. View More

vtiger Customer Relationship Management (Cloud Based CRM)

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Price: 600.00 INR /month

CRM for sales team(s) from vtiger is a comprehensive software which help sales team operate in an effective and efficient manner as it empowers them with various tools like contact management, lead management, analytics, sales pipeline management. View More

Dquip Generic CRM

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Price: 5000.00 INR Onwards

Generic CRM is a complete CRM tool helping all companies manage leads, enquiries and other sales related activities in an effective and efficient manner. The solution helps boost sales, manage enquiries/targets, follow-ups, contacts management, customer management, etc.  View More

SalesBabu CRM (Sales)

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Price: 12000.00 INR /user/year

SalesBabu is an ultimate online CRM solution Designed Specifically for Indian SME Market that records and monitors each activity of sales teams. The solution helps businesses to administer leads, measures abandonment and close rate precisely. The solution consists of in-built capabilities to guide the sales team to adopt a focused approach thereby helping to achieve sales targets. View More

NCH Reflect CRM

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Price: 2587.62 INR

Reflect CRM is a complete Customer Relationship Management Software available for both Mac and Windows. The solution enables a business to easily manage customer relationships and databases. In addition, improve client relationships by taking notes, tracking interactions, tasks and upcoming events. Reflect CRM consolidates customer information across an organization to help increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. View More


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Price: 200000.00 INR

SPG Technologies CRM software caters to small and standard sized businesses by providing flexible and easy customer relationship management opportunity that helps maintain accurate records of communication with the customers. View More


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Price: 250000.00 INR Onwards

Customer Relationship Management Software comprises of all solutions to manage the business relationship with its new or existing customers in an organized and structured manner. CRM these days is aimed at enhancing business relations with the employees, associates and vendors. This solution caters to small, medium and large businesses with a broad set of CRM operations and processes. View More

Zoho CRM-Professional

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Price: 1200.00 INR /user/month

ZOHO CRM is a cutting edge solution that empowers the teams and businesses that use it. A good CRM gives you insights into running your business. A smart CRM gives you the information you need in a way that you can use it. An ideal CRM offers you a solution to simplify your processes from day one. Zoho CRM includes the good, the smart, and the ideal in an enterprise-ready package. View More

Zoho CRM-Enterprise

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Price: 2100.00 INR /user/month

ZOHO CRM - Enterprise is a cutting edge solution that empowers the teams and businesses that use it. A good CRM gives you insights into running your business. A smart CRM gives you the information you need in a way that you can use it. An ideal CRM offers you a solution to simplify your processes from day one. View More

Zoho CRM-Ultimate

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Price: 6000.00 INR /user/month

ZOHO CRM – Ultimate is a cutting edge solution that empowers the teams and businesses that use it. A good CRM gives you insights into running your business. A smart CRM gives you the information you need in a way that you can use it. View More

Meshink CRM Management System

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Price: 11000.00 INR

Customer management system is a complete solution for practices, strategies and technologies that companies use to manage and analyse customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle, with the goal of improving business relationships with customers. View More

Sapphire QUICK CRM

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Price: 1500.00 INR /user/month

Customer relationship management (CRM) is an approach to managing a company’s interaction with current and future customers. It often involves using technology to organize, automate, and synchronize sales, marketing, customer service, and technical support. View More

Focus CRM

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Price: 500000.00 INR /10 user

Focus CRM is a highly integrated software solution that enables businesses to deliver an outstanding customer experience and generate insights on customer behaviour for the sales teams. This innovative software allows businesses to manage every aspect of customer relations so as to deliver the utmost satisfaction. View More

Exavion DigiCRM

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Price: 12000.00 INR /year

DigiCRM is software-as-a-service (SaaS) based customer relationship solution which used to streamline processes and increase profitability in your sales, marketing, and service divisions. DigiCRM is one of the simple CRM solutions, which gives user 360 degree view of customers so that you can shape your marketing strategies to entice more clients. The offered solution focuses on simplicity, visual design and ease-of-use View More

WorkXmate CRM

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Price: 300.00 INR Onwards/month

WorkXmate CRM software for business is one of the best customer relationship management software tools that help organizations manage and accelerate growth by providing world class business apps to all your employees at an affordable price. The software also helps you make faster decisions by providing you all the information you need at your fingertips. The CRM software for business reduce the effort required by you in doing administrative and repetitive tasks while giving you the freedom to focus on growth. View More


Customer Relationship Management is an approach to manage the business-customers interactions efficiently so as to flourish the business relations with the customers in organized and structured manner. These days CRM also contributes to enhance business relations with the employees, vendors, and partners. Customer Relationship Management software is an automated CRM system that caters to the technology integration of broad set of CRM operations and processes. Based on the customer lifecycle, the CRM software enables the businesses to manage the customer relationships seamlessly. The best CRM software equip the businesses to organize, synchronize and manage vital business operations such as information capturing, sales, marketing, and customer services. CRM software can be used for salesforce automation for effective sales operations. Various CRM software for small business are also available suiting all automation needs.
The essentials of CRM system consist of:
  1. Customer Information: In any business, the most valuable component is the customers (vendors, suppliers, clients, employees). Maintaining the updated details of the customers and quick and easy access to the customers’ information is basic most essential task in an effective CRM.
  2. Marketing: Various marketing activities and operations must be automated so as to keep a pace with the changing era of business promotion, branding and visibility. The Marketing component in a CRM addresses entire marketing processes including capturing the leads, defining and administering the marketing plans, promotional events, offers and deals, scheduling email campaigns etc. for enhanced customer engagement thereby improved business generation and profitability.
  3. Sales: All sales activities leading to successfully conclude the deals are incepted and administered dedicatedly with a virtuous CRM. Catering to the incoming inquiries, setting up sales calls, assignment of leads to the capable workforce, tracking performance, and forecasting the sales are the most alluring features of a robust CRM.
  4. Order Fulfilment: Delivering the right product or service within the scope of aforesaid terms and conditions as cost effective solutions well in-time is the deciding factor about the congenial relationships with the customers which is one of the most sought feature in a competent CRM.
  5. Reports: For effective decision making in any organization, impeccable reporting feature plays a vital role. Reports provide comprehensive data for ultimate business analysis thereby facilitating strategic decision making.