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  • Logic FMCG (Trial Version)


    Logic FMCG is a total integrated ERP solution for FMCG product retailing and whole sale businesses. The suite comprises of solutions with integrated functionalities useful. See more details...

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  • Integra Developing Intergated Thoughts

    Century Gate Integra ERP- Distribution

    24,990 Onwards

    Available as both on premise and as mobile app, the software is a true gem for distribution management. This innovative software takes into account the daily business activities like billing, stock/inventory management, creditors management, purchases, challans, delivery information, logistics etc. The software has proven to be useful for Indian businessmen in traditional trade. See more details...

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    Softworld Unisolve

    10,000 /user

    Unisolve is a distribution/supply chain management ERP specially designed for pharmaceutical and fast-moving consumer goods industry. It provides complete logistics management including distribution, consignment, C&F, super stockiest, semi wholesale or chain of depots and caters to all automation needs of this trade. See more details...

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  • Infotech

    Anvesha Distribution Management Software

    20,000 Onwards

    An automation solution for traditional C&F/distribution/wholesale business specifically for FMCG goods business where thousands of SKUs and products are dealt with on a daily basis. Using the software, the business can undertake daily activities like purchases, sales, challans/bills/receipts generation and printing, VAT/CST and relevant taxation modules, report generation for taxes received, Finance & accounting, Balance sheet, item wise discounts, supplier wise details, etc. See more details...

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  • GoFrugal

    GoFrugal Sale & Distribution

    18,000 Onwards

    Sales & Distribution software is a complete package of powerful automated management tools empowering the wholesale and distribution businesses with efficiency and accuracy. The software helps in maximizing profits by increased orders, decreased workforce and delivery costs. The solution endeavours at lowering the operational cost with faster order processing and collection. See more details...

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    Logic FMCG


    Logic FMCG is a total integrated ERP solution for FMCG product retail/wholesale/distribution/C&Fs. The suite comprises of solutions with integrated functionalities useful for retail store operations, Point of Sales, sales & distribution, production process, and warehouse management with rack & space management. The solution can integrate all business organization or departments like Payroll, Accounts & Finance, CRM and e-Commerce with all the above departments or business units. See more details...

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  • Saark

    SAARK FMCG Trading

    24,500 /Single user

    It is an easy to use software for the FMCG distributors/wholesalers/C&Fs that helps handle all the day to day activities of trading firms in an effective and efficient manner by recording various transactions happening during the business day, keep a check on the inventory, accounting, biling, vouchers for debit/credit, etc. See more details...

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  • Go4Plus

    C Square Go4Plus

    60,000 Onwards

    Go4Plus is a comprehensive tool for organizations to manage their C&F’s from a central place. The software helps innovate, automate and optimize operational processes. It offers the advantages of online billing, inventory management and accounting up to finalization. It covers every aspect of the distribution/C&F business. See more details...

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  • Reach Wholesale Distribution Software

    18,000 Onwards

    A complete software for FMCG C&F/distribution business helping effective and efficient management of resources to enable better business activities. The software help business with purchases, inventory management, billing, importing data from Tally, etc.  See more details...

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