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Fashion software are specially develop solutions catering to the overall fashion store management. The fashion software incorporates all processes automated thereby reducing the time and effort with improved productivity at fashion, jewellery or garment stores. An online fashion software allows administration of the business activities from anywhere anytime. The best fashion software consist of at least few or all of the below mentioned functionalities:
  • Designing: Designing is the fundamental element of fashion. Various designing software allow business owners to get innovative designs created effortlessly.
  • Tailoring: Automated tools are available in tailoring software to help businesses to keep track of all tailoring activities.
  • Customer Relationship Management: The CRM features of the fashion software allow businesses to serve the customer better and acquire more opportunities.
  • Accounting: The Accounting operations including daily transaction records, trial balance, balance sheet, expenses, incomes, cash and bank book etc. are some the financial accounting features that can be simplified with software module.
  • Inventory Management: A store needs to be accurately updated about the stock in hand and daily transactions with various departments. Effective inventory management can be effortlessly be enforced with comprehensive inventory management tools.
  • Jewellery Store Management: Jewellers can manage their businesses efficiently keeping track of all sales and repair orders, transactions with smiths, accounting operations, billing and many more using the jewellery store management software.